Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

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Trapping is one of the oldest ways of capturing prey. There's a variety of reasons why we trap animals—it can be for food, fur trade, wildlife management or conservation, or pest control. But whatever it is, it's hard to stop a dedicated hunter from setting up hunting traps.

But what are the types of hunting traps that you can use to catch your targeted animal? How effective is this trap? So if you're looking for answers, then we've got you covered. Check out this list of hunting traps for the stealthy hunters below.

Deceptive Hunting Traps Are Your Best Friends

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Trapping is not as easy as it seems. It may require a lot of hard work and money to be efficient, especially if you're just getting started with hunting. Now back then, I used to rely on my rifle and bow to help me secure the game, but when I discovered the art of using traps, it made my hunting trips a lot more convenient.

Think of traps as little hunters that hunt your prey while you're doing some other important task. These hunting traps will prevent animals from moving as normal. More often than not, it inflicts excruciating pain on the prey. Some people find trapping to be cruel because of its methods, but there are still a lot of hunters still use this kind of hunting practice. So on that note, here's a list of hunting traps that you might want to use for your next hunt.

1. Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps

It is also referred as a “restraining trap”, the steel-jaw leghold trap is the most commonly used trap in the US by recreational and commercial fur trappers. This trap is triggered by a pan tension device.

When an animal steps between the jaws of the trap, it will cause the jaws to slam shut on the victim's leg in a vice-like grip.

 Steel-Jaw Leghold Traps | Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

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Usually, it is anchored into the ground by a short chain and a metal spike or sometimes it is tied to a tree or a large branch. It immobilizes the animal and due to the instant pain inflicted by this trap, the animals frantically pull themselves against the trap in a desperate struggle to be free.

This will result in fractures, ripped tendons, blood loss, exhaustion, and starvation. More often than not, this trap is set for raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, skunks, and other fur-bearing animals.

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2. “Padded” Leghold Traps

“Padded” Leghold Traps | Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

image via itsatrap

This padded trap has enough power to clamp a panicking wolf. It's basically the same as steel jaw leghold traps and the only difference between the two is a strip of synthetic nylon lining the steel jaws. This trap can cause serious injuries to animals and according to research, less than 5% of trappers own this kind of trap.

The padded leghold hunting traps are being marketed by fur industries as “humane” as compared to steel-jaw leghold traps.

3. Snare Traps

The snare traps are made of light wire cables looped through a locking device or a small nylon cord tied that will tighten as the animals try to free themselves. The more the animal tries to escape, the more the noose tightens, and the more the noose tightens, the more pain it will inflict.

Snare Traps | Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

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This may result in death by slow strangulation. It can also crush vital organs. Primarily, the body snare is used for coyotes. More often than not, it is set where animals crawl or in narrow passages.

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Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

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Sneaky Hunting Traps For The Stealthy Hunter

  1. Elephile says:

    Please LOOK at that cat’s FACE. How can this EVER be OK? I am heartbroken. Oh God, when are you going to come and heal this sick sick earth???

    1. fred says:

      the bobcat is a wild animal that has someone just a few feet away sticking a camera in its face. a lot of the time they are asleep when you show up to check the trap.

    2. Wm says:

      If your hungry or need a dollar, pelt to stay worm, or to protect animals you are raising.
      You will get over the look on that Bobcats face.
      If you have to provide and feed your children, you want care what look is on that cats face.
      You must be city folk?
      If the ever SHTF please don’t come to me to feed your hungry children.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Just look at the face of the squirrel the cat just tore apart. Or the lobster as it is being boiled alive. Or the chicken as it is being made into nuggets….

    4. Marc says:

      “and the Lord gave man dominion over the land and all that dwelt upon it.”
      Stop denying man’s place in nature.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I prefer to use conibear traps as it immediately kills the prey by breaking the neck or spine. They really reduce / eliminate prolonged suffering.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Joe Buddha says:

    What is wrong with you people advocating something so inhumane as trapping, much less distributing a photo of a terrified animal enduring the pain of its paw caught in a trap and fearing for its life? What kind of people are you?? You just lost a customer and endorser of any of your future product offerings. I suggest you try a little introspection and acquiring an iota of compassion and humanity!

    1. Keldon Keller says:

      KR keller , Do you Individuals realize you are on a website preparing you for a Disaster or Apocalypse? This isn’t some Inhumane website teaching everyday cruelty. It’s teaching you how to SURVIVE and feed your kids. Use a little common sense PLEASE..

  5. kendall says:

    Just another bias, misleading facts published by a city slicker who has never trapped nor known a trapper. I trap and have never seen a animal suffer from a foot hold trap. You shouldn’t make statements about something you know nothing about. Trapping is a much needed for controlling animal populations to prevent extinction of smaller prey and sickness of prey. Do your research!

  6. Marc says:

    A city woman once asked me to trap (humanely) a skunk that was “terrorizing” her dog and yard. She had purchased a box trap and wanted to know what bait. I instead asked her plans for the critter when it was in the box. She proposed to take it to the forest preserve and release it. I asked what kind of car she drove and she told be a sedan. I asked her if she wanted a new car.

  7. Anonymous says:

    WHAT IS THE MAN DOING!? Killing the cat? Or trapping the cat? Or saving the cat?

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