Nelson’s Guide To A Complete Hog Hunting Gear

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September 4, 2019 / Comments (6)

Hunting Gear

Feral hogs are one of my most frequently hunted game since they provide a lot of meat and the difficulty in harvesting them isn't that high. Take a look at my hog hunting gear and what items I bring for hunting down feral hogs. Feral hogs are abundant across the US and as such, it's legal to hunt them almost all year round. You can even shoot them dead without a hunting license if they become a nuisance for trampling over your crops. But a true hunter will hunt hogs on the field with the proper hog hunting gear.

Nelson's Guide To A Complete Hog Hunting Gear

If you're wondering what equipment I bring to the field for hog hunting, you're in luck 'cause I've listed the core hunting gear that I pack. Bear in mind that these items are minimum and I usually bring a lot more depending on how long I plan to stay on the field. Check out this list and see if you have the same hog hunting gear!

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Appropriate Hog Hunting Clothes

For every hunting trip I make, I always make it a point to wear proper clothes and bring some extras in case the hunt drags out to a few days. A camouflage top and bottom and some extra layers beneath depending on the weather are good enough to blend into the environment.

Hunting Knives

For hunting knives, I bring three or four of them for convenience. And just to let you know, I like to field dress and cut it into more manageable pieces so I bring a skinning knife, a big survival knife, along with two other hunting knives.

Stands Or Blinds

I rarely use portable tree stands but I'm a sucker for blinds. If you are perfectly camouflaged behind the blinds, those pigs will never know what hit them.

Hog Scents

Spraying hog scents over the perfect spot is one my secrets to a successful hunt. Feral hogs have a keen sense of smell and are very easy to lure in using scents.

Survival Gear

No matter where I go hunting or even just for scouting, I always bring my survival gear. It's wise to always be prepared in the event that something worst happens, and getting stuck in the woods is one of them.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit goes side-by-side with my survival gear. One doesn't go into the pack without the other and when I say this, I mean they're always included in my hog hunting gear.


I carry a bottle or two of water for short hunting trips. But when hunting in hot arid areas, I make sure to bring more to avoid dehydration.


You could always bring extra food like energy bars. You can't make the best decisions when you're hungry so keep your stomach filled!

Hunting Rifle

Though I've tried hog hunting with a knife a couple times, I'd rather have a hunting rifle for my weapon of choice. I always have my .243 Remington 770 by my side.


Check out this video from Team Wild TV for more hog hunting gears and action:

With the right hog hunting equipment and the right amount of skill, hog hunting could be one of the easiest harvests you'll ever experience. Although, hogs can still be dangerous so I advise to always act around them with care. Tell us what you think you can add to this list!


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6 Responses to :
Nelson’s Guide To A Complete Hog Hunting Gear

  1. David Hooper says:

    You better believe wild hogs can be dangerous. A buddy and myself were hunting wild hogs on Hawaii (the Big Island) and a boar hog charged and shattered my buddy’s ankle. Required several surgeries.

    1. Don Evans says:

      Don’t tell me he only had a knife!! Just kidding. Hope he is doing ok. I have talked to others that say if a hog is charging, don’t aim for the head (might miss) just the mid torso.

  2. Joe says:

    One thing to remember when hunting wild hogs. If you don’t get him with the first shot. That hog may be hunting You.

  3. JOEL K GOODMAN says:

    i always carry my s&w 357 mag on a hunt of any kind.

  4. Robin Raub says:

    I carry my Colt Trooper .357mag just in case. A good rifle is my Remington 7600 pumper in 30-06 gives fast follow up shots on multiple pigs.

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