Disaster Survival Skills For Every Situation

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With Mother Nature constantly throwing a tantrum, it's high time we learn disaster survival skills. Most especially for people living in disaster-prone areas.

Disaster Survival Skills That Could Save YOU and Your Neighbors Life

It takes more than just preparing for the basic survival food kit, water, and shelter. Having an advanced knowledge to sustain life through whatever is available in your surroundings is critical! Not just for you but for your family and the people around you. Here are a few disaster survival skills you might find useful in the event of a man-made or natural catastrophe.

1. Residing at Your Own Risk

The web provides unlimited information especially on locations in the U.S. where the risks of natural disasters are high. Choosing a home base with the lowest risk possible will definitely be a decision you won’t regret in the future.

2. Avoid Disaster Hot Spots

Being in these areas during an emergency is a disaster waiting to happen. Learn to identify these life-threatening hot spots and steer clear from them as much as possible. This is strongly recommended.

3. Staying Alive with the Rule of Three

Three things you must remember should you find yourself in the midst of any disaster. Three hours without shelter, three days without water and three weeks without food! Be ready to learn how to survive a disaster by facing the elements head on, keep yourself from falling into starvation and dehydration.

4. Getting Ready for a Tornado

Getting Ready for a Tornado | Disaster Survival Skills For Every Situtation

The most secure way to get through a tornado unscathed is by setting up a storm shelter. And of course, learning about tornado survival tips! Statistics have shown the rate of fatalities has gone down since the availing of these shelters.

5. Staying Grounded with the Facts

They say knowledge is power. For preppers, it is the power to survive. Know what to do before, during and after a tornado. Whether you're outdoors, in a vehicle, or in a building, check out this infographic on tornado facts and survival strategies and it will surely keep you from being swept off your feet to certain death.

6. Learn How to Filter Water

Learn How to Filter Water | Disaster Survival Skills For Every Situtation

In case the supply of your drinking water runs out, knowing how to produce potable water from other sources will increase the rate of your survivability. My favorite tool to effectively and efficiently filter water, the Aquastiq is perfect for prepping for disaster.

7. Make your Own Water Filter

Your water supply has run out? Lost your water filter? Not to worry because this will teach you how to make your own reliable filter to quench your thirst.

8. Overcome the Drought

During a dry spell, there are other dangers that come along with it. That is why planning ahead and preparing for the lack of rain and water supply will help you preserve the life which may be your own.

9. Plan Ahead in Case of a Wildfire

If you live near woodlands or forests, recognizing the dangers wildland fire could bring to your life, livestock and property is critical.  You should be extra vigilant, especially if you’re experiencing a drought in your area. Here are some tips that could help you survive a wildfire.

10. Don’t Let Your Campfire Turn to a Disaster

Gathering around the campfire while listening to stories may be an experience you would cherish the rest of your life. But, if you’re not careful,  that wonderful experience may instantly turn to a struggle for survival. Learn more about the importance of fire safety and the dangers a wildfire possess…the life you save may be your own.

11. Always have a Hurricane Survival Kit Ready

Flooding and storm surges accompanied with turbulent winds are the signature of a hurricane. Knowing what potential dangers it could bring is a must. You’ll never know when you’ll get blown away. Here are some useful hurricane survival tips on what to do before, during and after.

12. Bringing the Bleeding to a Lifesaving Halt

Knowing when and how to use a tourniquet to stop bleeding can prevent the injured person from going into shock or worse, dying. Learn also to improvise without the person losing a limb in the process.

13. Getting through Floods

Overwhelming waves of water can be due to natural or man-made causes. The destruction it brings can be more than physical to those who experience its raw power. Recovering psychologically and emotionally from such tragedies is easier said than done. Here are a few flood survival tips in order to survive a natural disaster.

14. Hold Your Ground

This may seem absurd in the event of an earthquake but there is more than just the physical aspect to it. Getting ready for an earth shattering experience is no joke at all. Here are some earthquake survival tips to get you started.

15. Know more about Earthquake Safety Tips

Never settle for what you already know. Seek to know more on how to stay safe during an earthquake. The following earthquake safety tips might just be a lifesaver for you.

16. Get Through a Mt. Rainier Volcanic Explosion

Regarded as the second largest active volcano in the world at an altitude of more than 14,000 feet those living around it should be more than ready in the event it erupts. For those who live around volcanoes, they must know what to do in order to survive a Mt. Rainier-like eruption.

17. Being Prepared for a Tsunami

Residents living along the U.S. coastline should always be ready for a tsunami at all times. Knowing its causes and risks will enable you to put every tsunami safety tips in the United States to heart.

18. Start from the Basics

Everyone was new at something at some point. So, don’t feel embarrassed that it took you this long in trying to build a first aid kit. The important thing is you’re taking the first step to being prepared for the worst.

19. Target a First Aid Kit for Free

Target Department Stores usually have particular first aid products up for sale when purchased at that time. It would give you a full target first kit for almost no cost at all compared to buying a full kit not on sale.

20. Make the Ultimate Emergency First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit to start with is good. But what if we can help you make that ultimate first aid kit that lacks nothing at all? Read on have and never worry about any other emergency first aid kit again.

21. Reinforce Safe Points in your Home

By consulting with a reliable architect, you can identify certain safe points in areas in your household and strengthen the weak areas, to make it safer in the event of a disaster. It may cost you a few thousand bucks but it beats having to grieve for a family member. You’ll never know which one will come first so it’s best to prepare for all of them.

22. Keeping the Winter Storm in Check

Be ready to keep your home warm and be skilled enough to drive icy streets. Maybe don’t ever risk it at all! A little snowfall won’t hurt but getting more than that would certainly be bad news. Being prepared is always the key. So, here's an ultimate guide to surviving a winter storm in case you get caught in one!

23. Rising Above All Odds in a Landslide

This is broken into two parts to simplify things at a more effective level of execution. You can read this guide to upgrade your emergency disaster preparedness! It will also show you tips on how to stay alive in a landslide.

24. Withstanding Mother Nature’s Wrath

Be proactive and not reactive!  Otherwise, you’re going to regret it. Being prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you is essential for your survival wherever and whenever she brings it on. Read on to learn how to survive mother nature's fury!

25. Learn how to Escape a Sinking Car

You might find yourself in a middle of a disaster while traveling. Accidents do happen unexpectedly whether we like it or not. Learn these crucial skills in order to escape should you find yourself in a sinking car.

26. Soaring Above the Fear of Crashing

It is a constant fear that even the most frequent flyer dreads about. But, if it does happen these techniques will help you increase your chances of walking out alive and kicking. Here's how to survive a plane crash!

27. Surviving a Rip Current

If you love the ocean waves you might find yourself out in the open water most of the time. Remaining calm is the first and most important thing to do in case you are unexpectedly ripped by the current. Of course, having the skill set to swim out of it is as equally important. Let's learn about how to survive a rip current, shall we?

28. Overcoming Holiday Horrors

The chances of getting into an accident during a holiday season are undeniably higher. More people mean more activities, which mean they are more likely to get into an accident. Guards are down and being cautious is not even a thought. Here's what to do during an emergency and you’ll probably make the season much more meaningful for you and your loved ones.

29. Light Your Way Out of a Blackout

By using ordinary everyday items around your house, you can already have a source of light. Other than splitting the darkness these seven survival hacks will help you get through a blackout and also help keep you warm in the process. Read on and you’ll never take these items for granted ever again.

30. Come Hell or High Water

This video on flood survival tips can show you how you can protect your life and your property in case of a flood. Almost all sorts of disaster can be accompanied by surging waters that can drown you out of your misery. All you need is an open mind, a heart to commit, and actions to go along with it. Watch and learn…and maybe you’ll live to tell the tale.

31. Surviving a Flood

Surviving a Flood | Disaster Survival Skills For Every Situtation

Planning ahead, staying informed, knowing where to go, have a bug-out bag ready and accessible and establishing communication are just among the few guidelines you can follow when it pours so you won’t be ill-equipped should your area be underwater. Most especially when it pours.

32. Predicting the Weather

It may sound complicated but our ancestors have learned this simple trick to know what the weather will be on a day-to-day basis. Read on to learn the four categories and ten types of clouds so you can predict the weather.

Watch this jaw-dropping video by petko petkov on some of the most brutal disasters caught on video:

Learn a lot about disaster survival skills and make sure you put it into practice! Surely, you will conquer every challenge Mother Nature will throw at you.  Probably not unscathed but a lot wiser in the end. Are there more disaster survival experiences you want to share? Please share them in the comments below!

Disaster Survival Skills For Every Situation

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