Explore These Hiking Trails In Cape Town

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December 5, 2016 / Comments Off on Explore These Hiking Trails In Cape Town

Hiking Trails

The hiking trails in Cape Town are fascinating as the city itself.  Located in the coastal areas in South Africa, Cape Town is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  The geographical location is spectacular and a dream place for hiking enthusiasts, with its coastal drive and land elevations that surrounds it.  In fact, the city's top attraction is simply known as “The Mountain.” The place is ideal for hikers of all ages and an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits.

These Hiking Trails In Cape Town Are  Awesome!

Along with it's natural beauty, Cape Town is a place of countless hiking spots.  Hikers from different places make their way to the city to experience the trail in its more famous hiking destinations.  It can get a bit crowded especially in the summertime so it's wise to start early if you wanna have that alone time with what the scenery has to offer.  As soon as you decide which trail to embark on, make sure you have all your hiking necessities covered.  You'll soon find out why so many people take their time to visit the hiking trails in Cape Town.  Here's a list of some of the wonderful places to give you a taste of the trail.

1. Table Mountain

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If you're an experienced climber and you're up for a more challenging trail, go through the Platteklip Gorge.  The climb to the peak is steeper on this trail, or you can choose the many other easier trails.  Table mountain is the most popular land attraction in Cape Town.  A must for hikers to ascend before leaving the city.

2. Lion's Head

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Lion's Head presents a breathtaking view of Cape Town once you reach the top of the mountain.  The stunning sight of the ocean shoreline will get your attention as you look around.  The journey to the summit may not be as grueling, but chains will be needed to assist you as you near the top.

3. Olifantsbos Shipwreck Trail

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This fascinating hike on the beach is proof of Cape Town's rich wildlife.  There are three trails for you to choose in Olifantsbos where you will see different animals like seagulls and baboons to name a few.  The trail is named after three historical shipwreck remains located at the Cape Point Nature Reserve.

4. Newlands Forest

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Newlands Forest shows how the people of Cape Town value nature and the environment.  This forest is well-preserved with its own fire station nearby.  As a favorite hiking spot, people come here all the time to walk and breathe the fresh air.

5. Chapman's Peak

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Chapman's Peak drive is one of the most iconic roads in South Africa.  You want to savor every moment of the trail leading to the destination.  Compared to the other hiking trails in Cape Town, Chapman's Peak is less visited but you will surely be rewarded with spectacular scenery once you reach the top.

6. Suicide Gorge

Take this route if you want real hiking adventures.  It's a long hike leading to the rocky gorge that offers a multitude of outdoor activities.  I strongly suggest that you try cliff jumping to maximize your experience on this trail, but never attempt to embark on this expedition without someone who has been here before.

7. Crystal Pools

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You should see how amazing the aerial view of this place is.  The route to Crystal Pools is very well-known in Cape Town being fairly easy but the place is very spectacular.  Going to this site without bringing your swimming clothes is not a good idea.s

8. Cape of Good Hope

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The hike to the Cape of Good Hope is roughly one kilometer. The views are stunning along the trail from start to finish until the original lighthouse.  If you watched Pirates of the Caribbean, the place is said to be where the Flying Dutchman came from.


Watch this video of a Crystal Pools adventure for a glimpse of Cape Town's beauty.

As you can see, these different places in Cape Town are mesmerizing.  Just imagine all these hiking spots in one city.  Hiking enthusiasts would want to live here for the rest of their lives.  This is the reward if people work hand in hand in protecting the environment.

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