Increasing Your Accuracy with Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Increasing Your Accuracy with Sonic Boom Exploding Targets

Do you want to increase your rifle and pistol accuracy? Do you want more fun on the shooting range than just the same old paper targets? Sonic Boom Targets has revolutionized their products’ chemicals to provide shooters with a larger explosion and a louder boom.

Sonic Boom Targets painstakingly researched their chemical mixtures to ensure not only the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly formula, but also the fastest reaction available on the market.

A simple two-component mixture is all that is left for the shooter to properly set up their Sonic Boom Exploding Targets. Depending on which exploding target is being utilized, Sonic Boom Targets can take on a variety of caliber including 9mm, .45, .22LR, .223, 5.56, 7.72, .308, 7mm and more.

Compared to paper targets, Sonic Boom Exploding Targets intensifies the worth of your aim, allowing the shooter a more focused concentration and better adjustment when correcting shooting errors. Sonic Boom Targets offer the shooter much more excitement when hitting the target, but a level of mental conditioning based upon accuracy in order to hit the exploding target. Whether shooting a rifle or pistol, a variety of Sonic Boom Exploding Targets can assist with increasing accuracy, especially when increasing the distances between shooter and target.

Four Pack 1/2lb Exploding Targets

The ½ pound exploding targets by Sonic Boom Targets are the best product to use when increasing rifle accuracy. The targets are small, but bright orange, allowing you to aim at a target roughly the size of a small rabbit and still see it easily. The ½ pound exploding target also comes in a four pack at an affordable cost allowing the shooter much more practice if needed.  The recommended shooting space required for the ½ exploding target is 100 yards, making this exploding target perfect for long rifles, scoped rifles, or just increasing your accuracy using iron sights.

Check out the Sonic Boom ½ Exploding Target in action here:

Four Pack 1lb Exploding Targets

Slightly larger than the ½ lb container, the 1lb Exploding Target by Sonic Boom is great for increasing rifle accuracy using the iron sights. Although the 1lb target takes a caliber traveling at least 2,200 fps, it can be easily seen from distances of up to 200 and even 300 yards depending upon the range that the iron sights would like to be practiced with. The Four Pack 1lb Exploding Targets is especially great when getting in adrenaline based range accuracy practice prior to hunting season.

2lb Exploding Target

Much like the 1lb exploding target the Sonic Boom 2lb Exploding Target is excellent for honing in iron sight accuracy at further distances.  The 2lb target stands slightly larger than the 1lb target allowing the shooter to push distances further than 300 yards.  If using a scoped rifle than further distances can be achieved especially if room allows for it.

Check out the Sonic Boom 2lb Exploding Target in action here:

10 Rimfire Exploding Targets

Handgun, .22 LR, and even shotgun accuracy can be increased using the Sonic Boom 10 Rimfire Exploding Targets. The Rimfire package comes with 10 small bags so that the shooter may measure out their own mixture for either their rifle or handgun accuracy. All that is needed is a round traveling at least 1,000 fps for the Rimfire Exploding Target to properly explode on impact. Handgun calibers such as 9mm, .45 and .40 are an excellent choice as well as .22 long rifles and shotguns using bird or buck shot.

20lb Bulk Kit Exploding Target

The Sonic Boom 20lb Bulk Kit comes in a five gallon bucket and is capable of providing the shooter with 20 1lb exploding targets. The 20lb Bulk Kit is an excellent choice for pushing further and further long range shots, as well as providing shooting teams and shooting enthusiasts with an exciting and adrenaline-based target to assist with the mental conditions for increasing accuracy.  10 2lb exploding targets can be weighed out if the shooter is looking to push the range distance of their scoped rifles.

Compared to Other Exploding Targets

Compared to other exploding targets, Sonic Boom offers the cleanest and fastest-reacting chemicals on the market. With much time and research put into developing their product so that they could achieve the best exploding target technology, Sonic Boom is proud to boast of the purity of their product as well. Sonic Boom provides their customers with a container that is bright orange, allowing easy visibility in almost any terrain and allowing the shooter to push their range distances even further. Not to mention Sonic Boom is the loudest and largest explosion on the market, giving the shooter an ultimate satisfaction once they have achieved their shot.

Safety First

The same rules apply as they do when handling firearms as they do with Sonic Boom products.  Be sure to follow the directions, reread them, and have all the safety tools on hand.  Abide by the required safety distances as prescribed on each Sonic Boom container as exploding targets, much like live ammunition, can be lethal.  Be mindful of debris and surrounding objects when setting up your Sonic Boom products as loose objects do fly up and around and can become shrapnel if the required safety distances are not abided by.  Just remember, safety first!

Check out the safety / instructional video here:

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