Smart Gun Survey Gone Wrong: What We're Doing About It

Smart gun

February 3, 2016 / Comments (0)

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Smart gun

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A survey was recently conducted, and the results state that most people would buy a smart gun, if given the choice/chance to do so and believe there is a demand for such tech. Well, I personally don't think I'd ever buy a “smart gun,” and I want to know if you think you would ever buy such an abomination.
Personally, I tend to take the stance that the NSSF takes, which is: let the market decide which way to go. Meaning, if there is a market for such technology, and I believe that there probably is, at least to some degree, then let some gun makers build these “safe guns.”
The real problem, however, is that some gun-owners believe that gun-controllers will be able to control these things from a distance. That way, if we ever needed to defend ourselves, or in case of a revolt—like the forefathers did against tyranny, we'd have to throw rocks and poke our aggressors with sticks in order to defend ourselves.
I'm still forming my opinion on that one, though I don't doubt that it could be that way. After all, the technology is already there.
I mean, if you own a “smart phone” hooked up to Google, they know each time you leave your house, where you go, when you get back and how many times you picked your nose along the way.
Seriously. Well, maybe not that last one. But, you are being tracked. Who's to say that they can't turn your “smart gun” off when you go to use it?
Anyway, I digress…
The NSSF is touting the survey as being flawed, and it's easy to see why. First, the survey was put on by Bloomberg. That, in and of itself is a red flag. However, the methodology in which the survey was taken is also flawed.
The NSSF went on to say this in their article titled Smart Guns, Dumb Survey: “Rather than conducting a phone survey, the gun control advocates used a web survey to assess demand for smart guns. The fact that all of their respondents are comfortable enough with new technology to participate in an online poll suggests their respondents are biased in favor of technology in other areas as well, including smart guns.”
There are also other issues with a web based survey, rather than a phone based one. For example, it is much easier to falsify information on the web, because how can someone's identity be verified? And, who's to say that Bloomberg didn't send out an email to their subscribers saying “hey, we're going to be taking a survey, we need you all to fill it out for us.”
Holey Moley, I'm turning into a conspiracy theorist.
Seriously though. We see it all the time, when people want what they want, they're willing to push their own mother off of a bridge to get it.
Sorry mom, but, we need gun-control because our need to feel safe outweighs their need for protection and to prevent tyranny.
Now, it's time for me to conduct my own web-based survey. The American Gun Association and Gun Carrier have a combined amount of Facebook fans in the mid 50,000s. Let's send them a clear picture: A simple yes or no will suffice. But, if you feel like ranting, I get it. Let us know, do you feel “smart guns” are needed? Should they be developed? Do you think there is a big need for it? In a few days, I'll take the results and publish them on the Gun Carrier website, and may even forward a copy of it to the NSSF/Bloomberg.
Why? Because this is MURICA, baby. Land of the friggin free. Deal with it, or get out.

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