The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making


Welcome to our ultimate intro to fishing and lure-making.

When it comes to survival skills, there's almost nothing more important than fishing. The ability to fish ensures that you have a renewable source of food. Additionally, it's a great hobby for old and young alike and a perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors.

So today we're going to “teach a man to fish” with the first two installments of our guide to fishing and lure making. Once you learn the ins and outs of fishing, you'll be equipped with a vital survival skill: the ability to feed yourself and your family.

So check out the videos below, and be sure to share your own fishing tips and tricks in the comments!

The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making

In Part 1, you'll learn how and when to properly clean your reel.

In Part 2, you'll learn how to properly use and hold your reel.

Our introduction to fishing will show fishing freshmen the skills needed to become successful at catching fish. When it comes to prepping with gear, it all begins with the reel and rod. There is no need to start a collection yet, as we need to keep things simple. You can expand your gears as you learn. Start with an open-face spinning reel of medium size and a 6-foot fiberglass spinning rod, medium action. Then get a few lures and an adequate quantity of hooks and sinkers.

When it comes to your lures, live bait is preferred, even if there are plenty of good and effective artificial lures. The standard earthworm is a versatile bait; your second option would be minnows but be extra careful they do not escape. And make sure that they are natives of the area where you'll be fishing. Crayfish also make good baits, especially in the cold months.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 07, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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The Ultimate Intro to Fishing and Lure Making

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