I Home Carry…Do you?

People are as desperate as ever for the stuff you have. They want to break in, steal your jewelry, money, TV, and anything else they can get their grubby hands on. And why? Well, sometimes it's because they're hungry. Other times, they just don't have anything better to do. But it's usually because someone can't find his or her drug money.
One thing that I usually tell people, is that if someone is bold enough to break into your house to steal your stuff, they're likely willing to make sure there aren't any witnesses. What can you do about it? Well, one thing I like to do is home carry.
[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BrlGgcunOxN/ hidecaption=true width=625]Whenever I tell people that I carry my pistol at home, I get a lot of strange looks. But I work from home. So does my wife. This means that I am the first line of defense should some crackhead ever come looking for trouble at my house when I'm there. And, truth be told, if someone is brazen enough to break into my house midday, then they are likely brazen enough to kill in order to keep their break-in a secret and have free reign of my goods.
And when I don't home carry, I'm never more than an arms reach from a gun. In fact, right now, I have access to a .40 cal pistol with two mags close by and an AK-47 pistol with one magazine close by. Ya know, just in case I'm attacked by bear. Or a moose. Or a heard of zombie cows.
(As a side note, the mags aren't with the guns so that the bad guys can't use them against me, if they actually do get to them. They are hidden close by, but will have to be searched for.)
Either way, I'm prepared for the unthinkable. And, when I do actually carry in my house (which is most days), I make use of my full-size Springfield XD9. Yeah, I carry a full-size pistol around with me. Why? Well, first off, it is the most reliable pistol I own. Second, my Alien Gear Holster makes it so that I don't even know it's there. Finally, 16(+1) rounds of 147 grain hollow points will get the job done.
Plus, it's my EDC gun.
Personally, I don't get people who only carry a sub-compact or pocket pistols because of comfort. Carrying a pistol isn't supposed to be comfortable. The fact that you can actually defend yourself against baddies is supposed to be comforting.
With all of the events going on around the world, and especially in our own country, more Americans are realizing that home carry is a good idea for protection.

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2 Responses to :
I Home Carry…Do you?

  1. Robert Tocki says:

    I carry 24/7, the only exception is when I shower, and even than my S&W 40 Shield is only an arms reach away with an extended 8 round clip and one round chambered. I sleep with it in a shoulder holster like I did my M1911A1 in Vietnam which is my favorite side arm. I just can’t conceal it as well a I can the 40 Shield.

  2. Jessica says:

    I carry at home everyday. I stay home alone with my young kids all day and have no car so the house looks like it’s vacant. Right now I only have my conceal carry pistol but the plan is to get a full size gun for home defense once the budget allows.

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