Merkel K3K4 Single Shot Price New $15395, Price Used

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

October 3, 2023 / Comments (5)

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The Merkel K3K4 single shot is a distance shooting rifle famous among precision marksmen. This powerful gun is designed for high-altitude hunting with its long-range accuracy.

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

The Merkel K3 single shot rifle is not for ordinary hunters. Most hunters these days don't take much of the challenge and will take the shot from under a hundred yards. If you're up for the real elite game, take your rifle shooting to its limit or near maximum performance by taking more distant targets.

This single-shot rifle is available in half-stock or the full-stock Stutzen version, a special gun made for high-altitude hunts.

Along with its top-quality precision performance are its intricately engraved side plates that Merkel rifles are famous for. A collectible piece that will definitely lure gun enthusiasts.

Gun Specs

This rifle has barrel lengths of 19.7 inches, 23.6 inches, and 25.6 inches. Calibers are available from .243 Win to 9.3x74R in single-shot capacity.

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

Various finishes can be acquired with fixed sights and dependable walnut stocks. The whole gun can weigh from 5.5 to 6.2 lbs.

Ease of Use and Performance

Merkel is known for manufacturing top-quality rifles. The Merkel K3 is very accurate as well as light and fast handling.

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

If you're not someone who just sits and waits for the target, you can walk around and find something to shoot with your rifle in hand. You'll certainly be able to carry this gun with ease while hunting.

Pros and Cons

Everything about the Merkel rifle is just a beauty to every shooter. I like that it weighs only around 5 pounds for a gun of such caliber. It looks similar to the Browning SA-22 as well as comparably impressive in terms of performance.

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

The only con is that it's way too pricey for an average shooter. If you're looking to invest, go ahead. If you're a beginner, try looking for something else

Overall Verdict and Price

There's no doubt this rifle is a celebrity of its kind. Though this is not a firearm I can recommend for starting shooters.

Merkel K3K4 Single Shot

There's no doubt this rifle is a celebrity of its kind. Though this is not a firearm I can recommend for starting shooters.

It's easy to use but way too expensive in $3795 – $15395 price range if you're still learning to shoot.

Check out this video and see the accuracy of the Merkel K3:

It's amazing how the Merkel K3 weighs only a mere 5 pounds even with the stock going to the tip of the barrel. This exquisite German masterpiece of a firearm is lethal, yet also designed to stand out in your gun collection room. I don't see this thing going out of my room if I own one. I find it too precious for outdoor use.

Have you tried using this gun? Let me know in the comments below!

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