[WATCH THIS] The Iconic 1860 Henry Rifle That Won The Wild West

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Are you a rifle enthusiast? Well, you need to watch this video from hickok45 as it reviews one of the best hunting rifles in the history of man


[WATCH THIS] The Iconic 1860 Henry Rifle That Won The Wild West

A Civil War Soldier's Point Of Pride

The Henry Rifle is a lever-action breech-loading tubular magazine rifle. It became famous in ” The Battle of The Little Bighorn“.  It is also the basis for the historical Winchester Rifle that was used in the American Wild West. Watch hickok45 and learn about the first successful lever gun.

This rifle was designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860 and was adopted by the Union in the Civil War.


It was favored during the war because of its firepower. They were a revelation. During the Civil War,  most of the soldiers on both sides were using muzzle loading rifles. Then along comes this shiny “golden” rifle that can shoot 12 rounds without reloading.  Today, this historical rifle can cost up to  $250,000. Truly a masterpiece that changed the course of American rifle history!

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