This Non-Lethal Self Defense Pistol Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen

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There are a lot of self defense items out there that protects everyone. You have your tasers and stun guns, pepper sprays, and even hidden blades. In the wild, these may not always protect you when you're out hunting. But what if I told you there's a self-defense pistol out there that not only helps protect you from wild animals but also from home intruders.

This Non-Lethal Self Defense Pistol Is The Best Thing We've Seen

Introducing SALT, the first ever self-defense platform that combines the efficiency of pepper sprays with the range of a firearm. You read that right. SALT is a self defense pistol that fires non-lethal rounds in the form of a pepper spray ammo, capable of disarming anyone for at least 50 minutes.

When you're out in the wild or smacked right in the middle of the urban jungle, the SALT helps guarantee your own safety and the safety of your loved ones or companions. As a hunter, having this around will help me from needlessly killing an animal just to remove the threat.

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The Price Tag

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SALT comes in at a retail price of $349.99, which is higher compared to other gas-powered pistols out there. Some would argue that you're better off buying a real gun entirely, but for me, I'd rather pay the price of going for a non-lethal option: regardless if I'm dealing with a mountain lion or a burglar at home.

Protective Casing

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Each SALT gun comes with a fully-lockable protective casing that prevents unwanted access by anyone, and it also protects the gun from the environment. The interior is lined with foam so the content is protected while in transit. If you ask me, foam casings are life-savers, and I can't tell you how many times these things kept my rifles safe.

The Content

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The kit comes with a SALT gun. Look at that baby right there. All sleek and black, and those rounds are just as intimidating as the futuristic weapon.

10 pieces of Live Rounds and 10 pieces of Practice or Test Rounds(Note that the video included 20 pieces of Test Rounds upon the video owner's request for review). Instead of lead bullets, SALT rounds are packed with powdered chemicals made to induce distress without doing severe damage. The active ingredient of these rounds is OC (oleoresin capsicum), found also in pepper sprays. The Test Rounds are colored in blue and white and contain baby powder. The Live Rounds are painted in red and blue and are packed with the chemical.

Two pieces of CO2 Cylinders. These are the standard cylinders used in air soft or air gun accessories.

The size of the rounds

The rounds are no bigger than the size of a dime. The rounds come in an easy-to-open tube-like container that are labeled TEST AND LIVE. The unused rounds have a shelf life of 4 years, according to the company. It's noted that the rounds and guns are made here in the USA.

A close look at the SALT gun

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The gun is a combination of plastic, steel, and aluminum. At the front of the gun, you'll see the CO2 cap, a Pica tinny rail at the bottom, and the barrel.

Next, I want to focus on the gun's very important feature: the safety button. You simply need to press the button to lock it in safety and depress it for live fire. On the right side of the gun, you'll see the button marked PUSH TO FIRE.

Next, I want you to look at the magazine release and the magazine itself. The magazine comes out easily as soon as you press the release button, while also allowing you to use multiple clips. The magazine runs a spring system, which allows you to reload the rounds with ease.

Actual use

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The gun is built for indoor use. If you're going to take this outside, you're dealing with other factors like wind and temperature. The gun fires these rounds at a rate of 320 ft per second, which is higher than your average air soft or air gun speed (I think regulation speed is at 260fps for all BB pellets).

The round releases a cloud of powder/chemical agent once it hits the target. Now, consider this. Look at that cloud of powder right there and it's size. That's what I call the range of effectiveness, and it's better than any pepper spray or taser stun gun. The dispersal of the chemicals, combined with that size, is going to incapacitate bears, boars, and even big frightening strangers walking down the street. Right off the bat, I'd say that it's pretty good for a non-lethal round.

Needless to say, the SALT gun is one of those weapons that you need to really try out for yourself. You really can't have an opinion on the gun without seeing or testing it. As a hunter, I take safety seriously. Having this weapon around when I'm out in the woods can mean the difference between being able to defend myself and being prey.

To know more about the SALT self-defense pistol, visit their website at

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This Non-Lethal Self Defense Pistol Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen

  1. Michael Welch says:

    My pellet gun shoots 700 fps my airsoft gun shoots 350 airsoft guns at ranges (airsoft war fields) can go up to 500 fps but there is a minimum engagement distance i.e: can’t shoot a person within a 100 ft I’ve seen 1250 fps pellet rifles and they aren’t regulated as real guns no registration ,background check nothing have to be 18 thats it airguns (pellet rifles) can even shoot .50 caliber projectiles and be used to hunt deer and larger animals but yeah the salt gun is pretty cool and there may be fps regulations or ordinances in your area

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