Best Bug Out Places in the United States

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October 5, 2023 / Comments (5)

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When choosing the best bug out places, the most important thing is having that location prepared for when you arrive. However, if you have your choice of region, then there are certain areas that are better than others.

Bug Out Places | Best Locations In The United States

When considering bug out regions, you must look at a few factors. These include:

  • Resources
  • Ability to defend
  • Ability to hide
  • Proximity to major cities
  • Distance from your home
  • Climate
  • Likelihood of natural disasters

When considering all of these different factors, there are a few regions in the US that stand out as ideal for bugging out. Here is our list of the top area to consider.

Ozark Mountains

I actually grew up in the Ozarks and still spend time there every year. I can speak from personal experience that it is an ideal place for a person to disappear. The climate is fairly mild, and it is hundreds of miles from large cities. There are plenty of springs, and you will always find food by fishing, hunting, and foraging.

Not to mention, lumber for building, and cliffs that make defending the area fairly easy. There are even vast cave systems that you can use if you choose. Including Native Americans, people have been living a primitive lifestyle and thriving in the Ozark Mountains for thousands of years.


This area came in a very close second, mainly because certain parts of Appalachia are close to large cities. Every other aspect is similar to the Ozarks. There are plenty of resources, and it is easy to defend. You can disappear in the mountains, and there are not many natural disasters. The climate is similar as well. This region makes for an excellent area for bugging out, and I spent a good portion of my childhood in this area as well.

Rocky Mountains

While it is easy to disappear in the Rockies, there are also some limitations.  You cannot argue that there are plenty of natural resources and that the area can easily be defended.  The area is not prone to natural disasters, and most of the Rockies are far from major cities with the exception being Denver.

Rocky Mountains | Best Bug Out Places in US

However, getting around in the Rocky Mountains is tough.  The terrain is steep and the altitude can be an issue.  If you are used to these factors, they can actually be an asset.  The other major problem is the weather.  It is cold, and the snow will pile up.  This is not ideal for bugging out, but all the other factors are there.

Pacific Northwest

There are parts of the Pacific Northwest that are ideal for bugging out, but it is a bit spotty. This region is becoming a hot spot, and people are moving there by the thousands. It is getting harder and harder to find an area that is not near a major population center.

The natural resources in this area are amazing, but it rains constantly. This can be very tough on a person or family bugging out. The winters get nasty as well. It is easy to hide in the dense forests, and the area is easy to defend.


While it is a great place to hide a body, there are pros and cons to this region. It is the warmest region to make our list which is typically a good thing. The problem is that the warmth creates some other issues. Parts of this region are prone to hurricanes, and the whole area is prone to flooding.

Mosquitoes, venomous snakes, and alligators make the area annoying at best. You can definitely disappear and defend the area. If you know what you are doing, there are ample natural resources. There are several major population centers with this region being along the coast, so you must be cautious about the area you choose.

Here's a video by The Prepared Mind about bug out locations:

Bug Out Bags | Best Bug Out Places in the United States

Can you recommend other bug out places in the US? Please let us know in the comments section below. 

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