Self Defense Skills That Every Woman Should Know

Self Defense Skills

Self defense skills for women is more complicated than self defense for men. Due to women's small stature and relative lack of strength against most men, women are more vulnerable to attack and more likely to be injured or killed in an altercation. It's scary, but it's a fact of life.

But just because you're a woman doesn't mean you have to be a victim. You absolutely can and should protect yourself from any potential attackers.  Women are also strong and if taught the proper execution, ladies can also be deadly.  If you know someone in the name of Ronda Rousey, then you know what I mean.

Self Defense Skills for Women to Prevent and Defend an Attack

People with bad intentions are everywhere and women are undeniably the easiest target.  Whether it's a robbery, hijacking, or possible sex offenders, bad people will unlikely think twice about committing a crime if the potential victim is a woman.

The difference between a man and a woman's physical strength is obvious, but if the attacker is unaware of a woman's defense skills, he might just be in for a surprise.  When you're alone hiking in a strange dark place, you have to be fully wary of your surroundings.  And if you know a thing or two about these self-defense tips, it may just be your lucky day.

To prevent an attack

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Be Aware of Your Surroundings | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

Keep your eyes off your phone while you're walking, and don't walk or jog with earphones in. This can make you an easy target. Predators know when you aren't paying attention.

Maintain Distance

Maintain Distance | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

Maintain a distance of 3-5 feet from anyone you're speaking to especially if a stranger approaches.  Always look at his hands and be prepared if he tries to grab you.

Don't let a stranger into your home or vehicle.

Talk through a cracked door or window and be prepared to shut and lock them out quickly when necessary.

Don't let a stranger into your home or vehicle | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

Crooks will try to be nice to you to gain your trust and can quickly make their move as soon as you're not paying attention.

Self-defense moves if you're attacked

Eye Gouging with Open or Extended Fingers

Grab your opponent's face with your fingers going into the eye.  You can start by slapping the ear and just dig your thumb or other fingers in as far as you can.

Eye Gouging with Open or Extended Fingers | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

This should allow the attacker's grip to loosen due to the pain, then quickly run fast.

Chin Jab followed by elbow strike to the chest

This self defense technique has a sudden impact to the brain.  Keep your elbow in and use your legs, hips, and drive from your feet all the way up underneath that chin.

Chin Jab followed by elbow strike to the chest | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

As soon as your attacker's head goes up, give him a good strike to the chest with our elbow to give you that distance from him.

Open-handed Throat Strike

Open handed throat strike | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

For real self-defense and you want to distance yourself away from your attacker.  Just like your throwing a right cross, go right into his throat or adam's apple with your other hand up to protect yourself.


There's enough power in your jaw muscles to make some serious damage.  As a human animal being attacked by someone else, you have every right to use everything at your disposal including your teeth.  Bite any part of your attacker's body that comes close to your mouth.


Kicking | Survival Tips: Self Defense for Women

For front kick, use the ball of your foot.  Just a straight push to knees or groin of your attacker will do enough harm for him to back away.  Even if you just fake a kick will make him think and reassess the situation.

Watch this video and learn how to defend yourself against a choke from behind.

These are just a few of the ways women can defend themselves. Of course, learning martial arts or getting your CCL is also a good strategy. You should also consider investing in a small and discrete self defense tool that can be carried anywhere legally.  Be safe out there ladies!

Survival Tips Self Defense for Women

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