The Ultimate Concealed Weapon | Smith And Wesson Model 642

Featured | Metal revolver .44 magnum pistol gun with jacket soft point(JSP) bullet on dark background | The Ultimate Concealed Weapon | Smith And Wesson Model 642

Curious about the Smith and Wesson Model 642? Read up and see if it really is the ultimate concealed carry weapon for you.

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  2. Smith and Wesson Model 642 Review
  3. Concealed Hammer Feature
  4. J-Frame Airweight Handgun
  5. Concealed Hammer
  6. Rubber Grip

Smith and Wesson Model 642 Airweight Review

The Small Gun Hype

People all over the country are looking for small guns whether it’s semi-automatic pistols or revolvers for CCW purposes. If you look at any gun shop, there are definitely so many options and one of the most popular is the Smith & Wesson 642.

People who know about guns are no stranger to this gorgeously made little firearm. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Smith and Wesson Model 642 Review


The Smith and Wesson Model 642 is a double-action-only revolver made from aluminum alloy. It’s small and lightweight but has enough firepower to match guns bigger than its size.

This beautiful handgun is made for concealed carry enough to fit inside a pocket holster.

Concealed Hammer Feature


A unique feature of the Smith and Wesson Model 642 performance center is it has a concealed hammer. It does have a hammer but you don’t see it as it’s hidden inside the frame.

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This 5-round capacity J-frame revolver weighs only 15 oz unloaded with a barrel length of 1.87 inches. The grip is made of synthetic rubber that gives you that good firm feel on your hand.

For personal defense, this gun is going to arm you with 5 shots powerful enough to scare away a potential attacker. It’s a comfortable all-day carry gun that will surely serve its purpose.

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J-Frame Airweight Handgun


The Smith & Wesson Model 642 weighs only 15 oz unloaded. Its overall length is 6.38 inches small enough to fit inside your pocket you’ll forget you have a gun in there.

Concealed Hammer


The hidden hammer inside the frame is a unique feature of this gun. This makes the handgun work double action only.

Rubber Grip


A few other grips are available for this gun model if you opt to change it. The grip that comes out of the box is a rubber type that feels good on your hands.

Watch this video review of the Smith & Wesson Model 642 from Funnin Gunnin:

So what do you think of the Smith and Wesson Model 642? Although there are some disadvantages of guns that are too lightweight as it takes the recoil away from the gun, this model is actually made and ideal for defense purposes.

There are handguns built for long-range shooting yet this one is more suitable for close quarters.

What do you think of the Smith and Wesson Model 642? Do you think this is the best gun for you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on January 25, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

15 Responses to :
The Ultimate Concealed Weapon | Smith And Wesson Model 642

  1. playsoftball says:

    No caliber mentioned nor what they are available in. Guessing .357 and or .38.

  2. Elmer Scott Nichols says:

    Is it a 357/38 or what ??

  3. cosmo007 says:

    Hard to cock. Single action guy.

  4. Timothy Adkins says:

    Elmer , I was thinking the same thing. What the hell cal. is it ? Damn nice gun though.

  5. Jackson says:

    It is a .38 spl and list for $469.00 on Smith and Wesson internet site.

  6. Strat says:

    But is it lightweight?

  7. james croft says:


  8. TCMrick says:

    It’s a .38 spl, I’m not sure about +P.. is anyone?

  9. TCMrick says:

    Ok, it’s DA only .38 Spl +P 15 ozs unloaded..

  10. carpkiller says:


  11. Grendel99 says:

    Nobody has mentioned the BEST reason to carry a model 642 – due to the enclosed hammer the gun can be fired from inside a coat pocket! A semiauto pistol can’t because the slide will get caught in fabric, and a regular revolver can’t because the external hammer will get caught up in the fabric – those guns will malfunction when fired from inside a pocket.
    The 642 on the other hand will fire without any snags, and the smooth cylinder can rotate for the next shot. The 642 allows you to walk down the street with your hand in your coat pocket actually holding your gun at the ready. If a mugger approaches and says “hands up!” you can shoot the SOB instantaneously. In my opinion, the S&W 642 with hot +P defensive ammo is the premier concealled carry handgun made.

  12. Doc Rogers says:

    As a peace officer I carry only 2 weapons when off duty: If I have a jacket or coat, or can get away with an oversized shirt, I will carry my Beretta Model 84 stainless .380 in a belt holster. But for Summertime fun it’s my trusty S&W Model 642. It fits nicely in a pocket holster (I also have a belt holster I occasionally use), and I have zero issue with the .38+P it uses. I’m not going to go into a major firefight with a 5-shot revolver (and 1 speedloader), but I definitely carry the 642 with confidence!

  13. Rev. Ray says:

    I used S&W revolvers professionally for 50 years with no problems. Until I got a 642 about two years ago. Carried concealed for less than 3 weeks when much of the finish started wearing off below the cylinder latch and on the backstrap. It was carried in a properly fitted leather holster from a respected manufacturer.

    When I tried shooting it, I discovered the absolute worst trigger that I’ve ever tried to use. Heavy, gritty and with a very pronounced hesitation near the end of the travel.

    I contacted S&W and they said, in simple terms, “too bad”. It has been in a safe since.

    I have quit recommending recent production S&W revolvers to everyone. Buy a Colt or a Kimber. They actually work and seem to have much better customer service.

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