Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

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A great survivalist knows how important it is to be vigilant and prepared for sound attacks. This article explains where to find sonic weapons, sound protection, and sound isolation equipment and materials.

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Sound Protection and Isolation Products

Sound Attacks

Do you know exactly how long you have in a noise saturated environment before you reach the point of no return and have irreparable damage to your hearing? (You DON'T want to guess on this one…)

Can you inflict massive damage on an intruder or attacker using a single sound?

Do you know how to protect your home from these types of attacks or even normal every day “road noise” to make you and your family's everyday life just a little more livable? This is part four in our series on “Using Sound As A Weapon.

This article describes where to find sonic weapons, sound protection for ears, and sound isolation equipment and materials.

Sonic Weapon Products

Other than the high-end sonic devices selling for nearly $30,000 apiece, most devices for homeowners are dedicated to disorienting a potential attacker. (See Figure 1 and Figure 2 below).


I won’t discuss the companies that produce long-range hailing devices for the military and law enforcement markets – I’ll focus on the homeowner market only. After extensive research, I found six companies that sell sonic weapon products to homeowners.

We've listed these companies and some of their products in Table 1.

Table 1: Sonic Weapon Products

You can find additional products by accessing the companies in the table above.

I believe that between the price points of the $440 PPF40 and the $30,000 LRAD long-distance acoustic device are a number of sonic products that have been developed for military and law enforcement use.


These products are kept a secret from the general population. They have specific uses not shared with ordinary people – including the destruction of matter and flesh.

For most of us, the product lines mentioned in Table 1 are the tools we purchase to protect and defend ourselves and our loved ones. This makes the intelligent understanding and use of sound waves critical in our personal survival.

Exposure Time Limits

Scientists have studied sound for years, and we now know a great deal about the number of hours and minutes intense sound pressure can be sustained by the human body.

As sound levels increase, there is a point for each person where you can no longer function – or even live. It’s important for you to know these points.

There is a limit to everything, and so it is with sound. Table 2 shows how long you can endure various intensities of sound or noise before your body experiences physical damage.

Table 2: Noise Exposure Time Limits

Noise exposure time limits | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

The 80 dB sound of a garbage disposal truck – can become noisy if the sound persists. However, we are able to listen to 80 dB sound for more than 25 hours without harm.

It’s when sounds become louder than 90 dB that hearing damage can occur. This is why the government restricts how long you can work in loud environments without special headsets to protect sensitive eardrums.

Notice in Table 2 how fast the acceptable time exposure decreases as sound levels increase.

We begin to feel physical pain at 140 DB and can tolerate it for less than a second. The movie “Under Siege” shows an actor standing near an 8” battleship gun when it goes off.

The concussion from that explosion knocks the actor off his feet (simulated in the movie, of course).

A scene in the movie “Lucy” shows the title character making a shrill sound so loud and penetrating it takes down all the other humans in a hallway. These kinds of sights precondition us to know what is possible.

Duration of exposure to sound pressure is serious. You should be aware of the effects loud sounds can make on your body.

There are essentially three ways to protect yourself from loud sounds — increase the distance between you and the sound source, find a way to block the sound pressure waves, or find ways to absorb or attenuate the sound. A fourth method is to stop the sound from being generated by the threat.

Since you may not be able to increase distance, sound blocking and sound absorption are your standard choices for handling loud sounds.

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Sound-Blocking Products

Naturally, you want to prevent undesirable sound energy from getting into your home or shelter. You do this by blocking direct air pathways and by placing obstacles in the way to break up sound waves.

Everything around you should be considered, including where you locate your house.

The earth is a great resource for blocking sound. Homes constructed in quiet valleys or depressions are natural choices, as are earth berms that cover part or all of a home.

If you’ve ever entered a cave or mine, you know how fast outside sounds disappear.

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Some communities use sound-blocking or sound abatement walls to keep road traffic noise from reaching nearby residents, as shown in Figure 3.


Airport runways have sonic walls that reflect the sounds of jet engines away from people working in the area. A sound protection wall is also used on aircraft carriers during the launching of jet planes.

You can adopt similar designs to block as much sound before the energy gets to the exterior of your home. Figure 4 shows all-weather sound panels.Fig. 4: Acoustiblok All Weather Sound Panels.


Figure 5 shows a noise barrier fence to isolate your backyard from neighborhood sounds.


Exterior or interior acoustic blankets and walls can reduce sound by over 40 decibels. Interior panels can absorb 85% of noise trying to pass through wall material.

Decibel Definition: A unit used to measure loudness or sound intensity.

A thick mineral fiber material can block 100% of all sound, depending on the frequency.

Sound-Proofing Your Home

Take steps to seal openings where sound can enter your home. Anyplace where air can get in is a path for sound waves.

Consider insulation, gaskets, caulking, and even draft catchers. Stop the sounds at the perimeter to your home before they can penetrate your living space.

There are products that can help. Table 3 shows sound blocking products currently on the market.

Table 3: Sound Blocking Products

Sound blocking products | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

Insulated foam is another product that is effective in sound reduction.

Insulated foam | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

Lowes sells the 1.5” x 4’ x 8’ polystyrene board shown in Figure 6 for $26 a sheet. Some homeowners use this to construct a sound barrier around noisy portable generators.

Dual and triple-pane sound protection windows are also good for reducing sound penetration.

Dual and triple-pane sound protection windows | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

Sound-Absorbing Products

Once you’ve blocked all the sources for sound entry, your next line of defense is to absorb as much of the remaining noise possible. Here’s where sound absorption comes in.

Table 4: Sound-Absorbing Products

Sound blocking products | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

Products from Acoustiblok, Acoustical Solutions, and Soundproofing Company can make your home much quieter. There are other manufacturers with good sound reduction products, but these three are the most often mentioned.

Insulation like that shown in Figure 8 can be installed in walls and ceilings to reduce sound and block thermal heat transfer.

Wall and ceiling insulation | Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

The sound protection methods described in this article can work well as long as you aren’t exposed to a high-intensity sonic weapon that can penetrate walls and destroy materials and flesh.

Should you use such a weapon, your only recourse is to quickly bug out to increase the distance between you and the source before being exposed. Remember, a low-frequency sound has a long-range reach.

If you can’t get away, God help you, since there is no earthly protection against low frequency, high-intensity sonic weapons. And they exist.

Watch this video by AOL about Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices:

Sound can heal. Sound can harm. And sound can kill.

It depends on the pressure wave and who controls the sound generator. We’d all like sound to be used to do good.

However, there are groups who would use sound to force their own agendas. They present a risk to the rest of us.

As you prepare, be ever vigilant, and become the most informed you can be. Knowledge can be your best survival tool.

What do you think of sound protection and isolation products? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!


Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products |

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on November 1, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

7 Responses to :
Sound As A Weapon Part 4: Sound Protection And Isolation Products

  1. Adnan Amin says:

    Very informative .

    Any help you can provide me with the following problem would be greatly appreciated: A high-frequency sound generating mechanism is placed surreptitiously in my house. This sound is perceived only as tinnitus/ ringing in the ears . Any advice on how to localize the source?

    The sound is deliberately generated with intent to harm. Causes insomnia among other effects.

    Again any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Sally says:

    I’m also a victim, and I hope to get help too.

    All these years I have been thinking hiring or buying equipment detect the frequency or perimeter sensor that I felt at small home unit, I suspect it was programmed to emit the frequencies by remote control with harmful intention to bully me (but I’ve no clue why).

    These electric or sound frequencies caused severe discomfort to my brain, eardrums and heart.

    Any help to abort and cancel this would be mostly grateful. Thank you.

    The Unlucky one.

  3. Kim Silver says:

    would sound waves be muffled underground?

  4. dustin says:

    Infrasound and ultrasound apps are available on ur phone and work well.

  5. Michael Reid says:

    Yes it’s happening here in Nc. I have heard at time loud crushing booms and pressure s over my body with som shortness of breath along with tremors and ringing in ear. I’ve also encounter it moving in every room of my house. But it only bothers me not any one else.

    Who can you contact if they or whoever won’t stop. Thanks mike from n.c.

  6. James Finch says:

    Double layering drywall is another sound reducing method that is common and cost effective.

  7. tim white says:

    Did you ever find a solution? Recently I too have become a victim of these types of devices. I’m fairly certain I know who it is, psychopathic neighbor but to prove it is something else entirely. The police now think I’m crazy so they don’t take anything I say seriously and I have no other recourse. It’s getting bad, they point it at my heart, my head, my guts, it’s awful. It burns before it hurts. I am desperate to find a solution or any sort of counter to it. If you have any suggestions I would sincerely appreciate it, thanks

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