How to Make Your Own Flashlight Paracord Strap [VIDEO]

Flashlight Paracord Strap

There are tons of great uses for paracord, and this flashlight paracord strap is no exception! In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a paracord strap that is strong and durable.

How to Make a Paracord Strap for Your Flashlight

If you’re looking for an awesome new paracord project, look no further. This flashlight paracord strap is the perfect addition to your bug out bag, and it's also surprisingly easy to make. Check out the steps below to make your own, and be sure to leave your own paracord tips in the comments!

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Paracord strap materials:

Paracord strap instructions:

Step One: Wrap the paracord around your flashlight.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step One

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Step Two: Wrap it around again three more times.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Two

Step Three: Pull each end through to the left and right.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Three

Step Four: Pull the ends tight.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Four

Step Five: Pull the strings upward and link through your clamp.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Five

Step Six: Tie the cord like the image below.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Six

Step Seven: Repeat this step all the way down the strap.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Seven

Step Eight: Continue tying, pulling tightly as you work your way down the strap.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Eight

Step Nine: Pull tight and then cut the ends.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Nine

Step Ten: Light the ends to seal them.
Flashlight Paracord Strap Step Ten

This military-grade paracord is ideal for survivalists – click HERE to learn more!

See the full tutorial in the video below:


How to Make Your Own Flashlight Paracord Strap

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How to Make Your Own Flashlight Paracord Strap [VIDEO]

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