Buying A Concealed Carry Gun For A Woman | The Right Way

August 20, 2019 You might think girls and guns a bad mix but considering a concealed carry gun for women is essential than most people know. RELATED: A Woman’s Response To Concealed Carry Advice In this...

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Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

February 18, 2019 Know the production details of a Norinco SKS and increase its market value. RELATED: 40 Best Rifles Perfect For Hunting Season | Gun Carrier In this article: Know Your Norinco SKS...

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Blue Book Of Gun Values | Gun Carrier

January 29, 2019 This blue book of gun values showcases some of the finest guns for both starters and experienced shooters alike. Blue Book of Gun Values for Gun Enthusiasts Recoil: A recoil is the upward...

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Glock Pistols: Why Are They Still So Popular?

December 25, 2018 The Glock pistol is so popular that 65% of the United States law enforcement use the Glock 17 as their primary handgun. Know why here. What Makes the Glock Pistol a Famous Handgun of...

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Tips And Tools For Buying A Used Handgun

November 30, 2018 When buying a pre-loved handgun, consider these tips to get the best bang for the buck. In this article: General Tips When Getting Pre-Loved Handguns How to Buy a Revolver How to Buy a...

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Gun Deals For Summer | 7 Gun Brands With Great Offers

July 9, 2018 It’s summer and that means 3 things: vacations, sunburns, and awesome gun deals? It is not unheard of to see a major firearms company “give back” with a rebate or incentive program,...

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Everything You Need to Know About Affordable Winchester Collectibles

January 18, 2018 Readers of might consider the classic antique Winchester Rifle a collectible firearm out of reach of their wallet, but Winchesters can be had for a reasonable price if you...

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SIG Sauer P320 Review | Features, Application and Observations

February 14, 2017 Recently, SIG Sauer won the contract to produce the new M17 pistol which will replace the Beretta M9. The new pistol is being called the Modular Handgun System (MHS) since the same frame...

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5 Black Friday Shopping Tips For The Outdoorsman

November 23, 2016 5 Black Friday Shopping Tips For The Outdoorsman So the biggest gun-shopping season is literally right around the corner. As of this writing, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. This means that, just...

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In Defense of Buying a Generic First Gun

September 13, 2016 Many new gun owners, especially those that get into shooting as adults, start their journey with some sort of centerfire handgun. A lot of drama can go into selection of that first gun as...

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