CHOP is Dismantled After Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Discovers Protests Can Be Dangerous

July 2, 2020 It was the end of the line for Seattle’s CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) on Wednesday, July 1. After protesters and demonstrators occupied six city blocks for 24 days, Seattle Mayor...

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Virginia Judge Denies One-Handgun-A-Month Injunction, Moves Forward with Sweeping Unconstitutional Gun Laws

June 30, 2020 Under the urging of VA Attorney General Mark Herring, Judge Timothy K Sanner denied an injunction against the reinstatement of Virginia’s “one-handgun-a-month” law, despite the...

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Gun Sales Spike Amid Rioting And Coronavirus Pandemic

June 9, 2020 Following a trend that began in February 2020, the U.S. has been experiencing a gun sales spike. As the country faces a global pandemic, massive unemployment, and now rioting and civil...

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Peaceful Protests Turn Violent: States of Emergency and Curfews Imposed Across the Country

June 3, 2020 The Memorial Day murder of George Floyd while in police custody has sparked outrage across the country, among people of all races. But as peaceful protesters gather begging for justice and...

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What Is A Strawman Purchase And Why Is It Illegal?

June 1, 2020 Gun purchasing dialogue these days is filled with terminology that’s often misused. One particular phrase you might’ve heard recently is “straw purchase”. But what exactly is a...

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Extended Quarantine Protests And Economic Closures Spark National Debate: Liberty Or Safety?

April 28, 2020 With the quarantine protests happening in different states, what are we to make of this? Is this affecting the health safety of Americans or is it an exercise of democracy? Let’s talk...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Your Right To Bear Arms

April 24, 2020 The right to bear arms is a sacred cornerstone of American culture and for good reason. Staying on Top of Your Right to Bear Arms Today, let’s go over some of the reasons why you should...

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HB 516 Is A Win For Gun Owners: Idaho Extends Constitutional Carry To All Americans

March 31, 2020 House Bill 516 or HB 516 is now a law in Idaho. It’s perfect timing, given the need for self-defense in a time of panic and crisis. HB 516 | Idaho Gun Owners Approve After years of...

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Are Gun Stores Essential? Some States Say No Amid Coronavirus Concerns

March 24, 2020 As Coronavirus fears escalate and new cases skyrocket, municipalities and states have begun to issue “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders.  These orders close nonessential...

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HR 5717 and the 2020 Attack on 2A

March 24, 2020 On January 30, 2020, Rep. Henry “Hank” Johnson (D-GA) introduced HR 5717 to the House of Representatives. HR 5717 is known as the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of...

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