Red Flag Laws by State

December 31, 2023 Mass shootings are always followed by almost exactly the same response: a clamor against gun violence. Sadly, there’s a strong bipartisan divide on how best to do so. Political chaos...

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What You Need to Know About Gun Control | Frequently Asked Questions

December 24, 2023 Looking for some information about the gun control policies and laws that are out there? Take a look at these frequently asked questions to get your answers. Gun Control FAQs Answered The...

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Handgun Radio 312 – Anacondas & Israeli Handguns [PODCAST]

December 22, 2023 RELATED: Handgun Radio 319: Better Bullets PODCAST Anacondas & Israeli Handguns This week we discuss the new Colt Anaconda and some Israeli handguns! Visit for...

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3 Best Night Vision Binoculars For A Crystal-Clear Focus

December 12, 2023 If you don't have night vision binoculars yet, it's high time that you do. We have three of the best recommendations here today. Check them out! Make Night Hunting More Fun with Night...

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5 Best Budget Guns Of 2020

December 9, 2023 Not all top-tier guns will necessarily empty your wallet. In fact, there are plenty of budget-friendly guns that still pack plenty of performance and value into their frames. Let’s...

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Winter Survival Gear: Winterizing Your Bug Out Bag

December 3, 2023 Make sure to winterize your bug out bag for the coming season with the necessary winter survival gear. RELATED: The Prepper’s Guide To Winter Survival How to Prepare Your Winter...

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Accuracy vs Precision: How Do They Differ?

November 27, 2023 Most people talk about accuracy and precision as if they’re the same thing. But, this can be a bad mental habit to get into if you are trying to become a better sharpshooter and get...

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Stoeger P350 | Stoeger P 350 Review

November 15, 2023 The Stoeger P350 is a fine shotgun built specifically for hunting grounds. It's rugged, reliable, and will get you through any hunting conditions. RELATED: Stoeger Coach Supreme | Gun...

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Gun Sales Surge Continues

November 13, 2023 It's not surprising that gun sales are still growing strong. Here's what you need to know about the continuing gun sales surge in the U.S. Why Is There Still a Gun Sales Surge? Just when we...

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TX22: Not Your Grandpa’s Pistol

November 10, 2023 Does the Taurus Tx22 live up to the hype? Is it as good as the company claims? Let's learn more about this pistol below The Taurus TX22: Impressive or Forgettable Taurus is arguably the...

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