Into The Deep: Topmost Freediving Destinations In The World

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Freediving is the best activity to check your inner self with the powerful combination of meditation and endurance. Read on and test your limits with these breathtaking freediving destinations!

Freediving Destinations That Will Take Your Breath Away

For starters, freediving is being submerged under the water while holding one's breath. Some people have innuendos this sport needs superhuman ability to plunge into the lightless depths of the ocean without the convenience of a breathing apparatus. This activity will not only test your physical strength and endurance but also your mind's capability to withstand every grueling second under water. So hold your breath and check out the list below of the finest freediving destinations in the world.


The Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, United States

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The labyrinth of oil rig support beams in the Gulf of Mexico are breeding grounds for marine life. Others might find it a bit perplexing or ironic that this man-made underwater structure is one of the world's richest marine habitat for freediving. But this edifice along with its abundant aquatic life forms a captivating ecological paradox. This destination is also popular for those who have the guts to go free dive spearfishing.

Christ of the Abyss, Portofino, Italian Riviera

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This submerged bronze statue of  Christ is a sunk to remember the lives claimed by the sea. Christ of the Abyss is an impressive masterpiece sculpted by Guido Galletti and it can be seen from the surface. It is approximately only 15 meters so it accessible to everyone who wants to witness this remarkable work of art.

Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

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Dean's Blue Hole is a well-renowned free dive training site and is made famous by freediving record setter, William Tribridge. It is dubbed as the greatest freediving destination in the world. Its calm and protected water along with its shore accessibility make this spot absolutely perfect especially during early summer.

Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

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Ras Mohammed National Park has a plethora of caves and corridors along its coast that adds attraction and an extra element of exploration to your freediving adventure. These areas are not named and mapped so if you have what it takes to journey into the unknown then you should try this destination. Freediving here doesn't only give you the opportunity to explore nature but also yourself.

USS Kittiwake, Grand Cayman

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USS Kittiwake, a former U.S. Naval submarine rescue vessel, was sunk on the west side of Grand Cayman to make an artificial reef on January 5, 2011. This is an ideal spot for freedivers to enjoy, explore and interact with the marine environment in impeccable silence.


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If you are an adventurer opting to encounter and swim with big animals and doesn't mind cold water at all then Antarctica is the destination you need to dive in. Leopard seals, dolphins, and whales will instantly greet you once you descend into the cold water.

Baja Peninsula, Mexico

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What could be more amazing than plunging into a place Jacque Cousteau describes as “The World’s Aquarium”? Sea of Cortez is one of the world's most biologically diverse underwater system. Sink down into the swirling mass of silver glimmering bodies, enclosed on all sides by various species of fish you never thought existed. Other than that, you can also have a chance to witness frolicsome sea lions to the south and juvenile whale sharks to the northern part.


Check out this video and learn the techniques to hold your breath longer!

Before you start plunging into the unknown, you need to be physically prepared and it also demands tremendous mental strength. Free your mind of thoughts for it will distract you and clear your lungs of carbon dioxide is the start of the process. So if you have the guts to dive into the darkest realms of the ocean without air while danger lurks in every corner of the abyss then this adventure will determine how tough an outdoorsman you really are.

Do you have more awesome freediving destinations in mind? Share it with us in the comments below! 

Now you know where the topmost freediving destinations are, it's time to check out more outdoor travels and activities that will put your human capabilities to the test!

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