How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube [Video]

Featured | Close up gray plumbing plastic pipes | How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube [Video]

Take this homemade PVC pipe chum dispenser tutorial and make catfishing a little easier without the hassle and stench of ill-managed catfish bait!

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DIY Chum Dispenser for Effective Catfishing

Catfishing: A Good Old Family Tradition

I spent many years out on Lake Sam Rayburn, in East Texas, fishing with my Grandpa, my Dad, and my uncle. We spent countless hours trolling and running trotlines.

I couldn't even tell you how many pounds of fish we must have brought in over the course of our camping trips, but I guarantee you, no one ever left the table hungry.

All the different types of fishing we did on the lake pale in comparison to the fun we had catfishing.

There is just something about hooking a catfish and reeling it in that is much more satisfying than catching any crappie or bass.

The Joy and Stench of Catfishing
But, there was always a serious disadvantage in dealing with catfish… The bait they love most comes with an absolutely horrible stench.

And if you've read my article “Papa's Famous Catfish Bait Recipe,”  then you'll know sometimes it would take days for the smell to come off!

My Grandpa would make his special blend of catfish “cheese” in January of each year and would let it sit and get “ripe” as he called it, until our camping trips. As a child, I would get as far to the back of the boat as possible but nothing would escape that smell.

You would have a lingering odor on you for days on end. I could never believe it when we would pull up hundreds of pounds of catfish, a few alligator gar, the occasional snapping turtle, and even more rare, an actual alligator.

Whatever it was which made it smell so rancid was the same thing which made it irresistible to the fish.

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How to Make Chum and a DIY Chum Dispenser for Fishing

It wasn’t until years later that I finally got ahold of my papa’s recipe for both his cheese bait as well as his “blood ball bait.” These recipes and catfishing technique have served my family quite well over the last few decades.

But recently someone sent me this video about a DIY chum dispenser for fishing which looks like it could really help with catfishing.

Check out the video from Outdoor Guy for the step-by-step guide on how to make a chum dispenser:

Now, if this thing works as it should, you'll be reeling in big cats all day without getting nasty blood bait all over you! So what do you do with them when you get them?

If you're like my family… You eat them, usually fried. But first, you have to fillet them, a job which most people (myself included) absolutely despise.

So how do you clean and fillet your catch of the day? Let us know from your comments below!

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How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube [Video] |

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How To Make A PVC Chum Dispenser Tube [Video]

  1. Kim Sears says:

    I didn’t think about the odor of the glue. I pounded them together and used a stainless steel screw to hold them in place.

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