A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice

Feature | A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice | Beginner's Guide To Concealed Carry

August 13, 2023 / Comments (12)

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Every time a woman asks for a concealed carry advice, a few suggestions pop up rather predictably. I don’t like many of them. Here’s why, plus bonus concealed carry tips for beginners and concealed carry do's and don'ts!

Concealed Carry Advice: A Woman's Perfect Response!

1. “Just Carry in Your Purse!”

“Just Carry in Your Purse!” | A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice

Well, first, I don’t normally carry a purse. I will grab a bag sometimes if I don’t have enough pockets, but I’m the kind of gal who would rather bring less than bring a sack along, let alone one that I would need to keep with me or under my control at all times. Even if I wanted to start carrying a purse, the amount of time it would take me to draw my gun concerns me, especially if I’m under active attack. And I definitely don’t want to rely on the unreliable technique of shooting through my (expensive) concealed carry purse.

2. “Try a Belly Band or Corset Holster!”

“Try a Belly Band or Corset Holster!” | A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice | Beginner's Guide To Concealed Carry

Have you ever worn shapewear? Did you find it comfortable? Yeah, neither did I. For some time, though, I did try both a standard bellyband and a Pistol Wear Trump Card (back in the dark ages before the newer generation of corset holsters came out). Due to the size and shape of my body, I found it difficult to keep them in place without shifting or rolling.

It’s possible that one of the more recent designs would be better with that problem, but by the time I address the issues I have regarding the protection of the trigger guard in a soft holster, holstering into a soft holster, and keeping my gun in a stable and accessible place on my body…. Well, I have some standard holsters that go on a regular belt that do the job better. I’ll leave this type of holster for special occasions when I have no other choice.

3. “Use an Ankle Holster!”


There’s an idea out there that it’s easy to carry and hide a gun on the ankle because you can just wear wide-legged pants. I don’t buy it. Maybe it’s because I have skinny ankles, but for me, only the smallest of guns wouldn’t stick out like an odd metallic tumor, especially since most ankle holsters are so bulky.

Ankle Holster

I also find that the fabric for most wide-legged pants isn’t sturdy enough to drape around a gun rather than cling to the outline. I have tried one ankle holster that was much slimmer, but it would still have all of the other problems that go with trying to draw from the ankle, not to mention the fact that I carry a large gun now.

4. “Thigh Holsters are Awesome!”


I don’t wear skirts or dresses, at least not more often than once a year or so. While I understand the idea of dressing around a gun, it seems a little extreme to buy a new wardrobe of skirts and dresses (and shoes!) rather than size up or change the cut of the pants and tops I already wear.


Thighs are also a bit challenging to attach a holster into, and because the ideal concealment position is between the legs… Let’s just say the chafing you experienced on your last long run was pretty mild compared to what a gun between your legs can be, especially if you have athletic thighs like mine. No, thanks.

5. “Carry it in Your Bra!”

The specific holster most folks think of these days when they talk about bra holsters is the Flashbang. I really love the idea of this holster and have one for my .380, but while I gave it a good try, it just wasn’t for me.

braw holsters

The concealment was fantastic, especially with a well-fitting, sturdy bra, but – personal moment – I tend to get a little sweaty under the girls sometimes. The moleskin trick just wasn’t enough for me.

Besides, because I’m rather short-waisted, the grip of a gun carried in a Flashbang tends to dig into my little stomach pooch when I sit, even if I use the “high carry” position. Sad, but there it is. No Flashbang for me.

The Standard Belt Holster

The Standard Belt Holster | A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice | Beginner's Guide To Concealed Carry

A standard holster attached to a belt ended up being right for me even though that’s often not high on many standard lists for “women’s carry options”. But it does come first on the list of concealed carry best practices!


Consider these 4 tips in this video from Geauga Firearms Academy to a beginner's guide to concealed carry for women:

Once someone has made the decision to carry a gun, choosing how to carry it can be just as personal of a decision. Next time you hear or are tempted to give some of this popular concealed carry advice, hopefully, you’ll also think about some of these counterpoints!

Ladies, what's your preferred method of carrying a concealed gun? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 28, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

12 Responses to :
A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice

  1. carly says:

    I have no clue what the best way to carry is, I’ll sometimes have it in my bag, sometimes at my waist or back, I just find to so hard to actually conceal under my clothes. and I have two crazy babies who make it harder to carry on my body.

    1. Check out the ladies in the Sheepdog Mamas group – they’ve got some great experience for carrying with kids around!

  2. Sakinah says:

    Good article. I carry IWB, lower back. Alien Gear, so it’s a wide holster, but this way there’s no gaps at the holster to see down my pants like the smaller holsters I tried. Most of my shirts cover it, but I do need to be mindful of keeping it covered. I have to bend down a little careful, as it sticks up off my back , but as long as its covered no one besides another CCW will probably figure out what it is. Also carry in my purse, with a small level 2 holster to cover the trigger and keep safe around my kids (along with gun safety). I usually have my purse holster with when carrying IWB.

    1. Please be very careful if by “lower back” you mean across the spine. Falling backwards can cause serious injury if you carry your gun in that position. Coming across to a point between your side and mid-lower back is far safer, and often much easier to conceal in any case.

  3. Dorothy says:

    I carry mine at 3 iwb, but I’m having difficulty finding a good spare magazine placement that doesn’t hit my ribs.

  4. Sharry Gillesse says:

    I’m currently using a belly-band…. I have a couple of IWB holsters and they weigh my britches down and are not comfortable; also, when you use a ladies room, there is the issue of where your gun ends up when your pants are down around your knees or ankles. I also don’t carry a purse/bag, don’t want an ankle or thigh carry. Flash-bang sounds good unless you are not the perfect size to hide it…. meaning your girls are too big or too small. The 4″ belly-band I got from the Well Armed Woman is perfect. It has 2 ‘holsters’ plus a velcro secured pouch for ammo, magazines (I use it to carry my wallet).

  5. Terri says:

    I just received my sticky holster and it’s a total win for me! I can carry it in my waist band anywhere I want without the obvious bulge! I carry a 9mm so it’s pretty heavy. This holster has no buckles or straps to make it even bulkier!

  6. Sandy says:

    All of these suggestions are perfect for bodies that are not mine. I am a 60+, chubby, short-waisted, E-cup with a tiny bladder. I don’t do dresses or belts. I want to find something for my body (purses get stolen) that is easily unholstered & reholstered, won’t interfere when I put a seatbelt on or won’t drop to the floor when I’m in a public restroom. Videos reviews & gun store workers are either GUYS (who don’t get women’s needs) or gals who are a lot younger & more athletically shaped. So, is there hope for me to find a comfortable, easily accessible holster for my conceal carry gun??

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