14 Homemade Weapons That Are REALLY Badass

February 11, 2021 Want to make some awesome homemade survival gear? We decided we weren't done with badass homemade weapons quite yet. Check out this list to see our top picks!...

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February 11, 2021 / Comments (53)

Pepper Spray 101: How To Add A Little Spice To Your EDC

January 28, 2021 Pepper spray is the best non-lethal self-defense tool you can carry. I prefer to never, ever, go anywhere without my gun, but sometimes those illogical “gun-free zones” simply cannot be...

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January 28, 2021 / Comments (10)

Knife Laws In The United States | What Blades Are Legal In Your State?

January 14, 2021 Are you a type of person who carries a knife everywhere you go? I'm pretty sure there are a lot of people especially knife enthusiasts won't be caught dead without a switchblade or a...

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How To Make A Moonshine Still

December 31, 2020 Learn how to make a moonshine still and why you need to for use at home or for survival! RELATED: 19 “Old World” Primitive Survival Skills You’ll WISH You Knew Before...

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Camping Checklist: Tips for a Safe Fall and Winter Camping Trip

December 10, 2020 If you have never been camping in the fall or winter months, you should! It’s a great experience that you will enjoy – as long as you stay warm. Let’s go over the camping checklist...

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9 Coyote Hunting Gear Must-Haves

December 9, 2020 Many who try coyote hunting out of curiosity end up loving it. Unsurprisingly, these hunters become more invested in the game and want to try better strategies. If you are this dedicated...

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25 Winter Bug Out Bag Essentials You Need To Survive

December 8, 2020 If you are looking to prevail and be successful through anything mother nature throws at you, preparation is the key. Being prepared can make the odds of coming out alive be in your favor...

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December 8, 2020 / Comments (71)

Raccoon Repellent | How To Get Rid of Raccoons [Infographics]

December 1, 2020 Looking for that perfect raccoon repellent to keep these pesky critters away from your home? These homemade raccoon repellent ideas offer choices suited to your needs and budget. Try these...

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December 1, 2020 / Comments (12)

The Meaning Of Independence Day

July 4, 2020 Every year, we celebrate July 4th as a Federal holiday. Most of us see it as a time to take a break from work or school, but what does our Independence Day mean or should mean to us? The...

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July 4, 2020 / Comments (2)

HB 2344: Pennsylvania Targets Ammunition Purchases

March 25, 2020 It seems that each day brings new proposed anti-gun and anti-ammunition legislation on both the state and federal level. It is critical that we remain vigilant in defending our 2nd...

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