Shopping For Women’s Trekking Shoes? Here’s A Short Guide

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April 18, 2019 / Comments Off on Shopping For Women’s Trekking Shoes? Here’s A Short Guide

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For a lot of people, hiking is the best way to spend your time especially on a nice summer day.  Whether you're going for a quick day hike or an overnight backpacking trip, having the right footwear is essential to enjoy the views around you.  Women are getting more into the hike as well as men and a number of women's trekking shoes have emerged in the market.  So what do you need to look into when shopping for the right women's footwear?

Shop For Women's Trekking Shoes Without Hassles

There's nothing worse than having shoes that don't fit properly when you're out in the trail, and no way to enjoy the hike feeling discomfort on either foot.  Choosing the appropriate shoes to wear is important to avoid this problem.  Keep in mind that your feet is carrying more stress than any other part of your body in any hiking activity.  The longer the hike and the more weight you carry, the bigger the pressure on your feet.  So here are a few tips in choosing women's trekking shoes.

1. Good Grip

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Your shoes should be able to handle any type of terrain.  Make sure the outer sole has deep grooves and good grip to keep your feet on the ground as it supports your every step.

2. Softness and Flexibility on the sole

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There has to be a certain softness on the sole of your shoes and should be able to adapt to all types of terrain you'll be walking on.  To check this, tap the sole of your shoe using a metal object and it should produce a dull sound.  Merrell is famous for its vibram soft soles.

3. Ankle Support

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When you're hiking on different terrain your ankle is prone to twisting in unusual angles.  Hurting your ankle is very frustrating and you may need to be carried all the way back to safety.  Trekking shoes with good ankle support is very important.

4. Water Resistant

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When water gets into your shoes your feet gets very uncomfortable in the hike.  Choose a footwear that's water resistant and also allows your feet to breathe.  Keeping your feet dry in the hike is essential.

5. Stiff Outer Sole

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Having a stiff outer sole on your shoe helps increase arch support.  If it's too flexible that means your feet is bending more often that will cause foot fatigue and may cause injury.  A slightly flexible sole is more appropriate for trekking.

6. Wiggle Room For Your Toes

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Imagine your toes crunched up wearing shoes that are too tight.  This is not at all good for hiking.  It will become painful at some point and there's also the risk for injury.  Wear shoes that gives room for your toes to wiggle.

7. Gore Tex Liner

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Footwear with Gore Tex liner like the Merrell Capra Sport is breathable and waterproof at the same time.  There are hiking shoes that provide waterproof features but don't allow your foot to breathe properly.  Trust me it doesn't feel too comfortable when it's so hot inside your shoes.

8. Traditional Lacing Systems

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Although some modern trekking boots have quick lace cord systems, there is a downside to this type of feature.  It's difficult to repair in the wilderness which is the reason why a lot of experienced hikers still use the traditional lace.

9. EVA Insole

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EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate which is a tough and highly elastic material that serves as shock absorption for your foot in shoes.  It also provides a cushion-like feel for your foot for added comfort in that long trail hike.

10. Rubber Toe Cap

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You need to have some degree of protection on your toe when trekking.  Unintentional toe contact with rocks and hard objects is very common so shoes with rubber toe cap is a good option to prevent this risk.


Watch this video of the best hiking shoes for women this year by BeautyFeedVideo.

Hiking or trekking shoes is still the most important gear in your backpacking trip.  The fastest way to ruin a hike is getting a foot injury so these tips will ultimately help you choose the right type of footwear.  Enjoy the hike and the surroundings by feeling no discomfort in your foot at all.  Always make the right investment for your hiking footwear.

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