The Ever Growing List Of Famous People, And What They Think About Guns

The Ever Growing List Of Famous People, And What They Think About Guns

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With guns and the Second Amendment, most people fall on the left or the right. Granted, there are some who walk a tightrope in between, but most are unable to do so for long and fall on one of the two sides. They are either for guns or against them. One thing that pisses a lot of gun owners off, is when famous people take a stand on the subject, injecting their influence upon people.
Recently, I was reading through the comments on some of our older articles about celebrities and their thoughts about firearms, and found out that a lot of people say they don't really care what celebrities think or that they should keep their opinions to themselves.

Of course, I agree here. It would be fantastic if famous people just kept out of the affairs of us normal people.
Sadly, that'll never happen for two reasons. First, they have a “moral” obligation to the people in charge. If they go against that grain, they lose their jobs. Second, we have this little thing called the First Amendment. They have the right to give their opinion about every little thing that goes on, including guns, and the people on the wrong side of the fence expect them to stand up against us. This is one of the reasons why I try to highlight those celebrities who are on our side.

Famous People about Guns

Then again, personally speaking, I want to know who the bad ones are, too. I refuse to spend money on a Matt Damon movie. It's killing me that another Bourne movie is out on the big screen right now, because I refuse to spend money on it. Believe it or not; I really liked the other movies in this series–even though I honestly believe it's time to move on to a different franchise.
But, I'd watch Keanu Reeves all day long. Because, even though he doesn't own a gun, he isn't “fundamentally against citizens having access to a weapon.” Those are his words, and it sounds like he is currently walking that proverbial tightrope I spoke of earlier out of fear of not wanting to lose his job.
I think it's refreshing to find a famous person who is truly not against us. Therefore, I'm going to put all the celebrity-gun-stance articles in one place for you to find them easily, if you care. If you don't care, that's fine too. I'll update this each time I find someone else who makes their feelings on guns known.

Charlie Daniels

This man is a country music singer who is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and believes in the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Click on the picture to read more

Keanu Reeves

Keanu takes a more backseat approach to the Second Amendment. He believes people should have access to guns, but thinks that it can cause problems. While training for his John Wick movies, he's become a good shot.

Random Oscar Nominations

There are several celebrities in this article who are anti-gun. Some of them you know are anti-gun, others you likely had no clue.

Matt Damon

He is another one. This guy is so purely hypocritical in his dealings. He stands against the Constitution of this land, while making millions of dollars on guns. I'll wait for his latest one to come out on Netflix or for someone to lend it to me. Someone wrote a letter to the editor about this one, click on the picture to read it:

matt damon anti-gun

Matt Damon

Stay tuned for more, which will always be added to the top of this list. If there are any of these famous people you'd like for me to research, let me know in the comments below and I'll put my journalists hat on.

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