How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

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Learn how this Democrat turned prepper with just a little information about the new state of our country. The new realities that have come with the changes in our country will reach our corners of the world faster than you think.

How This Democrat Turned Prepper

My name is Edward… and I’m a Democrat. Well, I was.

Now I’m just pretty sure the world is going to end.

So how did I go from marching for gun control to now owning a shotgun, a Smith & Wesson M&P .40 pistol, and an entire garage full of survival gear and dehydrated food?


At first, when the Donald announced his candidacy for president, I thought it was a joke. But I’m not laughing now. The very first thing Trump did as the 45th President of the United States was to revamp the “Issues” section of the White House’s website.

What did he take out?

Just ALL civil rights issues. Oh. And climate change. Apparently global warming isn’t real. Which I guess would explain the record high temperatures all over the country this winter.

LGBTQ rights? Gone.

Civil rights? Gone.

But President Trump (shudder) did add his “America First Energy Plan.” I can’t believe this is a thing. This puts Americans last. It’s pathetic. The man already repealed the Waters of the U.S. Rule and he’s only been in office a few days. That “rule” is there because if we drill under those waterways we risk contaminating the waterways, which would contaminate the fish we eat, thereby contaminating us.

Trump How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

I’ll stick to my dehydrated food when things go south, thanks.

The man is literally removing restrictions to protect the only un-ruined land in the country.

For oil. Freakin’ oil.

Like we need it. Oil is cheaper now than it’s been in years. But hey, at least it frees us from foreign influence, right? It’s not like the Saudis and the Chinese don’t already own huge chunks of U.S. debt or anything.

Oh wait. They do. And all it takes is for these “enemies” to call in that debt and this country falls to pieces. But, you know, that would never happen unless some high level American embarrassed said countries on an international stage and then refused to apologize. And we don’t have anyone in office that proud, or that stubborn, or that temperamental…..

Crap. Yeah, we’re screwed.

But it gets worse. He also signed his “Mexico City” executive order to defund Planned Parenthood.

And before you get all high and mighty on me, let me clarify – I am NOT pro-abortion. But I am pro-choice, because it’s not my body or my choice. And here’s the thing that scares me about that. In my experience, Republicans complain about abortion, but also complain about welfare and government assistance programs.

Do they not realize the two are related?!?

Teenage pregnancy rates (not abortion rates, but teen pregnancy) are lower than they’ve been in decades. And now, with PP getting defunded, these lower income kids are gonna start making a lot more babies, milking welfare, and adding to the constant cycle of poverty in this country. Well, as the population explodes and people start fighting over food, I’m gonna be sitting comfortably in my shelter saying “I told you so.”

And all this is within his first days of being in office.

So yeah, I’m taking precautions.

Fortunately, I saw this crap coming and started actually paying attention to my survivalist cousin (who I used to think was batshit crazy). So what have I learned up until now? Hell, there’s no end to what I need to know. But basically, it’s the opposite of Trump’s policies. (Be sure to add this compact flashlight to your bug-out bag. Buy it here.)

He says “yay oil!” because it weans us off foreign influence, but I’m already outfitting an off-the-grid property with solar panels and a shelter.

He says “screw the rest of the world” and wants to build up the military even more. You don’t think that sounds like a war brewing?

And this is only in the first week. Imagine what happens in a month. Or a year. Or four years. If we make it that far….

So I’ve learned to stock up. And I’m already well on my way. I’ve got MREs. I’ve got dehydrated meals all over the place. My guns are ready. I’ve got my bug out bag ready to go.

How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist food storage

Now I’m spending my weekends camping. I’m at the gun range. I’m hunting. I’ve even got plans to start my own farm in the near future.

You think just because the stock market is doing okay that things aren’t gonna crash?

Newsflash: Trump’s threats of tariffs are just gonna piss off other countries and make them stop trading with us, leading to a huge recession. And all those jobs he’s promising in manufacturing? Yeah those companies are gonna be stuck with a huge surplus of goods no one wants.

Then come the layoffs.

Fear and hunger lead people to do some really stupid things. I mean, is there anything you wouldn’t do to feed and protect your family?

Think about that as you consider the consequences of every action our new Tyrant-In-Chief takes. Ask yourself if these decisions are really good for this country or just good for Trump and cronies?

Let’s just recap really quickly. Within 72 hours of being President, Trump:

  • Removes civil rights from the White House’s issues
  • Dismisses global warming and signs off on drilling our only unpolluted land for oil
  • Pisses off most of the world with trade war threats
  • Defunds Planned Parenthood, possibly single handedly causing a population spike and welfare crisis

I’m not taking any chances. I’m paying attention and I’m terrified.

So I'm taking precautions to prepare myself and my family. I’m learning to protect myself, defend myself, and thrive while everyone else tries to survive.

survival supplies for a group How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

I may have been a Democrat a couple months ago, but now I’m a realist. And the reality is that this country is about to go up in flames. You may think I just need a “safe space” to go and have a good cry because big bad Trump said some mean things, but I promise you that in the next two years, we’ll ALL need a safe space. Grab a mini-survival kit, perfect for beginner preppers.

And there won’t be many.

But I’ll be in mine, and if you’re reading this, then I really hope you see the big picture and start preparing yourself and your family for what comes next.

How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published on January 25, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

76 Responses to :
How This Democrat Turned Prepper | The Road from Liberal to Survivalist

  1. Echo Moon says:

    totally agree with this ‘preppers’ reasoning’s.
    now add in his threat to go back and simply take the oil from iran and iraq.
    his threat to send the feds or troops into chicago.
    his threat to shut down all border crossings and commerce between us and mexico.
    it’s gonna get much, worse worse.

    1. USPatriotOne says:

      Why are you agreeing with this snow flake? He is not giving you the complete picture, he is providing you the Commie/Musl*m/Snow Flake view and that view is full of LIES, and the American People saw these LIES for what they are…Anti-American and many are out right TREASON thanks to the traitor old Berry..!!!

      1. Echo Moon says:

        why am i agreeing with this “snowflake”? because i understand where the prepper in this article is coming from. the only fault i find with him i that it has taken him so long to wake up to the fact of needing self defense and protection for himself and his family. realizing that defense and protection should never be dependent on the hope of someone else’s good will and compassion.
        lies? ohhhh, you mean like obama was going to throw us all into camps? or that obama was going to take our guns? that he was going to make islam the national religion? don’t know about everyone else but i am not in any interment camp, i still have my guns and i certainly am not islamic.
        i believe that trump is only slightly less worse than hillary. and i think he is sliding into insanity. watch an early video of him arguing his point about casinos, his and those belonging to native americans. he was concise and articulate. watch him now and he has a hard time constructing a coherent sentence. and what sentences he does put together have little content, mainly bragging. sorry, braggarts are nothing. after watching him on the apprentice, i was totally disgusted with him. there was no doubt that he is cruel, derogatory and an elitist. could not stand the man then and can’t stand the man now.

    2. gregsmom says:

      The world has always been a dangerous place, something conservatives have always known. Liberals have been too busy skipping down the yellow brick road to notice. Trump isn’t making things dangerous; he’s just exposing the dangers that have been there all along.

    3. Echo Moon says:

      thank you! altho i’m not fanatical about prepping i do believe that it’s something everyone should do. hell, even if it’s only because you live out of town and your vehicle breaks down. not having a way to and from the grocery store is a kick in the butt!! it’s always best to buy more than you need and have it on hand.
      after all the damage that trump has done, all the ill will he has caused in the world since 01-20? up to and including pissing off and alienating the allies we have had for decades? it’s sickening to read down thru the comments and seeing so many hateful people. to see those that still support and cheer him.

  2. Vanguard says:

    What I got out of it was that Trump got elected President, then this Democrat started to do “man stuff”, like shoot, hunt, and camp.
    Unfortunately, he negated all the cool man stuff with the doom and gloom whining and speculation.

    1. Kevin Watson says:

      So? Somebody has to die….

      1. Yep, I believe that was Crooked Donald’s campaign promise.

        Too bad it’s going to be mostly Americans.

        1. Alan says:

          Will you come back here in a few years and admit you were wrong when it doesn’t happen???
          Please tell us the time and place Trump made such a “promise”?
          Or do you just make stuff up, like the Left has done for the last 8 years?
          Did you call “crooked” Obama out for his 57 States comment?
          Or “you can keep your Doctor”, and “your premiums won’t go up”.
          Did you agree with his comment about “clinging to guns and religion” or Hillary’s “Basket of deplorable’s” speech?
          Please explain how Obama and the Clinton’s became Multi millionaires while on the public dole?!?!
          But that’s NOT crooked???
          You make such an asinine comment, when ALL that and more were used by the past administration??
          It’s one thing to be a Troll, but to be such an idiotic Troll makes you a genuine moron.

          1. “Will you come back here in a few years and admit you were wrong when it doesn’t happen???”

            There will be no “here” to come back to if good Patriots do not continue in the effort to remove Putin’s Puppet from the White House.

            I am a lifelong Republican. I have always voted Right (but for the time I voted for Ross Perot in ’92), and I did so not just because I come from a long line of Conservatives, but because I believe in life, liberty, and [what USED TO BE] the American way. Sadly, I look around and see my Grand Old Party being populated with simpering garbage with their tongues up the Comrade-in-Chief’s spray-tanned sphincter despite his being A LIBERAL who ran for President by telling the least intelligent Americans what they wanted to hear.

            Everything you stupidly asked about Obama — YES, I DID rail against him… when he was the President. But — and here’s the important difference, so pay attention — Obama isn’t President now… b!tching about Obama now is like b!tching about your ex-wife when it’s your current wife ruining your credit and blowing all the bikers in town. You (I mean many Republicans, not just specifically YOU) look like an idiot and a chickensh!t when you make it so obvious you try to deflect from Crooked Donald’s embarrassing flaws by pointing back to someone who {REMINDER:::} is not President. It’s Deceitful Donald we must hold accountable, not Obama, not Bush, not Nixon, Kennedy, Jackson, etc.

            Deceitful, Draft-deferrin’, bankruptcy-filin’ debt-mongerin’ Donald is a bona fide POX on the good nation of the United States of America. He will RUIN what little we have left, and you people who foolishly think that multiple-failed “businessman” is a Republican or that he gives one tint sh!t about regular Americans, you people are his accomplices in the crime. You and Putin, of course. Ronald Reagan would turn over in his mausoleum if he new America’s President was fellating the living sh!t out of Russia today.

            “It’s one thing to be a Troll, but to be such an idiotic Troll makes you a genuine moron.”
            That’s an interesting signature you have. It’s very apt. It’s just so rare someone as admittedly stupid as yourself actually KNOWS he’s that stupid.

          2. Alan says:

            HA! Your “grand ol Party” deserted you looong ago, fool.
            Trump may be a pompous ass, and have an ego bigger than his tower, but he isn’t anywhere NEAR the idiot that the Bush’s were.
            When will fools like you realize his election was a call to arms and a denouncement of the Blue Bloods running the GOP?!?!?!!??!
            And to say he’s worse than Obama this early in the game is flat out stupid, YOU can’t tell the future.
            I brought those items up for you to use as a comparison, and NONE of what you dislike about Trump has ANYTHING to do with his job as POTUS.
            Where’s the proof to your idiotic claim about Trump and Putin????
            That’s your OPINION, and nothing more.
            You truly are a ranting fool. And to insult the whole of the people who voted for him proves you are. “telling the least intelligent Americans what they wanted to hear”, So you’re one of the intelligentsia, eh?
            BTW, you answered NONE of my questions, because you were just ranting.
            You have allowed your foolish emotions and stupid rumors to sway ANY reason and rational you might have left.
            Here’s one for ya “lifelong Republican”.
            “Party trumps person”.
            Better a bozo republican in the WH, than ANY demmy EVER!!!!!!!
            You’re so full of hate and rage, you are blind and foolish.
            We don’t need Repubs like you, we’re better off without you.
            Get ON BOARD, or get OFF. But it’s time to fish or cut bait, not whine and cry because you got your feelings hurt by a POTUS that you don’t approve of.
            Maybe you aren’t a Troll, but your certainly NOT a Republican until you get with the program.
            Again, when you ARE proven wrong, will you admit it???
            If I’M wrong, I will.
            Time will tell, and until then, I’m going along and hope for the best, instead of inciting further rifts in the Party.

          3. I generally make a point of not responding to blatant hysteria, but hey I’ve already done it once, so in your blatantly hysterical case, I will do it again:

            My “proof” of Putin’s hand up Crooked Comrade Donald’s a$$ is stored all over the Internet; people who are even vaguely concerned for the future of the country (and world) can spend as much or as little time and effort as they can afford reading all about it. I am not your paid researcher, but if you wish for hire me to do the phenomenally easy research work for you, I am willing to accept PayPal.

            We elect politicians (and judges, etc.,) on the basis of their worthiness. Lyin’, Crooked Donald has no worthiness to become anything above conman. He defrauded the elderly, the poor, and veterans out of their life savings via Trump *University*. He bilked those people from the start, not caring how many of them lost their homes because of his con. He bribed Pam Bondi to not pursue his fraud charges (with campaign funds, which btw is a crime), so he paid the fines associated with bribing an official with campaign funds and moved on; meanwhile, his victims still threw all of their money at him. He contracted blue collar workers who completed 100% of their work, and he refused to pay them. Instead, he does what he has done FOR DECADES: he lets them sue him, his lawyers get the cases postponed, they sue again, his lawyers postpone again, they sue again… and so on, until they simply cannot afford to keep paying for their lawsuits to go forward. (BTW, he boasted of this “business trick” in his book, the Art of the Deal). He has promised three separate women to be with them forever; he has defaulted on two (so far) of those promises. He has boasted of cheating on every woman he’s been with, including girlfriends. He has praised billionaire p3dophile Jeffrey Epstein’s taste in women (i.e., YOUNG, since he’s a convicted pedo, ya know). He forced not just employees, but VOLUNTEERS, to sign lifelong unconstitutional “Confidentiality Agreements”, barring them from discussing any portion of any dealings with him. He lies blatantly about things which he most certainly HAS said and HAS done, and there is plenty of video/audio evidence proving that he’s lying about his claims. He has boasted in his book, The Art of the Deal, that you can go very far by telling people EVERYTHING that they want to hear, and then go do wtf-ever you wanted to do in the first place, and that dumb people will be none the wiser. I’m not even bringing up the gross, incest-laden pics of him with his 13 year-old Ivanka in his lap kissing him or the pride he takes in /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ-grabbing strangers (oops, I mean WOMEN). Nor his boasts of going backstage at beauty pageants to watch girls undressing (this has been his modus operandi for decades; if you didn’t know this, then the shame is on YOU, not on the outlets which have been reporting it for years).

            In short, when you say not to judge him on his past, you lose all capacity to call others names. I’ll pull a crusty page from your book and remind you that we (Republicans) went guano when the Great Unheard-of Nobody Senator from Chicago was elected President… none of us were stupid enough to pull the ignorant ol’ “let’s wait ‘n see” on HIM. We rightly called him out on his lack of experience and called him a Kenyan Plant — even though in retrospect he had decades more experience than filthy Liar-in-Chief and Russian Plant Donald.

          4. Alan says:

            Man, you’ve got it so bad, ypu can’t see your own delusion.
            And the Internet is SUCH a bastion of truth, isnt it?
            Whatever, delusional man.
            In a very short time, we shall see who is right, and who is a conspiracy nutjob.
            The funny part is YOU referencing me with the word hysteria.
            Apparently, your comprehension skills are somewhat lacking for a member of the intelligentsia, oh hysterical conspiracy theorist.

          5. Have I stated even ONE conspiracy theory? {Answer: no, I have not}. If you can spot anything that is not verified and witnessed by all around him, then please set me straight and tell me what it was… and I will never say it again. Unlike you, who operates on “feelz” thinking we should give this conman a four-year chance, *I* actually despise lies and conmen, and hate this Chump-in-Chief precisely because HE operates in conspiracy theories.

            Again, mister projection-boy, if you can find one kernel of one statement I made that is not fully supportable by witnesses (including people who can read Don the Con’s own words in his books and/or Twitter feed), then PLEASE point it out. I will never knowingly re-publish or repeat anything untrue or unproven. And THAT is because I don’t want to give anyone a morsel to build a case on.

          6. Alan says:

            Trump/ Putin IS a conspiracy theory, the fact that you dont see that is validation of your delusion.
            If that were true, the Lefty media would be ALL over it!
            And yet………
            Not to mention your obsession with the reports of his charactor. So what?
            Doesn’t mean he can’t run the Country, if you want a person that’s so pure, wait for the second coming and elect Jesus.
            Until then, we are all stuck with humans, and all their faults and frailties.
            All that aside, he IS the POTUS, and you’re stuck with him.
            Better him, than any demmy, ever!
            So continue your rage against the machine, if that makes you happy.
            Again, we don’t need you.

          7. “Better him, than any demmy, ever!
            Again, we don’t need you.”

            “Him” IS a Democrat, and he never made a secret of this. He donated money to his bestie, one Hillary Rodham Clinton, throughout the duration of her $enatorial campaigns, and also $upported his moral equivalent, BILL Clinton. Just as he did with all NY and east coast Democrats for decades. If you think that political contributions are secret, that would be just another thing in an increasingly lonnnng list of things you prove you do not know. He has boasted the Cloward/Piven strategy of destroying the USA in order to rebuild it in the manner that suits him best. Don’t you fxcking dare claim that is a Republican strategy.

            You (garbage who falsely call themselves Republicans) don’t need facts, I agree. They apparently only cause you to project and name-call.

            “Trump/ Putin IS a conspiracy theory, the fact that you dont see that is validation of your delusion.”

            I used to feed homeless people, vets, etc., in my local parks. They suffered from severe schizophrenia, were paranoid, delusional, etc., and they sounded just like you do. I am fighting myself not to hide a lunch bag with a hearty meal in it near you. I hate being put in the position that you’re putting me in, namely that I now must say something positive about the “lefty press”: They have reported what they have found thus far, and are not doing like OUR press does, which is to take something small and create an entirely fabricated saga out of it. I LOVED watching FoxNews seven days a week, but hated defending myself whenever people rightly brought it to my attention that sometimes Fox made claims which were unsubstantiated and built entire sandcastles upon these false claims, and rarely offered retractions when they were forced to admit they had been lying intentionally. The “lefty media” forced the “lefty USA government” to research this claim, and so far the CIA, the FBI, and the NSA have ALL found that Putin was intentional in installing a Russia-friendly puppet into the White House. They just haven’t created loud, arm-waving lies to keep these facts on the front page day and night. Besides… it seems Defraudin’ Donald’s fans do not even remotely care that their Republican-in-name-only got foreign assistance to defeat Clinton, they (y-o-u) are just happy that he was installed regardless of what crimes may have made that happen. Stop lying about that.

          8. Alan says:

            You do realize that now you have made yourself out to be as delusional as I stated?
            Fact, Trump is POTUS.
            Fact, so far you have no evidence of your claims.
            The internet?!? Get real!
            Fact, it’s highly unlikely you voted for him, by your own words, so you’re a Troll, or a silly muckraker.
            Fact, you must now deal with Trump as POTUS, whether you like it or not.
            So buck up there pal, cause if you ain’t with us, you’re against us.
            And sadly for YOU, we’re all in this together, so all your paranoid posturing won’t make a damn bit of difference, except to make you feel superior, because that’s how you’re coming across.
            And now, we shall see.

          9. There’s only one person in this dialog stating verifiable facts, and you keep calling that person delusional. Interesting. Each of my statements can be backed up 100% by researched facts, while your/i> claims are simply nothing more than willful ignorance with your fingers burrowed deep into your ears.

            For a change, you decided to include an actual fact too, namely that Defraudin’, Bankrupt Donald is indeed POTUS (a statement I never even came close to claiming was false, so I wonder how your twisted mind came to the disturbed conclusion that I disputed this). Where you immediately make your U-turn back to being wrong is where you claim I must deal with Defraudin, Don the Con as POTUS. Instead, I will do as all Patriots are doing, and blocking his unconstitutional goals, plus also supporting all efforts of allowing Mike Pence to take over our Malignant Narcissist-in-Chief’s job. Mike Pence wasn’t many people’s first choice, but unlike Deceitful Donald, he IS a Republican, and that is what America needs.

            And, as usual, your projection falls predictably flat. It kind of got disappointing seeing how lazy you got calling me all the things you’re solely exhibiting.

          10. Alan says:

            Umm, ok.
            I’m so sorry, I’m a fool too.
            I really didn’t mean to upset you so much.
            Now I’m upset with myself, for failing to see I was adding to your angst.
            My apologies, go with God.

          11. “I’m so sorry, I’m a fool too.
            I really didn’t mean to upset you so much.
            Now I’m upset with myself, for failing to see I was adding to your angst.
            My apologies, go with G-d.”

            My angst is the angst of all other good Patriots. If you’re not against this barely literate “president”, then you’re not paying attention.

          12. Scot Cherokee Rose says:

            You are a pathetic regressive. You didn’t mind blaming George W. Bush for the last 8 years despite him NOT being in office. You cannot believe in the “AMERICAN WAY” nor can you believe in true freedom if you are cheering on all of the entities taking away our freedoms through government regulations. “Environmentalists” do not actually care about the environment or they would not leave the cities and areas where they go to protest a garbage dump. EVERY TIME. They also would not be supporting Agenda 21 and other such ignorance in our cities which impedes real environmentalists and those who which to be self supporting.

            We all see you do not mind the demonic monster, George Soros, funding every evil and destructive thing going on in our country currently. You don’t mind him buying Hilary Clinton and all of the rest of the politicians in this country on both sides of the aisle. Russia may have hacked the DNC who has no skill in securing their IT resources and released the truth of how they think about minorities and Americans in general but that is NOT hacking the election. The only vote for Hilary I would ever make is to put the traitorous, criminal crone under a jail pending her execution for murder and treason. She has been a blight to women and America her entire blighted life starting with Watergate. You have to be beyond unethical for a DEMOCRAT to throw you off an investigation for ethics violations. She has only further sunk as she has grown old.

            However, there is documented case after case of voting machines flipping votes for Trump to Clinton. There were quite a few arrests for fraudulently filling out voter registration forms across the country. Two women in Miami alone were arrested for federal voter fraud charges. So spare us the idiocy of “Russia” hacked our election. There is ZERO proof and the majority of the machines are NOT directly connected to a network for someone to be able to “hack” them.

          13. Wow, how interesting that I just found out (from a complete stranger, i.e., YOU) that I believe all of the hysterical nonsense you psychically pulled out of your Trump-hole.

            Oh, wait… no, I don’t actually believe, nor have I done any of the things, that you hysterically accused me of having done or believed.

            Wow, it must be nice to fabricate lies out of whole cloth, apply them randomly to complete strangers who’ve given you no provocation whatsoever to do so, and then sit back and feel [incorrectly] like you actually know anything.

            On top of calling me out for things I’ve never said nor believed, you even got the part wrong about TRUMP VOTERS being arrested for voting for him more than once, and you completely neglected how Republican TRUMP employees got arrested for voter fraud. Hardly surprising, as you never once tried to come off as intelligent OR honest.

            I miss what the Republican Party used to stand for. Now it’s been taken over by hysterical liars and idiots 🙁

          14. fizzlecat says:

            Who sold our uranium to Russia while they were Secretary of State, in whose administration?

            Why are we now looking down on “Know your enemy,” and “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer?” At least most of us know who our enemies ARE.

          15. lol, how sad that there are some Americans who feel that any of your “who did” questions are more urgent than the “who will” questions. Bring up Nixon and Harding, why dontcha. They’re not President either. Anything is better than staying focused on who actually IS President.

            Trump is a Grade A moron, as are many of the barely literate people who were complicit in his (s)election. Bringing up Obama or any Clinton is just the guilty-minded tactic to remove the spotlight from where it belongs: blaring squarely at the bozo who promised to drain the swamps (before super-mega-reinforcing the swamps), and knew how to stop ISIS guaranteed (but has thus far only gotten civilians ad Navy SEALs murdered).

    2. Echo Moon says:

      “man stuff”???? LOLOL really? it’s only men who shoot, hunt and camp???

      1. Vanguard says:

        LOLOL? Who the hell talks like that? Ok.. Traditionally man stuff. Obviously you don’t understand what quotation marks mean. Sorry you got triggered. No, I really don’t care.

  3. Kilmarley says:

    Energy independence, an executive office that isn’t fixed on issues like LGBTQ rights, defunding chopping up fetuses on their mothers womb, what can’t you like about that?

    If you had one clue about the constitution you might just realize none of these issues were intended for a president to deal with. But you, like most dumbed down Americans have no clue about the constitution.

    Maybe I’ll bump into you in the woods one day. I’ll be careful knowing your value for human life.

    1. Kevin Watson says:

      It’d be my pleasure entirely, I can assure you…. but the bump will be late.

  4. USPatriotOne says:

    What this snow flake seems to forgot is Obama (old Berry) left OUR Nation wide open for attack…that fraud took our Military down to pre-WW2 levels and made deals with Iran to build (and yes he did make these deals) N*kes to destroy Israel and the USA! Ran up the Nation dept higher then all previous President combined and that’s just 2 Treasonous acts that the TRAITOR Old Berry pulled on our Nation! He allowed gays into the military and made U.S. (male) Soldiers march in red high heels in public! Made praying to Jesus and reading the Bible on a military base a court marshal offense…and on and on the Commie/Musl*m/Obama’s TREASONOUS ACTS against “We the People”..!!! This snow flake is the bat-cr*p crazy one and our Nation has way to many of the Commie/Musl*m/NWO/DemoRat snow flakes! You want to know one of the main thing wrong with our Nation…These Snow Flakes, the CommieCore they are pushing our our Children (k through 12 and in the Colleges) and their Communist/Musl*m/NWO/U.N Agenda 21 and the complete disregard for American Values and the U.S. Constitution…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg…these Snow flakes are truly traitors to OUR NATION! God help us, PLEASE!

    1. Angie says:

      I totally agree USPatriotOne. You said everything I have been trying to say for at least 8 years but said it much better. Thank you!

    2. Chief Gumbo Speaker says:

      So much idiocy in the comments section. USPatriot1 is hilarious, trying to blame a future recession (which may well happen) on Obama. These same kind of toolbags were whining that Obama blamed everything on Bush, its hilarious how many mental contortions you have to go through to come up with this alt-right retarded nonsense, I have to ask, how stupid are you man? Amusing as hell though, bravo!

      P.s. The only traitors to our nation are the ones who have actually attacked our country and killed our citizens, most of them are fight right extremists. 9/10. That’s a fact, go look it up and learn something about the actual threat to the US.

  5. Andrew Page says:

    Finally acting like a man! I believe we are headed for a big recession, set up by Obama, and at least he is somewhat prepared. He thinks he is going to start a farm. Wait until he finds out how much work that is, that definitely will be fun to watch. Plants and Livestock take constant care. 12 hour days, 7 days a week. Momna and the kids will have to join in. they are going to love it. Oh wait, how is he going to pay for all this, land, seed, livestock, fertilizer, pesricide and equipment. maybe he needs to wait until the next democratic win so he is given all that stuff. Afterall he is entitled to a free ride.

    1. Kevin Watson says:

      Green Acres meets Dumb and Dumber? 🙂

    2. Vito4260 says:

      Yeah, go start a farm over in Utopia Acres …

  6. Terrya says:

    His closely held anti-gun beliefs have gone by the wayside. Maybe the other 90% of his liberal BS will go away as well.

    1. Kevin Watson says:

      My bet is if TSHTF, it’ll be 100%, along with a worthless carcass.

  7. adbj102 says:

    It seems that nobody thinks about planned parenthoods finances, Think! They get about 1/2 billion dollars from the federal government (OUR TAXES, FORCEABLY) but….they donate a bit more than they get from the feds! But..they also shake down the states, THE ABORTION MILL IS THE LARGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO ALL THE DEMOCRAPS!! THE REAL REASON FOR THEM TO KEEP USING OUR TAXES TO FUND IT ! Ending government funding to PP would be another major blow to the progressive funding for propaganda, bribes, and of course rioters…they call them “protestors”.

  8. Ken Lowder says:

    He still doesn’t have a clue. At least he’ll be hiding at his hole in the ground instead of burning things down like his fellow cry babies. When the SHFT he’ll last a little bit

  9. Vito4260 says:

    Yeah, you sure as hell didn’t lose the LIBTARD mindset. You’re sure as hell still a DUMMYSHIT which means you’ll be helpless on the side of the road in a couple days.

    1. Kevin Watson says:

      Don’t forget to grab their shit as you go by.

      1. Vito4260 says:

        Won’t be hard … they’ll be curled up in the fetal position in a safe space in their parent’s basement.

  10. Kevin Watson says:

    Ask me and I’ll tell you they’re perfect for target practice and not much else. Why take your problems with you?

    1. Vito4260 says:

      Him or his choice of weapons … LOL

  11. wdcraftr says:

    This is all leading to Christians wanting a national Sunday law, mandating Sunday rest and worship, all in the name of peace and safety.. But God the Creator says to worship Him on the 7th day Sabbath, Saturday.. It’s a war between Satan and Jesus, evil vs good.. Who do you worship? Satan on the day of the Sun, (the mark of the beast), or God the Creator on His Holy Sabbath, Saturday, (the Seal/Mark of God).. Guns might save you from criminals, but not the govt. soldiers who say, Worship on Sunday, or you cannot buy or sell, who threaten to take all your property, put you in jail, or even behead you.. God says to keep His commandments, including the 4th commandment.. It’s all in the Bible, mostly in Daniel and Revelations..

  12. Alan says:

    LOL!!! And I thought only the right were so wacka doodle about the end of civilization.
    So loony Lib turned Survivalist equals SUPER loony!!!
    Man, you just can’t make this stuff up, it is SO funny, and pathetic.

  13. PaulNOLA says:

    Let us all not forget our 1st Amendment rights – whether we agree or not with his opinions or beliefs, right or wrong, he is free to express them. If we disagree, lets challenge or attack his positions and what he says, not him personally. We are all Americans who believe in and support our Constitution, freedoms and our country, right?
    Just my $.02

  14. "Sanity" says:

    Instead of killing our children before they are born let’s wait until THEY have a say about it, maybe age 18, and then choosing which ones we want to murder – and you have to personally pull the trigger. That way they at least have a chance to save themselves and we keep your welfare rolls at whatever level you choose.
    GO TRUMP!!

  15. Charles Cummings says:

    I can’t believe you print this crap.where did this idiot get his information. Quit printing this garbage

  16. Chief Gumbo Speaker says:

    So much idiocy in the comments section. USPatriot1 is hilarious, trying to blame a future recession (which may well happen) on Obama. These same kind of toolbags were whining that Obama blamed everything on Bush, its hilarious how many mental contortions you have to go through to come up with this alt-right retarded nonsense, I have to ask, how stupid are you man? Amusing as hell though, bravo!

  17. Scarlett says:

    Did Survival Life print this crapfest just to piss people off? Everything “Puppy-Petter” said should have gone to Mother Earth News or some other site where I expect libs to be every time I just want some basic gardening information or camping ideas but instead get a freaking lecture on climate lies! If I have to filter Survival Life…screw it…I read my other email. What a whining freaking baby?!?

    1. Hey, this obviously fake article was written from the point of view of a Republican pretending to be a Liberal, so you still have to give it points for hitting on things that even Crooked Donald’s own former supporters are discovering about their former God.

      These marches happening across the entire planet and the uproar about our illiterate idiot/pathological liar/pervert-in-chief are not just Lefties and Centrists, it’s also decent Patriots from the Right who don’t happen to want to see our country go down in flames under President /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ-grabber.

      So give this article a break, don’t be so gullible about fake news next time either. It makes all of us on the Right look like dumb ‘n gullible hicks.

      1. Scarlett says:

        My point to my comment was I do NOT want to hear politics. I want to hear prepper info, which could be many issues. If I want to read politics, I do, but I do not expect it here. And, if this article is going to become the norm for Survival Life, many will tune out, as seen from the comments similar to mine.

  18. Baldwindigital says:

    Amongst the rest of the (myriad, irreparable) things wrong with this – the image used at the top shows OUR FLAG ON THE GROUND. Disgraceful. Maybe someone should read the flag code? Is anyone paying attention here? Done with this.

  19. ADRoberts says:

    Did you actually read this article. He is a flaming liberal who attacked everything Trump has done and them pretends to be a survivalist.
    You guys are stupid to NOT read what you publish. Once more and I am out of here.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Nothing like muddying the waters. Eventually it will be so that one can’t tell if anything is true. Why play such games when it does not impress the liberals and it DOES appear that the writer was very confused. No, as a writing tool, he failed.
      I am simple in my approach to right and wrong. Good and Bad.
      My favorite person in history was Nathanael who Jesus saw from a distance. Why be obtuse?

  20. Anthony C Stevenson says:

    What an asshat!

  21. randolph.poole says:

    Really? I thought I was reading a Democrat Party website page for a moment. Unfortunately, this guy is still a liberal, although he may not be a registered Democrat any longer. But, at least, instead of being the typical liberal male who has been “de-balled” and made to feel ashamed for being a male, he has at least taken it upon himself to recover his manhood. Bravo, for that…I have to give him credit!

  22. With the recent explosion of “fake news”, this well-written story seems too good to be true. What I mean by that is it hits all of the marks preppers always hit, plus the marks that other intelligent people (i.e., anti-Donald people) always hit. This article seems completely unreal, and was written to exploit and inflame the more gullible faction of the Right.

    I applaud it like mad though, because even though my family & I have long been prepped for “the worst”, we never envisioned things getting as bad as they WILL FOR A FACT be getting with hysterical man-baby Donnie running things. He puts President Camacho from Idiocracy to shame.

  23. cliffarif says:

    What is so funny and sad at the same time is this Liberal Knucklehead climbed over the fence to join the people whom he had criticized and put down as being “Batshit crazy”, including his cousin. The guy now sees why the 2nd Amendment is so important to the American fabric and why people like me and you fight so hard to maintain our freedoms and rights. So now this guy wants to be a prepper because he doesn’t like the current President. He sees the hand writing on the wall and what he sees as a threat to his American dream. Well, he is prepping for all the wrong reasons. This is an example of what not to do as a prepper.

    As a prepper you need to first realize what you are really doing and why your are doing it. You are not a prepper just by purchasing stuff to survive (whatever) disaster or emergence you may face. You are being PRUDENT! You are gathering materials and supplies to survive any given situation that may prevent you from living the life style you are a custom to. If you are looking to leave town because Stuff Hits The Fan, SHTF, then you are not thinking correctly.

    You prepare for an emergency. You gather food, water, supplies, equipment and creature comforts. What sort of skills you you have that will aid in your emergency. You examine what sort of emergencies you may face. For example you may have natural, economical, governmental, regional, or pandemic types of emergencies. You look and see what common items you will need that will cover each category. You determine how long the emergency will last. Will it last 1 day, 3 days, a week, month year or longer. Then you plan what it will take to survive until things get better.

    You will have to decide if it is better to stay put and wait it out or leave to a new location and start over. It is called shelter at home or bugging out. If you bug out, you will have to determine if you can take all your stuff with you or portion there of; or will you have to start all over again storing your supplies?

    With that said, this knucklehead just went out and follow his cousin down the primrose path without truly understanding what being a prepared person is really all about. If there is an emergency, I will bet you that he will be the first one in his car heading to his cousin’s house for help; leaving everything he has gathered at home behind with the pretense of returning and collecting his belongings at a later date.

    The bottom line is this: we have rights and they are there for a reason. Each and every right deserves to be fought for with no exceptions. Learn how to be a prepper. Know what it is like to be a prepper and ask for help. Prepare to survive in an emergency situation no matter what it may be. This means you will have to listen, learn, and share your thoughts and ideas with others. More importantly, have a plan. Ask yourself, “What if this happens what do I do next?” If you see that lemons are coming your way; learn to make lemonade!

  24. Russell Starr says:

    Don’t expect me to go out and buy a lot of stuff just because a democrat has gone the rest of the way around the bend. That’s all this post is designed to do. Sell, sell,sell.

    1. Hey, there is a lie going around that liberals are now becoming preppers and that emergency preparedness places are running low on stock, but you’re correct — it is just a sales ploy to make us think, “uh oh, better buy while I can”.

      Fact of the matter is when we were all fearing an impossible Democrat in the White House in 2017, we on the Right did stock up. The prep companies are bummed about Crooked Donald’s (s)election as President, and are trying to drum up business. I get almost a dozen different emails from different emergency supply companies and they are slashing prices like mad, something they wouldn’t do if business was good.

  25. William D. Ray says:

    Well at least he has a hobby now to keep whats left of his mind busy.

  26. mprichmond says:

    I’m unsubscribing. Not gonna support an entity that gives voice to such idiotic snow-flakery.

    1. Joe Rock says:

      So long, sock-puppet. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      1. He has more posts than you do, yet you call HIM the sockpuppet??

      2. mprichmond says:

        So long, Lefty. But one question before I go… You say there have always been plenty of you liberal dems who are also preppers… Do you mean all those poor schmucks on the overpasses in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, all waving skyward and waiting for Lord Government to come rescue them because they were hungry and thirsty? Do you mean all of your tolerant, free-thinking, free-speech-advocating rioters who couldn’t find a tissue to blow their noses in if George Soros or government taxes weren’t paying for it. Do you mean all your liberal dem brothers and sisters sucking up food stamps and welfare checks every month? Not very self-sufficient, I would say. If you truly are a liberal dem and a prepper, then you’re the only one in the country. Because true liberal dems don’t need to prep, as they all believe that government is there to take care of their every need. So, either you’re not a liberal dem or you’re not a prepper. Or, more likely, you haven’t thought this true. Deep inside of you is a red-state Trump supporter, just trying to get out.

  27. CaptTurbo says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about a dumb-assed liberal with firearms. He’s still a snowflake.

    1. Michael Lefort says:

      Liberal plus loaded gun equals self-inflicted gunshot wound.

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        Best case scenario. Have you always been such an optimist? 😉

  28. Raymond ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ says:

    “Edward” has become a prepper for all the wrong reasons. His reasons are more political than for protecting himself and his family. He thinks that just because Donald Trump is now President that his safe-spaced, snowflake world has come to an end. Preppers like myself are doing what we’re doing for non-political reasons. For the things that “Edward” and his liberal friends have caused and are still causing, the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar, growing political instability around the World (inside and outside the United States), the growing U.S. National Debt, the wholesale street riots, the street looting, etc. In the past, people like “Edward” have laughed, scorned, criticized, and were openly hostile to preppers as a group. Now, “Edward” is so concerned that his liberal, safe-spaced, snowflake world is coming to an end. Please. Spare me the melodramatics, “Edward.” I’m not impressed! You’re a sorry excuse for a prepper.

  29. Echo Moon says:

    WOW!!! after reading down thru the comments, i have to admit i have never seen such a collection of horrific hate filled people. good grief!!
    what was meant to be a good article and to show that anyone can begin to think prepping has sure brought out the rabid animals!!!
    whatever the reason for prepping is? it’s an important reason to the person who is doing the prepping.

  30. kdog says:

    He has pissed off the Miltary and the CIA. A trip to Dallas in an open air car maybe in his future.

  31. John M. says:

    Survival Life has always been a reliable source of survival and preparedness information. This article is twisted liberal president bashing. I don’t look to entertainers for political advice. If that is the new direction I’m gone .

  32. Wiginomics says:

    Is this article for real if this guy knew even a fraction of the reality of the world around him then he would know that our oceans are already polluted we already eat “contaminated” fish and other foods. Trump is probably the first person in a very long time that said he was going to do something when getting into office and actually do it fun control only hurts honest Americans it doesn’t keep guns and weapons out of the hands of felons either I think this guy has a long way to go to actually understand what’s going on this seems to be a money grab more than anything. And on a last note global warming is actually a thing where as climate change is. we know next to nothing aside from speculation as to how our planet goes through these changes for all we really know this is completely normal now we maybe speeding it up but we just really don’t know. So I think this guy needs to be knocked off his soap box and do a bit more research before he opens his mouth or at least be willing to take some corrective criticism.

  33. Hutch says:

    Freaking nutwad! This country will fall when your compatriots start killing fellow Americans because they don’t adhere to your BS eco-freak agenda and your paranoia about how everything centers around your backward thinking. The world isn’t coming to an end but, if it does, your whiny butt will be the first to go! I can’t help but believe that someone at Survival Life made this whole thing up just to generate more of that “capitalist” money!

  34. Robert Knight says:

    While I agree with mostly nothing of what USPatriotOne stated I do applaud the fact that he calls himself, rightfully so, a Patriot as most liberals seem to find that attribute distasteful, to say the least. Regardless of what I think ideologically, no matter how passionately, I feel and truly believe USPatriotOne is American with all the rights and privileges I, and my many conservative friends, hold. I am a little disheartened that some of my side of the political / ideological spectrum seem to have lashed out with disdain towards a brother in survivalist arms. We can’t and shouldn’t all believe the same things. I am an avid Trump supporter but I will never believe that I am 100% right in all my beliefs nor will I believe that my ideological positions are 100% beyond retort. Thus I need to appreciate that USPatriotOne has the same opportunity to be both correct in some of his positions and as aped to learn as I do and am. All I know is that he is concerned for his, and more importantly his family’s, survival and for that I support his right to concern. God bless you USPatriotOne and may your survivalist efforts go unneeded and our Country and our planet prosper infinitely while we continue to prep for that contrary possibility.

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