Jack Carr: The Devil’s Hand [PODCAST]

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April 14, 2021 / Comments (1)


This episode from Talking Lead Podcast will feature Jack Carr, who is the author of the book, The Devil's Hand.

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Jack Carr: The Devil’s Hand

New York Times best-selling author and former Navy SEAL, Jack Carr is our guest this episode. Jack's fourth book, The Devil's Hand, in his James Reece series, will be dropping on April 13th. We had Jack on back in 2019 when his 2nd book, True Believer, dropped (check out that episode here TLP 311-Author Jack Carr: True Believer) so we do a bit of catching up with Jack on his third book, Savage Son, and his latest projects such as his new podcast Danger Close Podcast and the Amazon TV series based on his first book The Terminal List.

Co-hosting with Lefty this episode are former Navy SEALs Dwight Settle (Seal 1 CLP) and Charlie Melton (Charlie Mike Precision). Also joining is Brian Keeney (Occam Defense Solutions)

The Devil's Hand takes place 20 years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Watching our every move since the 2001 attacks, The Devil's Hand explores a 20 years in the making biological attack by a patient and learned enemy.

Throw in a revenge-bent President with his own “terminal list” and a power-hungry Senator with his own personal hit team you get the signature Jack Carr storytelling flair and attention to detail that pulls you in for our fourth fully immersive action-packed-bad-guy-stomping adventure with James Reece.

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