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December 31, 2023 / Comments (4)

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Beretta 692 boasts a premium performance among clay guns giving you a rad shooting experience at a price you will buy!

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Beretta 692: The Adjustable Clay Shotgun

Gun Info


The Beretta 692 is the successor of the popular Beretta 682. This gun was actually made to meet the competitive shooter's needs.

The Beretta 692 offers more stability and handling because of its wider and heavier construction. You can customize its length by its adjustable single-selective trigger.

This shotgun also has an adjustable ejector or extractor. It will allow the shooter to adjust the gun according to his shooting style and preference.

Beretta 692 has black-gold details with a traditional design like the Beretta silver pigeon. See if this beauty could be your perfect match as you scroll on.

The Beretta 692 is a champion in terms of adjustability. In fact, the gun has customizable features to make it more comfortable.

With its OptimaBore Steelium barrels having a 360mm forcing cone and lower recoil, it is durable and accurate.

What Are OptimaBore Steelium Barrels? This is a manufacturing process unique to Beretta barrels. They transform special tri-alloy steel or Steelium into excellent barrels.

The receiver is also elegantly designed. It is shinily polished on its side panels and bottom.

This beauty has a Beretta B-FAST system, allowing the shooter to set it up to the way it would fit them.

Beretta 692 Gun Specs


This beauty is also equipped with a B-FAST balancer placed deep enough. This allows you to shorten the stock if needed.

The reason for putting it far back from its central hinge pin is for a maximum counter-balance result.

It thus gives this gun a major upgrade compared to other Beretta shotguns with an adjustable comb.

  • Gauge/Chamber: 12/3″
  • Rib: 10x8mm Flat Vented
  • Choke Type: OCHP Extended Screw-in
  • Barrel Lengths: 28″/30″/32″
  • Forends: Schnabel/Rounded
  • Total Approximate Weight: 7.7 lbs
  • Barrel Weight: 3 1/4 lbs

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Ease of Use and Performance


It is easy to handle and is stable with less recoil because of its custom construction.

This gun also has the accuracy, thanks to its barrel design. It basically has an enhanced design compared to its predecessor.

Pros and Cons of Beretta 692



One of the major upgrades given was to make it adjustable so it fits the shooter's preference.

  • B-FAST system
  • Adjustable single-selective trigger
  • OptimaBore Steelium barrels


  • The gun is a little stiff to open.

Overall Verdict and Price for Beretta 692


This beauty costs around $5,000-$7,000.

It's ranked below MX2000, Krieghoff K-80, and Perazzi MX8. But, it is still a great clay gun nonetheless with regards to its qualities and features.

This gun has a just price considering the models ranking above it are costlier which gives it leverage economically.


Learn how to remove the ejector on a Beretta 692 by watching this video:

The Beretta 692 raised the bar higher than the 682. This beauty's performance and design are perfect for competition shooting as well as for those serious clay shooters.

I have friends using the 692, and they're quite satisfied with its performance. You might want to consider getting one for yourself as well.

Do you own a Beretta 692? What can you say about this beauty? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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