Kids Who Camp Are Happier and Healthier

kids who camp

A Study Confirms What We Already Knew — Spending Time Outdoors is Good for You

As outdoorsmen ourselves, most of us want to instill our values, love and respect for nature into our kids from an early age.

We also know that spending time with nature will make you a happier person, give you critical thinking skills and the ability to adapt to a variety of situations.

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Now, science has proven what has always been obvious to us.

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According to the study:

Some parents (15%) reported that escaping technology (laptops, tablets, mobiles, etc) is a good thing for their children and one of the benefits of camping. A fifth of parents (20%) said camping gives their kids freedom, independence and confidence; and more than two thirds (68%) felt camping helped their children to enjoy learning in the classroom, because they can share their camping adventures and experiences such as visiting exciting educational or historical sites.

To learn more about how letting your kids experience the outdoors can make them happier and healthier, read the full article below.

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Children who go camping do better at school and are happier and healthier, Devon study suggests

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Kids Who Camp Are Happier and Healthier

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