Windsurfing: The World’s Most Thrilling Destinations To Windsurf

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Looking for the most awesome windsurfing destinations? Read on and check out some of the thrilling spots where the combination of wind and water can provide one hell of a windsurfing adventure!

Windsurfing: Going Where The Wind Blows

In windsurfing, all you need is your board, water and of course, the wind. But it could be even more ideal if the destination provides steady and consistent winds along with clear waters and surrounded by beautiful sceneries that serve as a stunning backdrop. So with that being said, below is a list of destinations that will definitely satisfy a windsurfer's cravings.


Maui, Hawaii

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Maui is considered as the windsurfing capital of the world. With winds whooshing over 40 knots, this destination is a windsurfer's haven regardless of their skill level and the breathtaking scenery serving as a glorious backdrop to make your adventure truly one for the books. This stunning island of Hawaii offers a lot of activities so visitors will never experience a dull moment.

Outer Banks, North Carolina, U.S.

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The Outer Banks in North Carolina is the most easily accessible destination on the East Coast for anyone who wants to experience a remarkable windsurfing adventure. This 200-mile barrier island draws a lot of windsurfers, tourists, and wanderers because of its outstanding beaches and accessibility. This spot is perfect for a family weekend getaway.

Fuerteventura, Spain

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Fuerteventura's Sotavento Beach is a mecca for windsurfers. Tourists are coming in flocks to experience its seemingly perfect weather and breathtaking sceneries. Other than that, this striking destination is also the home of the Windsurfing World Championships. Windsurfers from all levels can enjoy Fuerteventura's turquoise waters all year round.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

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If you're looking for a sweet spot for windsurfing this summer then Cabarete is definitely the destination that won't disappoint you. Since the mid 80's, windsurfers of all levels have been hitting this destination because of the excellent conditions. There is also a number of windsurfing schools around the area for anyone who wants to try this awesome water sport. The water is warm and the Eastern Trade Winds produce non-stop and strong winds throughout the whole year making this spot a mainstay in every list of windsurfing destinations.

Red Sea, Egypt

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There is no doubt the Red Sea is one of the topmost destinations in the world of windsurfing. It offers windsurfers and kitesurfers of all levels an ideal playground. The mountains that surround the location build a wind tunnel that provides mighty gusts of wind during the afternoon thus giving you a year-round of perfect windsurfing weather. Not only that, most of the hotels include windsurfing lessons in their activity package.

Boracay, Philippines

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Boracay offers an ultimate windsurfing experience with its turquoise waters, flawlessly surrounded with sandy beaches and palm trees. Both novice and intermediate windsurfers can enjoy wind conditions of 15-25 knots along with the moderate swell on a regular basis.

Bonaire, Caribbean

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Bonaire is an exceptional destination with a number of windsurfing professionals calling this piece of paradise home. Steady winds throughout the year and an almost endless sunshine makes this spot a windsurfer's favorite. For beginners, there's the Lac Bay with its shallow waters and endless on-shore wind. But for those more experienced surfers, the leeward side of the island will satisfy their extreme cravings.


Want to try windsurfing? Watch this video and learn the basics before hitting the water!

Windsurfing is an exciting way to experience the outdoors. This adventure is best shared with your family and friends. Enjoy the thrill of this awesome water sport in the world's most stunning locations. So what are you waiting for? Choose your destination and brace yourselves for an epic adventure!

Penny for your thoughts? If you have more windsurfing destinations in mind, you can drop your two cents in the comments below!

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