Zeroing Hunting Techniques For Rifles Explained


Hunting Techniques 101 | Zeroing Hunting Rifles Explained

From bore sighting to testing out a group of shots on a target, zeroing is the most delicate process among the different hunting techniques you learn. The gun needs to sit on a steady mount and the results will differ when shooting on a bipod or a sandbag.

A number of things can affect the performance of your hunting rifles so check out the things you could do to narrow down these factors.

The Secret To A Perfectly Accurate Hunting Rifle

If you've ever tried zeroing your rifle for the upcoming hunting season, then you probably shot the target multiple times and it can be frustrating when the results just aren't consistent.

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Trust me, you're not the only one who's frustrated when it comes to zeroing rifles For the smallest discrepancy to be achieved with every shot group, it's best to understand why you need to do these when you're zeroing rifles.

Zero Out Your Rifle The Proper Way

There are shortcuts to zeroing out your hunting rifle but for the best results, you'd want to apply the right process so as to achieve the best and most consistent results.

I can go on and on about the technical stuff of zeroing, but I just want you to keep in mind these two pertinent details when you're zeroing your rifles.

Distance can affect zeroing

Before trying out distances like 100-250 yards which is the most probable distance between you and the game, you might want to try zeroing your hunting rifles at 25 or 50 yards.

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Then, vary your distance accordingly. However, for some big game rifles, zeroing your gun out at 200 to 250 yards makes a lot of sense 'cause you're better off keeping your distance from these dangerous animals.

The ammo you use could affect zeroing

Cartridges travel at different speeds depending on the caliber and even with different brands. Make sure to use the same ammunition you intend to use when hunting and the ones you use for zeroing.

Check out the factors that could affect the trajectory and velocity of the bullet in this article about the .243 Winchester Rifle Cartridge.

Check out this comprehensive video on zeroing from our friends over at SrsPower.

With the right amount of know-how on zeroing techniques and the right equipment, you'll definitely get it perfect no matter what caliber or cartridge you use. After all, your experience is the best teacher so, get zeroing in now before the hunting season starts!

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