Best 308/7.62 Rifles on the Market: Top 8 Picks

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Best 308/7.62 Rifles showcase unparalleled accuracy at the forefront of precision engineering, leaving competitors in awe. These rifles offer shooters unprecedented control over their shots, equipped with advanced optics, ergonomic designs, and meticulously crafted barrels. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a dedicated hunter, these rifles elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

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Benefits and Applications

Hunting with .308/7.62 Rifles

One of the primary applications of .308/7.62 rifles is hunting. The power, accuracy, and range combinations suit various hunting scenarios. Whether pursuing big games or engaging targets at long distances, a .308/7.62 rifle can be a reliable companion.

Target Shooting with .308/7.62 Rifles

Target shooting enthusiasts appreciate the precision and consistency of .308/7.62 rifles. With the right setup and ammunition, these rifles can deliver outstanding accuracy, making them popular choices for competitive shooting and long-range target practice.

Military and Law Enforcement Use

The .308/7.62 caliber has been extensively used in military and law enforcement applications. Its penetration, stopping power, and long-range capabilities make it an ideal choice for various tactical situations. Many rifles chambered in .308/7.62 have proven themselves in the field, earning a reputation for reliability and performance.

Best 308/7.62 Rifles on the Market

Browning BAR Mark III DBM

The Browning BAR Mark III DBM is a top-notch .308/7.62 rifle renowned for its exceptional accuracy and reliability. It features a detachable box magazine (DBM) that allows quick and easy reloading. The rifle boasts a gas-operated system, which ensures smooth and consistent cycling, reducing recoil and increasing overall shooting comfort.

lightest 30-06 battle rifle

The lightweight alloy receiver combined with a hammer-forged barrel enhances durability and longevity. The Mark III DBM also comes with an adjustable trigger that enables shooters to customize their pull weight to suit their preferences. With its sleek design and superior performance, the Browning BAR Mark III DBM is a sought-after choice for discerning shooters.

Daniel Defense DD5 V4

The Daniel Defense DD5 V4 is a highly regarded .308/7.62 rifle with exceptional precision and reliability. Its key feature lies in its patented 4-bolt connection system, which ensures increased stability between the upper and lower receivers and enhances accuracy.

lightest 30-06 battle rifle

The rifle utilizes a mid-length gas system, providing smoother operation and reduced recoil. It also incorporates an ambidextrous safety selector and magazine release for improved versatility and ease of use.

The DD5 V4 boasts a cold hammer-forged barrel that guarantees longevity and consistent performance. With its outstanding craftsmanship and advanced features, the Daniel Defense DD5 V4 is a top contender among .308/7.62 rifles on the market.


The DSA SA58 is a highly regarded .308/7.62 rifle known for its ruggedness and reliability. It is a semi-automatic variant of the famous FN FAL battle rifle. The SA58 features robust and durable construction, making it suitable for demanding environments. It utilizes a gas-operated system for reliable cycling and reduced recoil.

Palmetto State Armory (PSA) Freedom Rifle Kit L115A3 Sniper Rifle

The rifle has a precision-machined receiver and a chrome-lined barrel for increased accuracy and longevity. Its adjustable sights allow precise aiming, while the ergonomic pistol grip and synthetic stock provide enhanced comfort and control. With its solid performance and battle-proven design, the DSA SA58 is a dependable choice for those seeking a .308/7.62 rifle.

Browells BRN-10 Retro Rifle

The Brownells BRN-10 Retro Rifle pays homage to the classic AR-10 design and offers a nostalgic appeal for enthusiasts. It features a lightweight aluminum receiver and a 20-inch barrel, reminiscent of the original AR-10.


The rifle is chambered in .308/7.62 and utilizes a direct impingement gas system. It incorporates a two-stage trigger for improved accuracy and control. The BRN-10 Retro Rifle showcases a traditional wood stock and handguard, adding to its retro aesthetic.

With its vintage-inspired design and reliable performance, the Brownells BRN-10 Retro Rifle is a great choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

HK MR762A1

The HK MR762A1 is a highly regarded .308/7.62 rifle crafted by renowned firearms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. It features a gas-operated piston system that ensures reliable and smooth operation, even in adverse conditions.

FN Ballista Rifle Daniel Defense DDM4V7

The MR762A1 boasts a free-floating barrel that enhances accuracy and reduces weight. It incorporates an adjustable buttstock and pistol grip for customizable comfort and control. The rifle utilizes a proprietary keymod rail system, allowing for easy attachment of accessories. With its exceptional build quality and outstanding performance, the HK MR762A1 is a top-tier choice for discerning shooters.


The SCAR-H is a battle-proven .308/7.62 rifle known for its reliability and versatility. It was initially developed for the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and has since gained popularity among military and law enforcement units.


The rifle features a gaslightest 30-06 battle rifle - a rifle laying on the ground with a scope-operated, short-stroke piston system, ensuring reliable functioning in various environments. It incorporates ambidextrous controls and adjustable folding stock, making it suitable for users of different sizes and shooting preferences.

The SCAR-H utilizes a monolithic rail system for easy attachment of accessories, and its barrel can be quickly changed to accommodate different mission requirements. With its robust construction and adaptability, the SCAR-H is a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts.

SIG 716

The SIG 716 is a highly regarded .308/7.62 rifle manufactured by SIG Sauer, renowned for its quality firearms. It features a gas piston operating system that ensures reliable and smooth cycling, reducing recoil and enhancing overall shooting comfort.

Ruger Precision Rifle 308 Gen

The SIG 716 incorporates an adjustable gas block, allowing users to fine-tune the rifle's performance to accommodate different ammunition types or suppressor use. It boasts a free-floating handguard with M-Lok slots for easy attachment of accessories.

The rifle has a precision-forged barrel that guarantees exceptional accuracy, and its ambidextrous controls cater to right- and left-handed shooters. With its renowned reliability and innovative features, the SIG 716 is a top contender among .308/7.62 rifles.

Springfield Armory M1A

The Springfield Armory M1A is a legendary .308/7.62 rifle that pays homage to the iconic M1 Garand. It features a semi-automatic action and a robust design, delivering reliable performance in various shooting conditions.

Young woman shooting from a military rifle | woman shotguns Springfield Armory M1A

The M1A utilizes a gas-operated system, providing smooth and consistent cycling. It comes with a National Match barrel, which ensures exceptional accuracy and precision. The rifle incorporates an adjustable stock and an ergonomic pistol grip for enhanced comfort and control. The M1A showcases a classic wood stock, adding to its timeless appeal.

With its rich history and reliable performance, the Springfield Armory M1A is a beloved choice among firearms enthusiasts.

308/7.62 Rifles Accessories and Upgrades

Various accessories and upgrades are available to enhance your shooting experience with a .308/7.62 rifle. Let's explore some popular options.

Optics and Scopes

Adding a high-quality scope can significantly improve accuracy and target acquisition. Look for optics suitable for long-range shooting and offer clear and bright images.

Bipods and Rests

Bipods and rests provide stability and support while shooting. They help reduce fatigue and improve accuracy, especially during extended shooting sessions or shooting from prone positions.

 Suppressors and Muzzle Devices

Suppressors and muzzle devices can reduce recoil, muzzle rise, and noise. They enhance shooting comfort and may benefit tactical or hunting situations where reduced noise signature is desirable.

Stocks and Grips

Upgrading the stock and grip of your rifle can enhance ergonomics and comfort. Consider options that offer an adjustable length of pull, cheek rest height, and textured grips for improved handling.

Trigger Upgrades

A quality trigger upgrade can improve the rifle's overall performance. Look for triggers with adjustable pull weight, minimal creep, and a crisp break for enhanced accuracy and shooter control.

In a realm where precision, performance, and versatility reign supreme, the 308/7.62 rifles emerge as the epitome of excellence. Combining cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship, these firearms redefine the standards of modern weaponry.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, embracing the power of these rifles is a testament to your unwavering dedication to the art of shooting. Step into the world of unrivaled performance and experience the pinnacle of 308/7.62 rifles available on the market today.

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