10 Important Deer Hunting Tips To Help You Hunt In Public Lands

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October 4, 2019 / Comments Off on 10 Important Deer Hunting Tips To Help You Hunt In Public Lands

Hunting Hunting Tips

Taking in deer hunting tips from expert hunters are probably the easiest way to become an expert yourself. But of course, you'd have to try those tips yourself and really learn from experience. So today, we'll talk about 10 important deer hunting tips that are essential to a successful hunt in public lands. As opposed to private fields, there may be a lot of other hunters present in the area as well. These tips will make sure you're one step ahead of everyone!

10 Important Deer Hunting Tips To Help You Hunt In Public Lands

One thing I don't really like as a hunter is having other hunters present in the area. Not that I'm anti-social or anything but more hunters means more competition. Furthermore, it's easier for deer to hear noises that aren't even coming from you. To avoid having to deal with all this trouble, follow these deer hunting tips.

Tip #1: Hunt smart

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Hunting smart means that you gotta figure out where deer should be. There are a lot of hunters who would trek a few miles away from the parking area but deer might still be elusive. Although it's a good idea to get away from other hunters, you still gotta go where deer are and these are the places where they feel safe. Usually, these are areas with dense vegetation and some brushes to take cover from.

Tip #2: Keep your spot a secret

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Another important tip is to keep your spot a secret. This is pretty much like cleaning up after a crime scene–leaving behind no evidence. Some hunters like to leave their stand hanging on trees where they spent the day hunting. You have to remember that this is public lands we're talking about and any guy could occupy your hunting spot. Thus, to keep your spot to yourself, you gotta bring back every bit of gear that suggests you've been hunting there.

Tip #3: Pick the right entry point

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From your initial scouting, you probably already have a rough idea where deer beds are. From that, it's easy to tell where they're staying as you enter the woods and make your way to the stand. At this point, you should be really careful not to stay downwind from where the deer are. If they smell you, they might be extra vigilant and decide not to come out at all until you're gone. So, pick your route very carefully.

Tip #4: Loosen your tongue

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It's not a bad thing to talk to other hunters as you meet them along the way. This is a good way to scout for information but be wary of inaccurate info as well. Some might not be a fan of sharing the things they know to strangers, especially with competition. However, you might just meet new friends if you're charming enough.

Tip #5: Do your homework

Do your homework | 10 Important Deer Hunting Tips To Help You Hunt In Public Lands

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The internet is full of great stuff and it's abundant with hunting tips and tricks (in fact, you're reading one right now). If you know where to look, you'll be able to meet good friends as well. Online communities like blogs and forums provide ample amounts of advice from veteran hunters. If you're an active member of a forum, you can post any question you'd think of and you'll surely get a reply! Get a ton of hunting tips from Hunting Times and Outdoor Warrior!

Tip #6: Avoid parking lots

Trucks and other vehicles make a lot of noise and this could be a bad thing if you're hunting deer on public lands. Consequently, you should avoid hunting near parking areas on these lands because deer tend to avoid them too. However, there are some areas that do not permit parking your cars elsewhere other than the designated parking lot so be sure that you check the guidelines before making a call.

Tip #7: Don't get emotional over a spot

Let's all face it, there are certain spots where we tend to get too attached to. It could be where you first took down a deer or a memorable spot where you scored a 14-point trophy buck. Nonetheless, it's a bad idea to just stick to that single place. Deer might have been present before but they eventually catch onto us and decide to leave especially when pressured by hunting. Remember that game are prone to change their travel patterns if you frequent them on the same stand over and over again.

Tip #8: Try as many hunting spots as possible

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This is a follow-up tip for the previous one. If you're hunting on public lands, there is a lot of space to cover and truth be told, you won't run out of it. A good thing about having multiple hunting spots is that you won't have to go over the same place each time you hunt. This way, you can visit the same spot every season and avoid putting too much pressure to game on that specific spot.

Tip #9: Get in shape

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Public lands offer a vast hunting area for hunters and exploring these areas might be a little exhausting if you're out of shape. Hunting may not be as much a physical activity as it used to back in prehistoric times, but it still makes sweat pour out of your pores. It may not be the worst idea to hit the gym or even go for a morning run regularly.

Tip #10: Avoid hunting pressured areas

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Knowing which areas have more hunting pressure than others is key to hunting smart. You'll know the area is pressured when you drive by and you see cars parked in the parking lot. You don't necessarily have to do a daily check on these places but in case you pass by one of these places, just have a quick look.

Check out more tips from DIY Sportsman's video right here:

With all these deer hunting tips, you're sure to have a great time hunting on public lands. Plus, you get to enjoy the serene environment while you're at it since there'll be no one else around to spoil that experience. If you have more awesome deer hunting tips, share them with us in the comments below!

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