A 5 Step Shooting Training Regimen To Become A Better Shooter

July 2, 2020 Based on my experience, I noticed a big improvement in how I shoot when I followed my shooting training regimen. It can be a different case for everyone, but I’ll share with you my...

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A Complete Guide To Buying Used Guns

June 29, 2020 If you’re in the market for a new gun but don’t have the scratch for a new, factory-fresh piece, you can always look into buying used guns. Check out this quick guide to help you out....

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3 Top Long Range Hunting Cartridges

May 25, 2020 Are you excited to go on your next hunting spree but still unsure of which long range hunting cartridge to bring with you? We have the best in the game here for you to check out! Long Range...

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Why Choose A Double Barrel Shotgun?

May 21, 2020 The double barrel shotgun is one of the oldest and most successful firearm types in existence today. Although there are many more advanced and innovative weapons around these days, these...

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5 Interesting And Fun Facts About Bullets

April 27, 2020 We talk a lot about bullets on this site (duh!). But we hardly ever talk about the vast swaths of history bullets as items have under their belts. Let’s dive into a lighter topic this...

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Breakdown Of The .338 Lapua

April 16, 2020 Since there are so many cartridges out there, one can not simply understand and determine which is the best and for what reason. Continue reading this article as we’ll discuss the 338...

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223 vs 5.56: A Quick Comparison

April 15, 2020 The difference between 223 vs 5.56 is mentioned all over the internet. However, the sad part is that most of the information provided is either wrong or misguides the reader and does not...

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Marlin 336 Review: Is This A Worthy Add To Your Collection?

April 13, 2020 Some people rave about it, some people like something else better. To love or not to love the Marlin 336 is your choice. But before you make one, check out this review and see if it’s...

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.450 Bushmaster – Review and Recommendations

April 13, 2020 Do you want to get to know the .450 Bushmaster up close and personal? You’re in the right place! Let’s talk about this cartridge today! The .450 Bushmaster: What You Should Know...

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350 Legend – Review and Recommendations

April 10, 2020 The 350 Legend is making waves in gun communities across America. So, we thought it only fair that we give it a fair shake of our own. Let us dive deep into this cartridge for you, so you...

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