Self Defense Knife Reviews, Tips, and Techniques


Self defense is a universal concern, and being able to protect yourself is very important in your daily life.
Ways of going about this vary, and the method of defense you choose might depend on what you feel most comfortable with.
The best way to choose is to do some research on the different methods and tools available in the world of self-defense, ne of the most popular being the use of knives.
Choosing the right knife for you is the first step in being able to protect yourself effectively.
Different types of blades and locks change the functions and uses of knives. This infographic breaks down some of the major variations by popularity.

As this video says, staying legal is key to choosing a knife for self-defense and everyday carry. Check out our list of State Knife Laws By State to study up on laws in your areas.
If you're interested in a folding knife, there are a lot of different types of locks and hinges to choose from. These variations as well as differences in blades, etc. cause there to be a huge amount of different types of folding knives on the market.

To quickly acquaint yourself with the best of the best in folding knives or to learn more about what's available, check out this list of the 18 Best Folding Knives For Self Defense.


If you like a fixed blade, there are several variations of blade length alone, on top of other options such a serrated vs. plain edge and blade steel. If you're interested in doing more reading on these knives, check out this list of 19 Great Fixed-Blade Knives For Self Defense.


Knowing how to use your knife is also important. Watch this video for some quick tips and easy instructions for the most efficient uses and handling of your knife.

How to use a knife for self defense:

There are uses for your knife other than self-defense that could be very helpful, especially in survival situations. Read this list of the Top Uses For Survival Knives to learn tips on how to use your knife as a multi-functioning tool.

Want a Great, Compact Knife for Self-Defense?

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Mar 6, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

6 Responses to :
Self Defense Knife Reviews, Tips, and Techniques

  1. left Coast Chuck says:

    Paladin Press (no financial interest whatsoever) used to sell a book about historical knife and sword fights. I got it a long time ago and forget the exact title, but it may still be available. The upshot of reading the book was that knife and sword fights should be avoided if possible. In every knife/sword fight in the book both participants were at least wounded. Sometimes both were fatally wounded. That is the reason why in the 19th century rules were devolved so that as soon as blood was drawn, however slight, the duel/fight was stopped. Even the famous JIm Bowie suffered cuts in his knife fights. He was successful because he cut his opponent more times or more fatally that his opponent cut him. When I talk about cuts, I don’t mean a little slice on the arms, I mean deep cuts that were serious.

    1. Kukriking says:

      You’re 100% right. But in a SHTF world when all your ammo has run out, a good knife will be the most valuable defensive weapon you’ll own. It’s imperative you have several different types of edged tools for survival, but it would serve you well to have 3 types of knives as defense weapons too. A good big 12″blade (kukri’s the best), a medium blade 7-8″ fighter (dagger’s the best) and a good sized folder like a 4-5″Cold Steel Rajah ll…IMHO. Oh and don’t forget a spear head or two like a CS boar spear and some Bushman spear/survival knives. It would behoove you, fellow Spartans.
      MOLON LABE !!!!

  2. Survival Guy says:

    Great article! I like to have a variety of knives for bush craft and general survival. I like the Schrade Extreme survival knife. It is 1095 high carbon steel, and is great for bush craft and batoning.

  3. Simon Carver says:

    Hey Anthony, For girls, you may recommend for spyderco knife, I am a big fan of this knife. Hope you find a good solution for your question.
    I like to carry Kershaw knife for self defense. Thanks all to discussion such an important issue.

  4. Michael says:

    Why might one choose to carry a knife instead of a gun?
    Depends on the type of knife and training, but over all speed. Most life and death fights with weapons are close quarters, and only last seconds. The person who gets their weapon into the fight first has a huge advantage.
    A waved folding karambit can go from pocket to tearing your bicep muscle off your bone in 3/4 of a second, all with minimal training. A typical gun draw from concealed carry is usually two seconds or more and leaves your strong arm vulnerable . Anyone who even has a little skill with a blade will rip your strong gun arm clean open, severing your tendons and muscles. How deadly is a gun stuck in its holster because you can no longer lift it?
    90% of people are arm chair commandos, who go to the shooting range a few times a year. They will say don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. The 10% who actually do train with both guns and knives know the reverse is actually true in close quarters (the most likely place a confrontation will take place). Carry and train with both is the best advice.

  5. wilson says:

    Great article, yes, Knife is the best tool to self-defence, I often use knives for self-defence. Even at outing, I must keep a Folding knife with me for self-defence and much more.

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