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October 3, 2023 / Comments (3)

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Body armor for both professionals and civilians has dramatically evolved over the past few years. However, as the technology used to design body armor advances and the materials used to produce it revolutionize, you realize there's always room for improvement.

As of late, CATI Armor, with their new CQB (Combat Quad Bend)-rated Level 3 AR525 body armor plates, has been a part of this evolution.

CATI Armor's CQB Armor Plates

CATI Armor's new CQB armor plates prioritize a slimmer profile. The CQB plates come in at just ¼ of an inch and can withstand a rifle threat rating of an M80 ball round traveling at 2,800 FPS (Feet Per Second).

The CQB plates are designed with a swimmer’s cut layout to increase comfort for the operator as well as to utilize its low profile visibility.

Bringing comfort to the next level, the CQB plates have been designed with a slight curve at all four corners where the plate rests against the torso and back.

This allows the operator’s torso and back to essentially be “hugged” by the plate, allowing for an overall slimmer profile and increased comfort from the advanced weight distribution of the plates.

CATI Armor

CATI Armor’s CQB armor plates are NIJ-approved and are made available for the prepared and responsible citizen, as well as professionals who operate in an environment where low-profile protection is necessary.

The Combat Quad Bend armor plates can be purchased as a replacement for lighter and more comfortable armor inside plate carriers for the range. They're also available for purchase as a package, which includes CATI Armor’s most concealable plate carrier.

Concealable Lowest Profile Plate Carrier

In order to provide the lowest profile plate carrier available, CATI Armor teamed up with one of the tactical community's leading manufacturers, Beez Combat Systems.

The low profile plate carrier is a bottom load plate carrier designed to take CQB plates and trauma pads. The front of the plate carrier is left blank in order to reduce visibility if worn underneath a shirt, sweater, or jacket.

The outer shoulder straps of the plate carrier are meant to be worn in reverse, especially if any slack is made after adjustments. This allows for reduced visibility from the front of the operator – even for smaller framed individuals.

The plate carrier also includes an adjustable elastic cummerbund that can be secured and adjusted from both the front and back of the plate carrier.

This plate carrier can be adjusted from a size medium to an extra-extra-large, up to a roughly 58” chest. The armor packages are also available in 10×12 or 11×14-sized front and back plates.

Both sizes come with your choice of trauma pads. The plate carriers available from CATI Armor come in a variety of colors such as coyote tan, black, and EP grey.

See a review of the CQB Armor Systems here:

CATI Armor

CATI Armor (Come and Take It Armor) is an American manufacturer focused on providing the best product for their customers. They are dedicated to providing the most state-of-the-art equipment, such as new presses, die cuts, and high-definition cutting machines.

This is probably just the start, as they are constantly expanding their facilities. It's the mission of CATI Armor to provide the most affordable and comfortable armor on the market.

The company provides armor for both pistol and rifle threats suitable for any defensive scenario. The CQB plates are patent-pending technology, and all trauma pads produced comply with the ballistic resistance of body armor and other NIJ standards.

CATI Armor provides some of the most comfortable steel core body armor with one of the best turn-around times in the body armor industry.

See a preview of the CQB Armor System by CATI Armor here:

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