Taurus GX4 Micro-Compact Pistol

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While the Taurus GX4 has made a name for itself as an accessible, functional micro-compact pistol, how well does it stack against other handguns?

Keep reading for a quick review of the Taurus GX4 in various shooting applications.

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Taurus GX4 Micro Compact Pistol | Complete 2021 Review

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Introduction of Taurus GX4 Micro-Compact Pistol

The GX4 is a 9mm Luger, striker-fired micro-compact pistol from Taurus. It has a minuscule frame measuring only 5.8 inches, so you can easily slide it in your belt buckle, pocket, or purse.

For the features, this single-action Taurus pistol comes with a 10+1 magazine capacity (10 round option for the black model), visual-loaded chamber indicator, safety trigger, and striker block. You can add a magazine extension for an extra two rounds.

Accuracy and Precision

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You can expect accurate, precise shots from round after round from a 10-yard shooting point. The GX4 has a further firing range, of course, but most CCW situations will only require you to shoot nearby targets. In these situations, speed and precision take precedence over long-range accuracy.

However, note that the shots might skew a few inches to the side once you get past the 10 yards. The difference will not matter in self-defense emergencies, but the deviation from the aim point might make target practice challenging.

Ease of Maintenance

The Taurus pistol has a straightforward mechanism that requires little tools and experience to take down. Even newbie shooters can assemble and disassemble this piece with ease.

As with any other gun, shooters should perform a quick checkup on the GX4 after removing it from the box. Not only does this boost shootability, but it also gives you the chance to learn the piece's inner workings.

Remove the takedown pin with a flathead screwdriver, wipe off the accumulated dust, oil the mechanisms, then reassemble. Make a habit of checking brand-new pieces before function checks.

Long-Term Reliability

The Taurus GX4 is a relatively reliable handgun. With the current ammo shortage, shooters cannot waste bullets on performance checks. However, long-term users claim that the piece will not malfunction until after a hundred shots or so.

These claims sound promising, but keep in mind that Taurus guns are not exactly known for durability and reliability. You would do well to maintain and check this piece at least once a week.

Also, avoid exposing this piece to harsh weather conditions. It doesn't share the same durability and resistance that S&W and Beretta pistols have against rain, hail, snow, and dirt.

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Functionality and Versatility

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Shooters with small hands will appreciate the tight grips of this Taurus pistol. This piece measures one inch wide and five inches tall, so you can expect its grip size to be on the smaller end of the spectrum. You don't have to worry about losing your grip after every shot.

Apart from its compact grip, it also has manageable recoil. Even a teenage kid could fire a few rounds on the GX4 without forcing their arms to absorb too much impact. This feature makes it a good practice gun.

Note: Larger gun owners might want to reconsider their options. The GX4's small grip will feel weird if you have an above-average hand size—as with any other micro-compact pistol.

Stopping Power

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The GX4 serves as an excellent CCW for self-defense applications and close-quarters emergencies. Its shots will not guarantee instant kills, but they should have enough force to stop burly intruders in their tracks.

We advise firing the GX4 close range so that you can aim for your enemy's weak points. While the GX4 does not have enough stopping power to kill targets with one shot, it's still a reliable handgun. A bit of skill and technique should get you through even the tightest situations.

Price Value

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The GX4 is an affordable handgun accessible to shooters of all levels. Most gun shops sell this Taurus pistol for less than $400, although states with strict CCW laws might have additional taxes. You would be hard-pressed to find another handgun as reliable and inexpensive as the GX4.

Pro Tip: Yes, there are other even cheaper pieces on the market. Some pistols even retail for $150. However, we typically advise against using cheap firearms for self-defense because of their overall unreliability. You cannot risk having a lemon for your CCW.

Overall Verdict

Should you get the Taurus GX4? If you need a weekend plinker, everyday CCW, or range toy, then you should consider adding this piece to your collection. It costs less than most micro-compact pistol options, so the price will not dent your finances.

Also, maintenance is a breeze. As we mentioned above, even a first-time shooter with minimal experience using guns can disassemble the piece, perform a checkup, and reassemble the components with ease.

However, if you want a reliable option for shooting competitions or military applications, opt for other handguns. This Taurus pistol only suits civilian self-defense applications. Using it for anything outside of emergencies or practice shooting may do more harm than good.

The Taurus brand has a bad reputation for producing lemons, so we urge you to go beyond hearsay. Collect testaments from real-life Taurus pistol owners, engage with shooters on discussion forums, and if possible, shoot a few rounds with a demo unit. Do not let rumors affect your decisions.

Also, assume a critical, objective standpoint when assessing the gun. Every micro-compact pistol has a limit, so do not expect the Taurus GX4 to be a universal, do-it-all weapon. Set realistic expectations right from the get-go!

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