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Following cyclone survival procedures may be just a typical day for those who live in areas constantly at risk of such natural disasters. If you’ve had personally experienced the strong spiraling winds that this phenomenon brings, you know it’s no joke at all.

Cyclone Survival Tips: Surviving The Eye Of The Storm

Cyclones can strike anytime, anywhere. It leaves behind a trail of destruction worth billions of dollars and hundreds of lives lost. This is why authorities and private organizations have constantly been trying to come up with infrastructures as well as emergency procedures and equipment to anticipate and reduce the damage and deaths. Continue on to learn a few survival tips that might help you survive this terrifying wrath of nature.

Before A Cyclone

1. Make The Necessary Preparations

If you’re located in an area prone to cyclones, make sure to protect your home and your family from such natural disasters. Below are a few checklists you can follow:

  • Coordinate with local building control authorities to check if your home is up-to-date and according to cyclone safety standards.
  • Cut off loose and overhanging branches close to your home.
  • Have metal roll-ups installed in areas of your home with glass doors and windows. This will enable you to quickly roll it down before a cyclone strikes.
  • Remove any loose furniture and decorations outside your house and store them inside. These items can become deadly flying objects in the event of a cyclone.
  • Park your cars under a sturdy shelter. Place it in gear with the parking brake on.
  • Pick your kids up at school, only if local authorities allow it.

2. Prepare Your Emergency Survival Kit

The web can provide you with different “how to” instructions on how to make your own emergency survival kit. There are also survival kits you can purchase directly from the store. You can then opt to personalize the kit according to your needs.

3. Have A Storm Cellar Installed

If you can afford it, you can have skilled and licensed contractors build a storm cellar to protect you and your family from a cyclone. Typically, it is located underground. However, there are other types of shelters installed on a hillside or embankment, including flat and above ground.


During A Cyclone

Have a checklist with you to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can actually practice drills on a regular basis with your family during your free time. You can work as a team and make sure everybody pitches in.

  • Turn off main gas and water valves and unplug all electrical appliances.
  • Immediately head for the shelter. If you don’t have one, stay in the lowest and strongest part of the house, away from glass windows.
  • Cover yourselves with a mattress or insert extra clothing under your clothes as soon as you see the house breaking up. Find a solid fixture and hang on for dear life.
  • Even if the winds suddenly die down, you have to wait for the official announcement from emergency services over the NOAA radio. You might just be in the “eye” of the storm. Never go out until then.

After A Cyclone

1. Wait, Check And Listen

Wait for the initial “all clear” announcement from your local authorities before heading out. Check for damages such as gas leaks and downed power lines. If your appliances are wet, never attempt to use them. Continue to listen for further instructions and warnings.

2. Evacuate If Need Be

If you’re advised to evacuate the area, make sure you have a pre-planned exit and alternate routes. Avoid raging waters and flooded streets, there might be sinkholes due to erosions and what not. You also need to steer clear from downed power poles.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

If your area is prone to get hit by cyclones, most likely you’ve had your property insured. Rebuilding your home may take a lot of time and money. It’s the wisest thing to do.

Watch this video for more Cyclone Survival Tips:

All these details may seem like a lot of work. But if you wish to thrive despite being in the path of merciless destruction, you have to think of ways and means to survive. Life has its challenges and for you, this may be one of those challenges you just have to live with to the fullest.

Cyclone Survival Tips | Survival Life

Do you have any cyclone survival tips of your own? Please add them in the comments below!

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