San Diego: Gun Buyback Successfully Takes 400 "Mean Guns" Off the Streets

gun buyback

Another Day, another gun buyback program…
This past weekend, San Diego collected almost 400 firearms in an effort to curb “gun violence.” According to Fox News (link at bottom), these firearms will be destroyed so they never misbehave themselves again.
gun buyback
In return for the no-questions-asked firearms that were bought back, each person received a $200 Wal Mart gift card. People lined up as early as 45 minutes in advance to take care of this deal, and let's face it, $200 for a broken gun is a good deal. That's also a good price for a firearm that works, but isn't worth nearly that much money—like a single shell shotgun.
These guns are to be recycled into construction materials like rebar, which are the intricately connected metal bars that give strength and rigidity to concrete structures.
Chances are good that if you're reading this blog post, it's because you're like me who would go buy more guns or ammo with that $200 gift card. But, there's a problem: None of San Diego's Wal Mart stores actually sell guns. And, as far as I know, none of them sell ammo, either. Why? Ya know, because all these mean guns keep deciding to go on killing sprees and need to be kept in check. DUH!
Don't worry, though, because I'm a strategic thinker and I've got you covered.
There are a few things you can do with your $200 gift card.

  1. Obviously, you could go use it to buy goods, like food or a new TV. Or,
  2. You could use it on the Wal Mart website and to find other firearm related items you may like. But, they don't sell ammo on there. Or,
  3. Sell the gift card on eBay, and have ammo shipped to your location from one of the many online suppliers. Finally,
  4. You could just do yourself a favor and move out of the communist state of California so you could use your gift card to buy a new firearm or a few rounds of ammo for the impending zombie apocalypse.

Please forgive my wise-assery, but I moved out of New Jersey for a reason. And the second we fail to make “common sense” gun laws in Pennsylvania, I'll pack my bags again.

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Source: Fox News

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