The Importance of Preparedness and What it Can Teach You

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Every family across the globe should be prepared for natural disaster or any other potentially life-threatening situation that could put them and their family in a true fight for survival. As we are closely approaching 2017, the importance of preparedness is becoming more and more necessary.

Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, wildfires, a volcanic eruption, a possible economic collapse, collapse of the power grid, or a terrorist attack can each bring devastation of epic proportions. In so many of these emergency situations, families are forced to evacuate their homes. Some families, unfortunately, will not have homes to come home to when it’s all over. The process to rebuild your home…your life…can take months or even years.

While you can’t prevent a natural disaster or an emergency situation from happening, you can cushion a potential blow by preparing yourself and your loved ones for whatever disaster comes your way.

The reasons why being prepared is so important are virtually limitless. When it comes down to it, each reason is a direct result of the previous reason… and so on.

The main reason I remain prepared is plain and simple: I want to survive! I want my loved ones to survive! Is there a lesson to be learned from each survival situation? I say yes, absolutely. For each survival situation, the lessons will be different.

Here are just a few lessons you can learn in the event of a natural disaster or an emergency situation:

  • You learn what your strengths are
  • You recognize the true meaning of unity
  • You’ll have a renewed sense of self
  • Your neighborhood and your community become your family

Discovering Your Strengths


In the event of a disaster or an emergency situation, you learn rather quickly what your strengths are. Mine is organization, which is pretty darn important in any survival situation

With disaster comes chaos followed by panic, so having someone in your family that can provide a sense of “Hey! We got this! This is what we’re going to do!” is probably one of the most important first steps in an any emergency type situation. Going in calm and clear headed will provide a great sense of security for everyone involved. Remember, survival is 90% mental.

You will each discover your personal strengths — possibly a strength you didn’t know you had. Believe me when I say, don’t worry about trying to develop a strength beforehand. It will come to you. I can promise you that.



As you learn about preparedness, you should conduct family meetings often, in which you’ll discuss everything from assembling bug out bags to where to meet if you all were to be separated for any reason.

An important thing to remember, though, is that there is strength in numbers. Sticking together as a unit will provide more success of rescue than if you were alone.

If you live alone, then please consider a neighbor or a trusted friend as part of your unit. Go over a plan of action with these individuals as you would if it was your own family. When it’s all said and done, these individuals will most likely become your family. No matter who is in your unit, have each other’s backs no matter what.

A Renewed Sense of Self


After surviving a disaster, you will have a renewed sense of self; meaning that you become a stronger person for overcoming one of the biggest obstacles in life — mental and physical survival in a true emergency situation.

Your Neighborhood and Community Become Your Family


In the aftermath of any major disaster, you will meet some of your neighbors for the first time. You will give out hugs of condolences, a helping hand, and share your supplies. You will help pick up the pieces of what’s left… together.

At the end of the day, you have all been through the same situation and lending a hand is rebuilding life one day at a time — as a community, as a family.


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The Importance of Preparedness and What it Can Teach You

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