Deer Hunting for Beginners- An Introduction To The Hunt

Deer Hunting for Beginners- An Introduction To The Hunt

In a world where our food sources are more and more commercialized and nearly coming off of an assembly line, who wouldn't want access to 100% meat sources?  Hunting is one of the ways that you become more self-reliant and, at the same time, provide your family with an incredibly healthy food source.  With a small amount of guidance and direction, we can help you get started.  In this video, Craig Caudill from Nature Reliance School will start us on the steps of deer hunting.

A Brief Introduction to Deer Hunting

There's something about deer hunting that makes it so appealing and addictive to people, especially hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. It's not a skill or sport learned overnight but if you're really motivated to get a good catch, perhaps it would take you months or even years of experience and exposure in the wild. If you're just starting out with this sport or survival hunting skill, you should be equipped not just with your weapons but also with some knowledge about your quarry. Here are some tidbits of information you can use before you begin deer hunting to help get you ahead of the game!

1. Be a lawful deer hunter

The first thing you need to do is check with the fish and wildlife agency where you live and know what the laws are for deer hunting. There are usually programs that help hunters, so check those out. You can also use them as viable resources.

2. Know where to hunt

Know where to hunt | Deer Hunting for Beginners

You need to go where the deer are. Deer goes beyond the edge of the woods. Deer like to feed in grassy fields and congregate (or hang out) in the woods between two fields. It's like a corridor for them in a place where they are more comfortable to go and not be seen. If you see this kind of environment, most likely there are deer around the area.

3. Know how to track them

Know how to track them | Deer Hunting for Beginners

An area of trees before an open field is a good place to start looking for deer tracks and droppings. If you find where the droppings are around the habitat then you know more likely they'll be coming into that field. This is also an indicator of where you can set up your hunting gear.

4. Look for signs

Look for signs | Deer Hunting for Beginners

If you see some sort of a barricade in an area (like fallen trees or dried twigs), deer regularly come up to this and walk around. Also, an area with mud and close to grasses and leaf litter can give you a hint of where deer come and go because their tracks are also visible in these kinds of areas.

5. Go with other hunters


Deer Hunting for Beginners- An Introduction To The Hunt | Go With Other Hunters

Get a company of other deer hunters. This will help you learn the ins and outs of deer hunting. You'll surely gain a lot from them, especially from their own experiences.

6. Be like a deer

Deer are like any animal. They need shelter, water, and food. Each day, deer travel corridors to get their necessities. Also, their bedding site is where they feel secure so if a predator comes by, they can easily run away. They often travel to and from a water source and along the way to the water source, they will look and forage for food.

7. What to do during deer hunting

Setting a tree stand is highly recommended for beginners. You don't need to move around because all you have to do is observe, sit still, and wait for your target. In that manner, you can see more deer, learn how they behave, and acquire the behavioral patterns you need to learn for a better hunt.

If you're a deerstalker — walking through the woods while hunting — movement is the key. Don't walk the normal way because it will cause too many movements (and deer don't want that!). Move slowly and deliberately. After 4-5 steps, observe your surroundings by looking at the corners of your eyes. In that way, you'll minimize movements. If you're on the ground and you stand up, it should take you about 60 seconds to get up off the ground.

It's also important to bring the right weapons for your hunt, same with your hunting gear and sets and of course, camouflaging. Try using these tips to have great success in your deer hunting. Definitely, the best way to learn is through first-hand experience! Are you ready for your first catch? Happy hunting!

Do you have more suggestions and tips to share about deer hunting? Please add them in the comments below!

Deer Hunting for Beginners An Introduction To The Hunt

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Deer Hunting for Beginners- An Introduction To The Hunt

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