What Are The Different Kinds Of Fishing Lures For Bass?

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There are a lot of fishing lures meant for different types of fish species, but some work best for certain types of fish. If you're into strong fighters like bass, you gotta get yourself a top-notch lure. There are a number of fishing lures for bass out there, so we've decided to list up the best and the appropriate time to use them.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Fishing Lures For Bass?

A good angler knows when to use certain baits in their arsenal. Although these are all readily available to you while being in your tackle box, they're there for when the need arises. As an angler, you should know when to use different kinds of fishing lures for bass.

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Top water Baits

When the weather's great and the water's calm, that's when you use top water baits. This way, the disturbance on the surface only comes from your bait and not elsewhere.

Spinner Baits

Another pick you could use is a spinner bait. They're one of the most popular bass baits, and they prove to be very effective. In addition, it creates a lot of movement in the water, attracting more bass.


Jig-and-pigs (or jigs) are one of the most basically designed lures that hook with balls. Not the “balls” that you're thinking of but rather, a small metal ball on top of the hook. The concept originates from the belief that pork baits attract large fish like bass.

Swim Baits

Swim baits are perfect for average luminescent days when it's not too cloudy but not too sunny either. While swim baits are fairly heavy and require a specialized rig, it's great for almost all types of fishing situations.


Crankbaits are also one of the more popular bass fishing baits out there. They're very versatile and can cover a large span of water within a short span of time.

Plastic Worms

Undoubtedly, the most popular of all lures is the soft plastic worm. When talking about versatility, this guy's got lots to add. However, there's a trick to retrieving plastic worms and that is to reel it in slowly and patiently.


Grubs are essentially worms with tails and are perfect for either warm or cold water fishing. They prove to be as effective as plastic worms and are excellent for bottom dwelling bass.


If your targets are bass lurking down mid- or bottom levels of the water, spoons are excellent lures for the task. In addition, their metal bodies allow for fishing even in densely grassy water.


The classic Rat-L-Trap mimics a struggling prey as you retrieve the lure when bass snags on them. I find these little chrome-colored baits work like a charm every time!

Buzz Baits

And the last item on the list is the buzzing buzz bait. These are usually made of aluminum or plastic which and are also great for water with dense vegetation.

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Watch this video from HatCamBass for more bass fishing baits that you can use for your next trip!

With all these baits on the list, you'll surely get a headache trying to review each one of them. Nonetheless, you'll never get as much wisdom while just reading. You have to actually get out there and try them yourself, and you'll find what works and what doesn't.

If you're an experienced angler, tell us what you think about these fishing lures for bass!

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