29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos You Can Learn At Home

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YouTube survival skills videos are arguably among the least viewed, yet the most important, videos we have today. So now we're bringing it to you, so you can practice and prepare on what lies ahead.

Watch YouTube Survival Skills And Master Them At Home

This time I have come up with a compilation of essential videos every survivalist will find to be very useful.

You can even save them on your phone or tablet and watch them anywhere you are or whatever it is you may be doing.

Take pleasure in the thought that you don't have to search for each video yourself!

1. The Top 5 Survival Skills

These skills are categorized according to importance. These survival skills are related to:

  • food
  • water
The Top 5 Survival Skills | 29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos You Can Learn At Home
  • shelter
  • fire
  • attitude

Watch this video on the top 5 outdoor survival skills.

2. Survival Life Hacks Video

The Crazy Russian Hacker shows 10 life hacks that will get you out of a pinch in case you forget your survival kit. These survival hacks are:

  • Making an orange candle
  • Picking a lock with an aluminum can
  • Starting a fire with a battery and steel wool
  • Using a dart balloon for hunting
  • Using a makeshift flashlight
  • Hacking a flashlight with just 1 battery
  • Making a DIY compass using a needle, a magnet, and a straw
  • Making an oil lamp using an aluminum can

Watch the Crazy Russian Hacker show you how it's done.

3. Finding Humor in Desert Survival

This (sort of) ultimate survival YouTube video will show you the lighter side of surviving in the desert.

However, when it’s time to really get down to business, SURVIVAL LIFE will show you the way. Watch and get some belly laughs on surviving in the desert.

4. Not Going Hungry by the Beach

When the tide goes out you can find a lot of food by the beach. Shellfish, razor clams, mussels, and cockles are just among the few seafoods you can find for sustenance.

Not Going Hungry by the Beach | 29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos That You Can Learn At Home

image via Survival Life

Once you learn this method, you can start cooking in a pit filled with hot rocks. Do you want to see how exactly to find and cook food on the beach?

5. Prepping Your Kids for Survival

Allowing your kids to have fun outdoors is good. However, it is important to let them undergo survival training.

Once learned, this will give them the ability to be responsible and independent. For starters, watch this YouTube survival video and learn how to teach your kids survival training.

6. How to Pack Right and Light

Looking for ultimate survival tips for your bug-out bag? When bugging out and stuffing in the things you need in your backpack can be quite a challenge.

You will have to narrow everything down to the right things that will weigh the lightest possible. Learn more by viewing one of the YouTube prepper videos on how to pack right and light.

7. How to Make a Bushcraft Camp Chair

Fighting the urge to sit on the ground when out camping in the wilderness can be quite a challenge. Especially, when you’re really tired from a long walk or hike.

However, you wouldn’t want to sit on any poison oaks or poison ivy by doing so. It could be even worse than that if you end up near a venomous snake.

This YouTube survival tutorial video will teach you how to make a bushcraft camp chair in the wilderness.

8. How to Make a Paracord Belt

Have you experienced running short on a cord when you needed it most? You can actually take the extra line from your paracord survival grenade, paracord dog collar, and a longer one from your belt. Well, this video will show you how to make a paracord belt.

Using Slatt’s rescue belt technique, this belt presents a few advantages:

  • No tool is needed to start making one.
  • You can make it as wide and long as you want.
  • No measuring is needed.
  • It gives you a very long cord.
  • You can quickly loosen it when needed.

9. How to Split Wood of any Size with Ease

At times it would be easier if you had an axe to split wood to fuel your fire. But did you know that with the use a right and sturdy knife you can actually make smaller chunks of wood from a large log?

How to Split Wood of any Size with Ease | 29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos You Can Learn At Home

Here's how to baton wood even without an axe.

10. DIY Pen Bow

In the event of an emergency, you sometimes end up having nothing left at all. The good news is with a thick rubber band, a pen, an electric tape, pliers, scissors, and wooden skewers you can make your own weapon for hunting small game.

Watch how the CrazyRussianHacker comes up with this ingenious idea of converting a pen into a crossbow.

11. How to Make a Paracord Bracelet

This tutorial video can show you how to weave your own paracord bracelet. All you need is a paracord, a 5/8 inch clip, scissors or a knife, and a lighter.

Watch the step-by-step instructions in this survival video.

12. How to Start a Fire Using a Clear Water Bottle

Brought everything but a fire starter? Not to worry though because you can use the water in your water bottle to start one.

How to Start a Fire Using a Clear Water Bottle | 29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos That You Can Learn At Home

image via Survival Life

Are you wondering how it can be done? Check out this YouTube survival video on how to exactly start a fire using your water bottle.

13. How to Make a Crayon Candle

Resourcefulness is just one of the characteristics of a survivalist. You will be shocked at how many ordinary day-to-day items can be turned into good use for another purpose.

How to Make a Crayon Candle | 29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos You Can Learn At Home

In this case, watch this YouTube survival video on how you can make a candle out of a crayon.

14. DIY Outdoor Toilet

Answering the call of nature could be something really hard to ignore. More often than not, sitting behind a bush or a tree is somewhat embarrassing and ironically, unnatural.

But, thanks to this video you don't have to go through all that anymore. Check out the full YouTube survival video on how to make your own outdoor toilet.

15. 40 Life Hacks Video

Survival Life has compiled 40 awesome life hacks that will help get you through any survival situation. Learn to make various life hacks with these survival video compilations.

16. Survival Use for a Shemagh

You will be in awe at how many uses a shemagh can be used for. The following examples are what a shemagh can be used for:

  • A neck wrap
  • A ninja head wrap
  • A sling
  • A bag as a back wrap
  • A sling bag
  • As tinder

Watch how Survival Lilly shows various survival uses for a shemagh.

17. Simple Life Hacks

You think an everyday item has only one use for which it was made for. But this video will show you how much more a common item can be repurposed for something else such as:

  • Using a dry sheet to repel mosquitos
  • Making a survival fishing kit with a soda tab and dental floss
  • Making a survival stove out of a coffee can

There are so much simpler life hacks you can learn by watching these simple life hacks videos.

18. How to Open Christmas Presents the Quick and Easy Way

We sometimes lose our cool when we encounter hard-to-open presents during the Christmas season. Prying it open with your hands and even using scissors can be frustrating.

Watch this YouTube survival video on how to survive Christmas morning and see how this neat trick can get those not-so-easy-to-open presents to say “Ahhhh!”

19. DIY Swedish Torch

With just one log you can have a fire burning for hours. Of course, this would depend on how big your log is.

You can use it to keep warm overnight or even have something to cook on the surface with. Watch how you can make a Swedish torch yourself!

20. Start a Fire with a Guitar Pick

Who would’ve known a guitar pick could be a cheap and convenient way to start a fire?

It is small and is made up of highly flammable material which is perfect for every survivalist. Watch and learn how to start a fire with a guitar pick!

21. 5 Camping Tips and Tricks

These 5 simple tricks solve common camping inconveniences that always are annoying. These tricks are:

  • Using bread bag clips as clothespins
  • Pre-freezing bottles for your cooler
  • Wrapping tinfoil around your guyline
  • Setting up a firepit
  • Preventing mosquito bites from itching

Watch how they do these 5 camping tips and tricks.

22. How to Start a Fire with a Flint

This method is the oldest method there is. However, it is also the most reliable trick in the book to start a fire. This fire starting skill will certainly be a lifesaver if ever the need arises!

23. Defend Yourself with a Throat Strike

Self-defense is one of the most basic survival skill one has to learn if SHTF. With due diligence and practice, this move can take out your attacker with one simple swipe to the throat!

24. Learn the Proper Archery Form

Should you run out of ammo your gun can just be another clobbering stick. This is why the use of a bow and arrow can be for the long term.

Consistency will certainly be the main focus in gaining the proper shooting sequence over and over again. Watch the video on proper archery form and increase your accuracy.

25. Knowing Where You Are When You’re Lost in the Woods

When you’re lost in the woods it takes common sense, patience and using the gift nature provides to find your way back. When you’re lost do this simple method: S.T.O.P

  • Sit
  • Think
  • Observe
  • Plan

Watch the YouTube survival video and learn more about Lost in the Woods 101.

26. Winter Survival West Virginia Style

This video will show you how to clear a path of snow without having to lift or scoop it up with a shovel. Check out how West Virginians clear their paths after a snowstorm!

27. Learn these 3 Self-Defense Techniques

Learning these self-defense skills can turn the tide when being attacked. Attackers mostly use the same types of attacks unless they are really trained.

Using these moves as a basis, this YouTube survival video will show you three techniques to defend yourself against them.

28. Flood Survival Tips

A flood event is one of the most deadly occurrences for a lot of people. That is why we should never take our chances, no matter what!

This video will give you life-saving tips on what to do when a flood arises.

29. Start a Fire using a Gum Wrapper

You are most likely to carry gum with you most of the time. This time, you won’t have to throw away those wrappers because you can actually use them to start a fire.

Watch this YouTube survival gum wrapper fire starter video and be amazed!

As an added bonus, as if the videos above weren't enough, you could watch this YouTube survival video by WatchMojo.com:

Of course, there are tons of information that can be made available out there with just a push of a button. But that depends on the need and the skill application you want to learn!

Next, live out what you have learned and constantly put them into practice. You'll never know when you're going to need them!

29 YouTube Survival Skills Videos You Can Learn At Home

Is there something more you need to add to these YouTube survival skills videos? Don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below! 

Watch more about survival SHTF tips to add to your repertoire!  

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