5 Essential Tips For New Women Shooters

Essential Tips for New Women Shooters

If you're a lady gun owner and you're still new to handling a firearm, arming yourself with information is the best way to go. Get started with these essential tips for women shooters below!

Safe Gun Usage Tips for Women Shooters

Women, perhaps much more than men, can benefit from proper shooting education and training.

While most men are larger and more dangerous in a physical sense, guns are great equalizers and allow anyone to defend themselves from almost any attacker.

Even besides that, weapons are great fun if you know how to use them, both for target shooting and for hunting.

Let’s go over the five essential tips any new female shooter should know before firing a gun.

1. Choose a Gun That Works for You

The first big tip is that you should pick a gun that works for you, not the one that looks the biggest or the most intimidating.

You can rest assured that even small revolvers that fire relatively small rounds can still put an attacker down, no matter how big he seems.

To this end, don’t worry about getting a huge gun that you can’t wrap your hand around.

Take your own size and strength into account. Larger guns (chambered for high caliber bullets) produce higher recoil and are harder to handle, even for bigger guys.

Most women will be more effective and safer with a smaller gun that they can control more consistently and become experts with.

We’d recommend a .22 caliber pistol for most new female shooters. These guns come in all models and types, and in plenty of sizes that are ideal for female hands.

Plus, they’re more than capable of letting you have fun at the range or stopping an attacker.

2. Take Friends to the Shooting Range

Speaking of the range, you should definitely head to the range frequently to become proficient with your new firearm.

However, there's no denying that the gun industry (and thus, most shooting ranges) is heavily male-dominated.

It can be a little intimidating to head to the range by yourself, especially if less-than-helpful guys are hanging around.

Take a few friends to the shooting range, preferably other women like yourself. This will help lower the ambient testosterone of the environment and make things more comfortable as you practice.

Regardless, head to the shooting range as often as you can and try not to be intimidated by anyone else there. Everyone starts as a beginner, and you have to become proficient with your firearm before you can rely on it.

3. Master Stance and Grip First

When practicing, it’s important that you master your stance and grip before trying to hit bullseye targets from 50 yards out.

Your stance and grip will determine how accurate you are in a self-defense situation and can help you stand your ground against a potential attacker.

Consider hiring a coach or firearm expert to show you the ropes, or follow detailed online tutorials that might help you get the basics down.

4. Practice, Practice, Practice

This tip might seem repetitive, but it’s true: practice, practice, practice!

Men have to do this too, but women, especially, must master the recoil and other aspects of a firearm they plan to use just because they’re typically a little smaller and weaker.

Practice matters much more for women since they can’t necessarily rely on their bodily strength to get themselves out of a bad situation if they lose their gun.

5. Consider Getting a Concealed Carry License

A concealed carry license is one of the best things you can obtain, especially as a woman. Such a license lets you carry your sidearm with you wherever you go and defend yourself capably against any attacker.

Consider Getting a Concealed Carry License | Essential Tips for New Women Shooters

The good news is that getting a concealed carry license is easy in most states, even with modern gun control discourse.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, women can enjoy shooting firearms just as much as men!

Follow the advice above and you’ll be more likely to pick out a great weapon for your first firearm and have a great time at the shooting range. Good luck!

As a lady gun owner, what do you struggle with most? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on June 18, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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5 Essential Tips For New Women Shooters

  1. Peter Hutton says:

    Women can shoot offhand better than men. Men are 60 percent weight up women 60 percent weight down. Skeet and trap are men’s games made for women. With a shotgun to fit a woman is very handy at this sport. Kick some ass lady’s. Semper Fi !!!

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