Crime Would Be Rampant, Our Nation Would Be 3rd World Without Police


Police brutality is on the rise. No, I'm not talking about the police being brutal, but criminals killing cops. Listen, nobody wants to get pulled over, ticketed, and have to prove their innocence it court. Personally, I hate that feeling, so I've made it a habit to not break the law. It really is that simple.
The amount of police officers being killed lately is astounding. It seems like every day another police officer loses his/her life. It's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it. If you hate cops, imagine for a moment what life would look like without them. Criminals everywhere would run the land, doing as they please.

Crime would be rampant and our civilization would devolve into a 3rd world nation.
Whether you like it or not, police officers are necessary to keep our nation running smooth. Yes, there are corrupt cops out there. All of them shouldn't have to pay the price for the actions of but a few.
There have been, however, some stories coming out of the woodwork lately, showing civilians stepping up to help cops. One such story is a law-abiding concealed gun carrier who pulled over to help a struggling police officer. This Good Samaritan ordered the cop's attacker to halt the attack. When the Samaritan's orders weren't followed, he had no choice but to fill the criminal's body with lead—killing him.
Yes, he killed the man attacking the cop.

But, with cops being killed all the time, who can say that the attacker wouldn't have killed the cop with his bare hands if the Samaritan hadn't stepped in?
Does that cop, like so many others out there, have a wife and children at home, expecting his return at the end of each shift, but not knowing for sure whether he'll actually walk through the door? Such is the case so many times.
As a bit of a side note, the Good Samaritan in this case had his firearm confiscated as a part of the investigation. As a sign of gratitude for a job well-done, a local gun store decided to give this man a gun, free of charge, so that he can still defend himself. I say good job to him and the gun store who recognized a need and filled it.
Do you support our nation's police officers? If so, let us know in the comments below.

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