Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won’t Be Victimized

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Crime is increasing at an alarming rate. That’s why recognizing criminal behavior is an absolute must to save ourselves and our loved ones. Anyone is at risk of exhibiting criminal tendencies. Read on, so you can be aware of the signs.

Criminal Behavior: Traits of a Violent Offender

Have you ever seen someone who gets extremely mad over the tiniest of things? Or someone who beats the hell out of a dog for a small mistake? If you do, then you have seen first hand examples of individuals who might possess traits that lead to criminal behavior. These people are at a higher risk of becoming violent offenders. That’s why it is crucial to recognize the signs. Below are the traits you can use to assess why and how a person becomes a criminal.


1. Angry Outburst and Physical Aggression

Angry Outburst and Physical Aggression | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
One of the obvious traits a person possesses that is also a sign of criminal behavior is the inability to control temperament and impulsivity. Angry outbursts along with physical aggression are very troubling behavior.

These people don’t show ordinary tantrums but rather display an intense rage from the slight provocation. More often than not, they fail to think before they act and don’t care about the consequences of their behavior.

2. Acts of Defiance and Excitement-Seeking

Acts of Defiance and Sensation Seeking | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
We can sometimes consider acts of defiance, risk-taking, and boundary testing as rites of passage or just part of growing up. However, it’s always best to check out children who take these actions to the extreme.

Children who are not afraid of consequences might have little regard for laws when they become adults. When they have a fearless attitude along with excitement-seeking behavior, then they might crave the rush of committing a crime without the fear of being caught.

3. Cruelty to Animals

Violence to Animals | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
Another sign you should be wary of is cruelty to animals. Pay attention to their aggressive behavior and how they respond to this behavior. When they show little to no remorse or guilt for hurting animals, then they can be extremely violent against other people in the future. Cruelty to animals is not just a minor personality flaw; it’s an indication of deep mental disturbance.

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4. Anti-social Values

Anti-social Values | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
A person with anti-social values often thinks like a criminal. These people strongly believe that their criminal behaviors are justified and often blame others for the wrong things they did. People with this kind of attitude contradict the standards of social conduct. They show a continuous violation of social rules. They exhibit deceitfulness, theft, defiance of authority, and a heedless disregard for themselves and others.

5. Victims of Bullying

Victims of Bullying | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
People who were bullied when they were young often develop the tendency to be violent later in life. They might hold a festering anger that can grow more intense. This can intensify through overexposure to violence in media. If this is not properly addressed earlier, they can possibly transfer this emotion to their peers or to other people who have done them wrong when they grow older or when they have a chance to.

6. Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
People who abusively use illicit drugs and alcohol can be an enormous burden to our society. There is a link between a wide range of criminal acts such as robberies, assaults, domestic abuse, and rape with substance abuse.

Some people commit robbery to support their drug habits, while alcohol abuse is a key factor in various violent offenses. Their dependency on such substances can lead them to a life of crime.

7. Criminal Peers

Criminal Peers | Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won't Be Victimized
An individual who has friends associated with criminal activities tends to do the same. As they spend most of their time with their colleagues, there is a strong possibility they will be influenced by the latter. Peer pressure is one of the reasons behind juvenile delinquency. Also, if they grew up in a dysfunctional family involved in illegal activities, they can be caught up in a life of crime as well.


There are various factors that can lead to criminal behavior. Watch this video from Eric Silk and find out about the biological factors that make a person do violent things!

Some tend to lead a life of crime because they experienced a lot of hardships when they were young, such as suffering a form of abuse. Further, some may enact criminal behavior because of peer influence or addiction to illegal substances. There are a lot of factors we have to consider to entirely understand why a person performs unlawful activities. However, being aware of each and every one of these factors can help save ourselves and our loved ones.

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Do you know other traits that lead to criminal behavior? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!  

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Criminal Behavior You Should Be Aware Of So You Won’t Be Victimized

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