Glamping Ideas For A Relaxing Outdoor Trip

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Looking for simple glamping ideas? Here's our guide to all the best of the great outdoors, with all the ease and comfort of the great indoors too.

Glamping Ideas: Enjoying The Outdoors In Style

Some of you may ask what glamping is. Well, it's a combination of two words —glamour and camping. It is enjoying nature's beauty while having the luxuries of a hotel or a resort. Unlike ordinary camping, you can bring some of your things from home and customize the whole tent or area to your liking. An individual's taste, style and comfort level matters most so there is no right or wrong way of doing it. And to make it easier for you, below are glamping ideas that will make your stay in the outdoors truly worthwhile and glamorous.


Style Your Tent

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Your tent is the focal point or the main attraction of the campground. It should have a large interior space so you can bring some of your favorite things from your home. A canvas tent is usually used in glamping. Let your creative juice flow and turn your ordinary tent into a luxurious shelter. Make it more aesthetically pleasing and incorporate your own style.

A Dope Air Mattress And Cozy Beddings

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Make your stay more comfortable. A good air mattress along with the soft and luxurious beddings will definitely turn your regular camping into glamping in an instant. Throw in fur blankets, rugs, and colorful pillows to make the interior more cozy, glamorous and fashionable.

Set The Mood

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Create an atmosphere that will set it apart from an ordinary camping trip. Lighting is an essential part of glamping. You can add stylish lanterns or battery-powered twinkling lights that will give a relaxing glow. A citronella candle is an awesome addition because of its aromatic fragrance and it will also keep the pesky bugs away. Not only that, you can also add wireless speakers so you can play your favorite tunes while sitting around the campfire.

Great Cooking Set

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Cooking has always been a part of camping but having the finest cookware will absolutely make it easier and convenient. You can come up with delectable dishes with the greatest of ease. Plus, your camping gears will not be complete without your cookware.

Picnic Set

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A luxurious picnic set will make you feel you're in a three-star hotel. It doesn't mean you have to eat on paper or plastics plates just because you're in the woods. Splurge a little bit by bringing fine sets of utensils to your glamping adventure.

A Delectable Treat

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This is a game-changer. What you eat will distinguish regular camping from glamping. Prepare food that will make you feel you're in a hotel. Bring out the chef in you and come up with mouth-watering meals to match your luxurious picnic set from the appetizer to the main course to the dessert. There are campfire recipes that will help you make delicious dishes.


Watch this video and find out how to set up your home away from home!

Glamping is an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing your pleasure and comfort. With ingenuity and creativity, you can transform a mundane camping into a picture-perfect glamping experience. So next time you plan to sleep a night under the stars, glamping will surely leave a lasting memory. Happy Glamping!

Do you have more glamping ideas in mind? We definitely want to know it. Share it with us in the comments below!

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