Air Rifle Reviews: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

Feature | Air Rifle Reviews: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

August 29, 2018 / Comments (0)

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When hunting small game or waterfowl, we all know big rifles shouldn't be the go-to weapons to use! In those kinds of situations, an Air Rifle is the weapon of choice! But before you go rushing out to buy one for yourself, get an opinion first by reading our experts' air rifle reviews on Brocock's own, Compatto Air Gun .22, and get the most out of your money.

Air Rifle Reviews: Things You Need to Know About the Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

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Brocock's got something sweet up their stands and it's the new Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22! It's been ages since they last released an air rifle to the market and everyone's been waiting for this one. So have a look at one of the Compatto air rifle reviews by AirgunGearShow. The accuracy and amazing group shots are just fantastic. Learn more about the Compatto air rifle by reading along!

Here are some neat features of the Brocock Compatto Air Rifle .22!
Neat Features of the Brocock Compatto Air Rifle .22 | Air Rifle Reviews: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

While having all the nice things like the 18-inch barrel, durable synthetic stock, and adjustable shoulder pad on the air rifle, there's a power dial on the side. Furthermore, you'll be able to adjust it to low, medium, and high power. By adjusting from low to high power, you'd get 400, 530, and 570 fps consecutively.

Brocock Compatto Air Rifle .22 | Air Rifle Reviews: The Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22

Another important factor you’d want to know in this airgun review is the accuracy. With group shots of 10 at 25 meters, it seems like there’s just about a half-inch deviation within each shot. AirgunGearShow tried shooting a coin the size of a dime at 50m, and it almost went perfectly hitting the target on the second shot.

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Brocock has developed a solid product with the Compatto and would look to be a great investment for you — small game and waterfowl hunters — out there! Other than that, the Brocock Compatto Air Gun .22 could also be nifty when there's a pest situation that needs taking care of. Overall, this .22 caliber air rifle is simple yet reliable that does its job and does it well.

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