Green Beret Gets Kicked Out Of Army For Defending Rape Victim

September 30, 2015 / Comments (21)

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How do things like this happen? You won’t believe this story.

Green Beret Gets Kicked Out Of Army For Defending Rape Victim

That’s right – By interfering with an Afghan police commander accused of raping a child, this Green Beret was discharged.
[UPDATE] It has been confirmed that officer Charles Martland’s appeal of being discharged has been denied. It’s hard to know what’s really going on here.

What are your thoughts on this awful situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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21 Responses to :
Green Beret Gets Kicked Out Of Army For Defending Rape Victim

  1. Wilbert Jennings says:

    Where is the support for this Marine? Who is being punished, not the rapist but the victims protector. Why are we dying for a people that allow their boys and girls to be raped and look the other way. NOT right this marine did nothing wrong the ones drumming him out need a taste of what the boy went through maybe then they would understand, but then maybe they already do and this is the problem, they do or enjoy the same as the rapist does.

    1. brucefandrews says:

      Last time i checked the Green Beret were Army not Marines, (Marines are with the Navy). That being said I do agree with what you are saying. Instead of fighting as we are we must be fighting the true enemy which is the muslims. Muslims are the sworn enemy of Christians, America and the world. (Of course Bath House Berry is excluded as an American). To go even further we should be removing all the enemy from within our borders and not inviting them in as Berry is.

      1. Wilbert Jennings says:

        Absolutely my mistake

    2. ny2223jv says:

      ISLAM = Pedofile Homos

      1. Carolkitfox says:

        Must be that is why bBrry is in the closet on MORE than being Muslim.

        1. ny2223jv says:

          Got that right

  2. brucefandrews says:

    All the communities that these enemy muslims are being
    forced upon should rebel and not allow them to be placed there. Communities
    where muslims are should remove them by any means necessary. All mosques should
    be searched and all weapons found seized. These weapons could be given to the
    American citizens that are true American patriots. Then those within and
    associated with these mosques can be detained, (held in Cuba) with the rest of
    the world terrorists. While we are at it we should deport all the illegal’s.

    1. ny2223jv says:

      Guess you will vote for Trump then .

      1. Carolkitfox says:

        Better than any lying stinking DemoCRAP running, and Trump has the balls and back bone many of the Reps seem to be lacking, or Ovomit would have been brought up on treason charges by now.

        1. ny2223jv says:

          Hey chill out I am on your side . Trump 2016-2020

  3. Gregory H Velders says:

    This is Disgusting ! We should take BACK the country from the Traitorous Black Muslin that is the President and he should hang for being a traitor , then Deport all Muslims ANY and ALL Illegal people in the US !!

  4. Drew Dowdy says:

    This is just another statement to our servicemen telling them they must be pussyfied to stay in the US military.

  5. ny2223jv says:

    F this President and his Libtard anti american ways.with his dismissal of the military hero’s nearly 200 to date. May he rot in hell . Worst President ever.

  6. Carolkitfox says:

    Wonder how Ovomit would have felt if it had been one of his daughters that was raped. Too bad he hates military as much as he does the USA. and is behind so many of the things bad today. LACK OF MORALS and decency on his part..

  7. UNBELIEVABLE! The first thing that crossed my mind was that this wouldn’t even be a story if the marine was black. White man stands up to a Muslim- bad news to the cretin in the WH who wants to take care of his people. Bad policy trickle down. !6 months and counting, then hopefully a change for the better of the country.

  8. ny2223jv says:

    You might want to view this video and see what we are in store for if Obozo gets his way
    The Dying Continent”

  9. rev_dave says:

    Let’s be honest about calling this crime by its proper name – multiple counts of homosexual pedophile rape! That’s what it is – multiple occurrences of a man raping a child of the same sex.

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