Classic Hunting Rifles – The New Remington Model Seven CDL

Remington Model Seven

If you're into hunting rifles that are iconic and has a bit of a classic touch, then the Remington Model Seven is definitely for you! One does not easily find the Model Seven sitting in an old store shelf because this wicked rifle has great accuracy, compact design, and best of all, it is a reliable rifle that you could use for your every hunt.

A Great Classic Rework – The Remington Model Seven LS Revived!

The Remington Model 7 has been in the line since the 80s and is definitely a classic! It has all the good stuff about the Remington 700 but with the length of a carbine, making it perfect for carrying and shooting out in the woods.

John Fink, Director of Product Management for Rifles along with Big Deer- Mike Hanback present to us once again the Remington Model 7!hunting rifle 3 pb

The Model Seven Remington originally came in a lightweight walnut satin finished stock with an 18-and-1/2-inch barrel typically modeled after a Model 700 receiver but with about a half-inch shorter than a short-action receiver.

However, Remington offers a synthetic version of the stock to cut off some of the weight on this classic rifle.

Just like the Model 700, this rifle features the X-Mark Pro Externally Adjustable Trigger and the SuperCell Recoil Pad which helps a great deal for soaking up recoil which makes it less strenuous for the wielder.

Check out the full vide below!

Ultimately, the Model Seven is a carbine-length bolt action rifle that is perfect for hunting in the thick woods where there are lots of vegetation and little room for the rifle's length.

When hunting, the littlest sounds that you create may disturb the animals and most especially the game that you're aiming for. Having a shorter Model Seven with the same power and excellent recoil management, you'll be up for a follow-up shot within seconds!

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